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S02.E07: Feeding

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This was a good episode! Nothing dragged at all.

Paul could make all the sad faces he liked, he still went ahead and tried to mass convert people.  Even when his friend almost took a bite, he didn't do anything to stop it.  I hope the little girl doesn't get sick from the fruit.

Poor Sue, she got turned into a tree and was eaten by a giant snake.  I'm not sure how Mother recognized the tree was Sue.  Maybe she memorized her heartbeat?

The image of the baby feeding from the monster made me gag.  If I were Father and Mother, I would be afraid that Tempest might try and kill the baby. 

Both versions of Vrille were really sad. 

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I know they are setting up this showdown between Mother and serpent next week, but let's face it, the serpent will live into season 3 and it appears from next week's previews...



another seed box is found by vita (she better not turn into a tree!)


When Sue's voice started coming over that transmitter, I actually thought for a moment that perhaps Grandmother could bring her back somehow, but that was quickly squashed lol


Grandmother finally answers some questions...so the ancient "atheists" built the androids and were at war with the "believers"....doesn't sound much different from the present day, except that the the "believers" hold the technology now.....this explains why the Campion back on earth became an atheist after he translated the ancient scriptures


I have a feeling next season (hopefully there is one) Mother will be more "android like" and less like Mother and more like the Trust if she is the veil wearer-unless the veil goes back to Grandmother

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The headless android flipping the bird was everything. But then his master Hunter decides to make a reproductive decision for a woman against her clearly stated wishes - cool. Cool, cool, cool. Hope you can start lactating, bub, now that you're a single father. As fucking creepy as it looked, I actually felt bad for the monster-mom and wished she had been left alive to mother the rape-baby. Reminded me of those inter-species adoptions when a mother loses her infant or a mother dies and some other animal takes over the nurturing duties.

But then, I often sympathize with the monsters in a lot of movies (I swear, when the first chest-burster in Alien appears, I think, "aww, cutie!"); I'm a weirdo. I definitely felt bad for #7 as it bloodied its head against the metal gate and was relieved Mother couldn't kill it.

Creatures + androids > humans.

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wrong baby number
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