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S02.E01: They Started It

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Walker realizes his life is at risk and confronts Captain James who confesses to him the real reason Micki went undercover. The Davidsons return home which sets Abeline on edge as there is dark history between the two families. Trey almost blows Micki’s cover.

Airdate: 10/28/2021

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A very decent and solid season opener. Some interesting storylines got set up and the carryover from last season should be quite engaging. Felt badly for Liam that he lost to a crooked DA and now is being supplanted by someone coming in out of the blue (not to mention that she's got a complex history with his brother). And I'm interested in seeing more about this feud between the Walkers and Davidsons. I'm sure that there's a lot more going on than we're initially being told about the barn burning down and the Davidson patriarch dying as a result.

Speaking of the barn burning down - I am side-eyeing this in a big way and writing it off as a contrivance because no ranch kid would ever think of taking a lit flame into a barn. It's rule number one because there's lots of flamible hay and straw that can go out of control really quickly. At every barn I rode at, that was the biggest safety rule. No cigarettes, no lighters, no matches. And seriously... who needs an oil lantern if you didn't live in the 1800s. It's not like flashlights haven't existed for a very long time.

Some fun action (never sorry to see Micki kicking ass) and it didn't talk Cordell too long to suss out just what she was doing undercover (he didn't seem overly surprised that he was the likely target of the shooter). This episode had a different feel than all of last season and I'm looking forward to see where they take it. 

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2 hours ago, funandfitpt said:

I enjoyed this episode. Trey was crazy to go see Micki though. I still cannot stand Stella. She is so whiny and I just don't like the actress.

Looking forward to more backstory of the feud between the two families. 

She is whiny.. But she's got some emotional maturity now... Arlo was just super aggro for no reason.   Hope we see them apologize to the Davidson kid

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Walker returns and, damn, there seemed to be a lot going on here!

So, we get to meet the Davidson clan!  Former neighbors of the Walkers, who have now returned and seem to have some major beef with them: ranging from them blaming Walker for accidentally burning down a barn that killed the patriarch when he was a kid (suspect there is way more to that then what has been shown), simple classism (something about looking down on Hoyt for being on the "wrong side of the tracks"), and maybe a little bit of a Romeo & Juliet thing between kid Walker and Denise/the daughter?  I'm sure a lot of twist and turns on are in store for this one.  Always good seeing Paula Marshall and I remember the actress playing Denise from guest spots on the likes Smallville and Supernatural, but the most fun casting was Dave Annable; Odette's real life husband; as Dan.  Definitely been noticing a trend lately of real life spouses appearing together on the same shows more.  I wonder if it's a COVID related thing?

Not surprised that the Davidson kid didn't actually key Stella's car and both she and Auggie jumped the gun accusing him (and hitting him in Auggie's case.)  I'm guessing there will be more tension, but I also wouldn't be surprised if something happens between Stella and him.  I did enjoy Walker's reaction to all of it: especially his "Don't be pulling that shit on me, kid!" responses anytime Auggie tried to talk his way out of it.

Liam does seem to be a bit directionless right now, so hopefully something will go his way soon.

Micki's undercover job his taking her in dangerous territory, but I imagine she'll continue to make it work.  I understand that Trey misses her and is concerned, but him tracking her down really was risky as hell.  But now it looks like her former partner might be part of this gang (possibly undercover?), so I'm sure that is going to cause some drama.  Also noticed that the leader of the gang was played by Henderson Wade, who I know to not trust thanks to his time as Sheriff Minetta on Riverdale!

Geri is probably going to wonder if the bar will ever make a profit if she has to keep giving away drinks and food due to whatever conflicts the Walkers are dealing with at the moment!

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I liked the premier, they seem to be setting up a lot of interesting things with the family feud between the Walkers and their old neighbors the Davidsons, who blame the Walkers for the death of their patriarch. I am sure that there is more to the fire then we know, I am interested in seeing where it all goes. 

So Liam AND Augie, normally two of the more level headed Walkers, both got into fights with the Davidsons, although both of them are clearly going through some stuff. Especially Liam, who not only lost out on being the DA to a corrupt now dead guy but has now lost it again to a person who apparently just came in out of the blue and who also has a complicated relationship with his brother. 

So Walker and the Davidson daughter apparently had some kind of Romeo and Juliette thing going on back in the day, and I would not be surprised if her son and Stella ended up having something similar, Stella can never date a guy who's lacking in baggage.

I like Micki undercover and while I get why Trey went to find her that was a pretty risky idea. I am glad that Walker already knows that Micki is trying to find who's out to get him and that they aren't dragging it out, he isn't even surprised that someone is trying to kill him. Seems like that happens a lot.

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On 10/29/2021 at 12:15 PM, UnoAgain said:

I still cannot stand Stella. She is so whiny and I just don't like the actress.

Me neither.  I don't know what it is about the actress, but she has this annoying inflection in her voice - like she's trying to over-enunciate words.  It also sounds like her mouth is clenched tight when she speaks   I also have a hard time with JPs raspy, jittery delivery of his lines.

I didn't like the episode.  The 'Davidson' drama is contrived.  How many families buy back property they owned decades ago - especially one that was the sight of a tragedy that killed the patriarch?  Hope they don't try to turn this into a modern day Ewings vs. Barnes

Of course the Davidson's have a bratty teenage son who clashes with Walker's bratty teenage daughter - so you know we've got a potential 'I hate you/I love you' scenario coming up

Put my in the minority, but I just don't care for Mickey in her undercover role.  I don't like undercover story lines in general.  I find them very stressful to watch  I just can't wrap my head around skinny chicks kicking the crap out of grown men (I know her beating on Walker was just for show, but still)  It reminds me of the scenario on The Rookie with Chen (have ZERO undercover experience, but adlibbed her way out of a situation and suddenly she thinks she's ready).  It was the same, "I'm close.....I can do this....just give me more time.....please trust me.....I know what I'm doing...."  I just want her storyline to be done, over with and get her back home.

Don't care about Liam's storyline either.  His character seems a bit wasted and now writers don't know what to do with him

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