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S01.E08: The Devil Is Us

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Holy. Shit.

That suddenly went off the edge. 

In the scene where Mike is looking out the new office window, there's a car in the lot across the street that flashes its lights. Then the camera shows Mike, then the lot again and the car isn't there. I don't understand that exchange - meaningful or lazy editing?

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Great episode!

For all the nastiness we have seen on this show I think the bikers "breaking" Iris and then getting her hooked on drugs has got to be about the nastiest thing of all even in an episode with 26 murder victims in it. So it was great to see Mike's breaking point, where he went directly to them and did not ask any questions. His timing was good too, he knows all the local cops are going to be too busy to try figuring out why the bikers got bumped off.

I loved the tribute to Gary Oldman's unhinged DEA agent Stansfield when Mike offhandedly dispatched the female biker by shotgunning her through the wall. That was straight out of The Professional.

I have never really been sure why Mike and Bunny got along so well but this episode brought up my respect for Bunny big time. Not only did he handle his business inside the prison without dragging Mike into it, he also rescued Iris and returned her no questions asked instead of trying to take advantage of her like every other man she has encountered so far.

How does 14 million dollars worth of bearer bonds do anything for Milo? Is he expecting Hans Gruber to break him out of jail in exchange for them? Milo wanted the Feds to come along for the discovery. How in the world would that have helped him? They would have said "thanks for the donation to our pension fund" and tacked more years onto the dude's sentence.

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3 hours ago, dwmarch said:


I have never really been sure why Mike and Bunny got along so well but this episode brought up my respect for Bunny big time. Not only did he handle his business inside the prison without dragging Mike into it, he also rescued Iris and returned her no questions asked instead of trying to take advantage of her like every other man she has encountered so far.


Bunny is my favourite but his smile falling after Mike left the first time - when on the lawn chairs - made me nervous. Perhaps that’s just because he knew the female inmate was taking care of business.

I loved Mike just losing it. But with only 2 episodes left, I can’t see how this gets resolved. No renewal notice yet as far as I know...

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So Mike the Fixer is in fact as lawless as the people he frets about warring in the streets without his fixer help. Still no one to root for here, still no real direction to the show. Rebecca is probably my favorite, because she sees the nuttiness, notes it and then let's it ride, because I think she just wants to see what happens. 

I like this show. I do. And I like Renner, and the George Jefferson-like walk he created to be Mike. But what is the point of any of this?

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Well the shit finally hit the fan.

There has never been anyone On the show except for maybe the mother who is anything approaching a good guy.   Mike did serious time in prison himself and was shot caller for the whites which is the only reason the gangs in and out of prison respect him.   And the fact that his brother is a cop is why the police respect him.   Mike has a foot in both worlds but is not really a part of either.    He is as his mother called him “a part time gangster” which is why I buy completely him killing off the bikers for turning out Iris someone he had already offered protection to.

And Sam (the hot and stupid young prison guard) getting stabbed in the female prison is interesting because it is another in a long string of dumb stupid mistakes he has made that finally caught up with him.   Plus the stabbing in the male prison is all leading up to something that isn’t going to end well for anyone.

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Hot Young (and stupid) Prison Guard totally got what was coming to him. I'm assuming he's dead and I'm actually glad. Was so done with his storyline. I'm assuming his actions and the outcome were necessary for what comes in the next episode. Plot device. 

I'm relieved that Iris is finally in safe(er) hands. Hats off to Bunny. Can't imagine having to cut a tracking device out like that. 

Wow, the scene where Mike just waded into the "Love Shack" and very matter of factly just wasted everyone. Dude is a bad-ass. Can't help but think this will eventually catch up to him, tho. May find himself back behind bars unless the cops cover for him or are too busy with what's going on at the prisons to worry about the death of a few white supremacist drug dealers. Oh, and there's still Milo and the bus. Oy! 

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I admit while watching I do a few wordles so maybe I missed something - was Bunny's rescue of Iris totally coincidental?  The gang who bought her got redirected through traffic, I guess into Bunny's territory, hence the shootout, which Iris happens to survive?  That's a lot of coincidences.  If it were intentional on Bunny's part, how did he know those guys were buying her?   I can't believe it is a long con on her part, she was obviously raped, tortured and unwillingly injected with drugs.   Maybe it will be clearer as I finish up the next two episodes.

Well, I was glad that Mike blew the gang away.   They were sadistic human traffickers - too many awful things to mention.  Bye!

Hot Young Prison Guard - a failure all around, both personally and with his employer.  He should have been fired or at least suspended.  He shot a prisoner!  I realize part of this show is an indictment of the prison system and the guards were saying he would be targeted on the outside anyway but they KNEW he would be targeted in the women's prison as well, or they should have known.    He was way too impulsive for that job.  Well, he doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

I know this is Renner's show but it may have helped to see how good Mitch was at this job a bit more.  Mike is supposed to be struggling but we don't know if Mitch would have handled this situation any better, though Mitch for sure was liked by law enforcement (the scene in ep 1 where they were laughing together comes to mind).   The impetus is the guards not following through after the prisoners murdered Kenny at their behest.  Everything is coming to pass as Mike predicted, yet no one is listening to him.

I actually felt badly for Kenny; yes, his negligence caused the horrible deaths but he was shown feeling remorse, though I guess he could have been just scared.   He followed through on Mike's advice and got the worst of it anyway. 

Rebecca is a star.  New phone, murders in the office, new office, take this beaten woman to the hospital with this story - nothing fazes her, lol.



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