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S03.E09: Evil Patrol

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It started out slow and boring and turned amazing. The second half of this episode made me question why we had to sit through so many mediocre, uninteresting and confusing episodes when they could have all been as funny and frantic as this one turned out to be.

I found almost everything about the present day Sisterhood of Dada to be boring and a little of the earliest (1917+) Sisterhood of Dada portions to be of mild interest. I have reservations about whether the Sisterhood of Dada was even needed at all to get our superheroes to transform into better versions of themselves. Did the Sisterhood of Dada fog affect everybody in the world and did everybody in the world realize their true selves at roughly the same time?

One more episode to go to end Season 3. Here's hoping they can get their acts together and provide us with an action packed, interesting finale.

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OMG Cyborg daddy, enough with the implied racial grievances.

The opening Dada crap reminded me of my time in college, when I would visit a fellow student who majored in theatre and lived in a house with other theatre majors. The Ethel Merman impressions, the overacting, the drama… it was exhausting.

Which brings me back to this episode. How do these people function with so much guilt and anger and shame. Around and around we go, ep after ep. It’s like watching those long ago theatre majors, focused on how to sing a line in a showtune instead of, I don’t know, hold a coherent conversation.

About halfway through this ep, when Clare rang the doorbell, I imagined a soap opera filter on every scene, with overly dramatic gestures and reaction. And it fit, perfectly. “I finally feel like the person I am supposed to be!” Good grief.

I so enjoyed the first season of Doom Patrol. It felt like a new direction in hero shows. Since then, though, it’s like a new agenda has taken over. Like a mental health organization started writing the scripts.

It’s as interesting as a soap opera, which to say, it isn’t interesting. 

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I didn't even realize until looking up to see if there was info on the French song at the end that next week is the season finale. So little has happened it feels like there should be another three episodes. All I can say is  Kipling better show up with Niles' head, the lone escaped butt monster should arrive on the scene, Larry's larva lad needs to serve it's real purpose and the rest of our misfits have to get back to abnormal. This show has fallen so far from season one's great and gloriously weird perfection, it's a sad, pathetic shell of its former self...kinda like Larry, post negative spirit abandonment. I really hope season 4 can recover and return to some semblance of its former brilliance.

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Is cliff really gone? Or is he in the brain’s tin can or has the Brain just transplanted its consciousness? It is great that what the Brain wants is to dance. 

are the alters gone or just hiding in a panic room somewhere? I bet hiding. 

will cyborg voluntarily rearm?

‘lil space parasite Larva is preparing for something. 

If the larva dies instead of merging with Dad, if kay takes charge and goes to college, if cyborg goes out into the normal world, if cliff is gone, does the show just become a whacky roommate show?

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Just now, Affogato said:

Is cliff really gone? Or is he in the brain’s tin can or has the Brain just transplanted its consciousness? It is great that what the Brain wants is to dance. 

You can see Cliff's brain in a jar in the arms of Madame Rouge as she lays unconscious on the stretcher that is about to be pushed over a cliff by Monsieur Mullah. 

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I know I'm alone but I like the Dada stuff (though the art will save the world crap is a little eye roll inducing). I can't connect with Madame Ridge though. I thought the others were more interesting, I wanted to know more about them 

Anyone know who the vice of the brain was? It sounded like Elliott Gould


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I wish we had spent more time with the Brotherhood of Evil after setting them up in the first episode, so I am glad hat we have finally come back to them for the finale. This raises a decent point, how does the Doom Patrol function when half the cast has given up what made them feel like outcasts in the first place? I don't think it will last, especially Kay taking over and losing all of the alters, including Jane, but it will certainly be interesting. 

This season has been a bit hit or miss for me, the backstory of the Sisterhood of Dada went on for too long and I don't like how much time everyone has spent apart, it has still had a lot that I liked. 

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