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  1. this movie was a little off the chain....but it somewhat works for halloween time ๐Ÿ˜†
  2. I only watched this because it was on HBO max ๐Ÿคฃ otherwise, i would not have gone to the theater.....it actually wasn't half bad, but i really wish these horror genre movies would stop having it when people are possessed, their bodies twist like pretzels.....
  3. Has it been confirmed the 3rd film is a go? This was my first movie back to the theater so i was quite enjoying my time in the theater, was so glad i picked to see this over Cruella ๐Ÿ˜† I think I would still give the slight edge to the first film, but this was still a pretty good sequel, and i'm in for part 3!
  4. I think this was kind of a misfire by Disney...in the sense of....this didn't need to be made..... But i agree with the comment, if the intention is to build a storyline of Cruella, and not 101 Dalmatians, then I think what I would criticize the most about the movie is, I don't think kids under 8 or 9 would like it, I think it would move too slow/be too boring for them Really liked the costume design, the dogs when CGI'ed and not CGI were cute I did think Emma and Emma's acting was top notch....and my favorite scene and i thought best scene of the movie was the "monologue at th
  5. Yes, i hate it especially when translating languages how they have the subtitle up for half a second! And I concur, Elizabeth McGovern did not age well...at all I had never heard of this show until i started seeing non-stop commercials on Hulu Live....and I have a ROKU device and was browsing last week when i was bored and i happened to see that Epix had all 8 of the first season for free to stream....i quite liked this a lot....but, i'm not gonna be signing up for Epix anytime soon....my Mom cut down her cable channels so she does not have epix anymore so I'll just wait until season
  6. the person i watch this with threw their arms up and said, "What did i say?" when Bombay said they are betting for the name back count me in for wanting a season 2!!!!!!! it has to happen!!!!!!
  7. I watched this when it came out, i thought it was really good/informative, but i thought it was too long, instead of two parts, i think they should have made it four parts at 45 minutes.....it was hard for me to keep my attention cause i was watching late at night and kept falling asleep, so i had to do a re-watch and start earlier in the evening.... I remember the days of the oxy craziness.....remember how Rush Limbaugh was addicted to it? I have my own oxy story to tell....when i was younger, i was going through some significant health issues at the time, had undergon
  8. Never gonna happen ๐Ÿ˜† Disney + is not Netflix.... I actually got used to the whole weekly release format with Disney + and HBO max...gives me something to look forward to on Friday's and Sunday's.... I've been watching this show since it was released....I โค๏ธ it.....i am big fan of the first movie and i quite liked the second, but i liked how all the homage is to the first one..... the person i watch this with says they think there will be a bet that the Ducks will make with the Don't Bothers at the State finals for the name rights to the team for the finale??
  9. Abraham is not gonna let her get out-if heโ€™s still alive by 2025, Iโ€™m thinking heโ€™s got to be in his 80s now right? I watched the first part in December and watched only 1 episode at a time. I thought it didnโ€™t need to be 9 episodes and dragged though it was interesting seeing the bands early beginnings which the movie didnโ€™t show. but the cliffhanger on the bus was just dumb-they should have ended part 1 with the elopement. part 2 I actually watched in 3-4 days, started off at only 1 episode at a time but I felt the story picked up enough that I chose to watch an
  10. Yes, the height of the YA insanity, after the success of Twilight and Hunger Games, Hollywood tried it with Divergent and failed miserably. I have to say though, for some reason....I got MAJOR Katniss/Gale vibes with Alina/Mal...and I can't explain why, maybe it was the friends/not quite friends/survivors/known each other forever/do anything for each other vibe they had going on...not sure if that is how they are written in the book, or the show veered them that way. But, I will say....as in the HG, I am all for it ๐Ÿ˜† And like Katniss, Alina is bland/boring and Mal is a hot head (yet hot) lik
  11. This made me laugh out loud (literally). I need to watch the first Godzilla again and finally watch Godzilla king of the monsters and do a comparison.....HBO max has both movies available to watch. You know, I never even thought of this....but excellent point....my gripe is....isn't the earth supposed be all hot rock and lava and stuff inside???? I need to take my brain back to 5th grade science class ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. maybe??? also-could the original Q be someone not American? I saw a Yahoo article today that said like, a third of the Q and Q related propaganda stuff posted on FB was from accounts from China and Russia!!!!!
  13. I really liked Kong Skull Island as well-I much preferred it to the Gozilla Movies (I never even watched the last one they made-Godzilla King of the Monsters) but I remember Kong Skull Island made like, no money (translation no one went to see it), I think this already has made more money! And I think...this movie was already filmed before COVID? but don't quote me, I remember hearing about this movie for a while, I think it was one of those pushed back releases that happened in 2020.....I think they had planned for all these Godzilla/Kong movies....but I wonder if because Kong Sku
  14. I believe Cullen stated this several times in the documentary-and it sure did look like something from 1995 So Q (cough-Watkins-cough) hasn't posted since December? Then who did the prediction Trump was taking office on March 4??? ๐Ÿ˜† I thought it was Q? I know you kinda already answered this, but, I saw a Yahoo article today that said i believe on the 8kun site, someone said, "yeah- fake news" to the reports concerning this documentary and the reveal of who Q is.....because of course they would say that When i am in the mood to argue back, every time someone
  15. Didn't know that! I'm sorry I need to clarify....I do not think the christian Qtuber got arrested.....I thought perhaps by the end they'd show he did.....honestly though, he kinda looks like one of the dudes that was inside the chamber going through those papers ๐Ÿ‘€ But I think had he been arrested it would have been stated somewhere.... A big yes to this^ Unfortunately unless this person outs themself, we will never know....and once they did get hijacked....why did they not try to get back online? did the Watkins' silence them????? As in block the IP ad
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