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  1. I am so over them too. I really miss undiscovered talent. I really miss the old seasons.
  2. funandfitpt

    S01.E14: Trips

    I thought this episode was kind of boring. Although I must admit I was a little distracted doing other things. I did love the alpaca though. I like the little nods they do to Supernatural.
  3. I really don’t get the invisible HOH. How are they going to pick POV players without the HOH being known? The nominees will pick players, so won’t they be able to determine who the HOH is?
  4. I am really enjoying this season. I like most of the players and am rooting for the Oddballs. Victoria absolutely owned that HOH. She got out her intended target and pretty much tied Jed's hands on using the POV. I don't think she's long for this game, but I have truly enjoyed her. She'd probably annoy me if I was there, but I'm not so I like her. I like that there is a clear line between the two sides. Reminds me of old time BB. A lot of these people are playing a hard game and are not the as influencers trying to get followers. You can tell they really love the game and aren't afraid to
  5. I am liking Victoria so much. All I could think of when she was looking for her slipper was Jeff and the clown shoe. Lol I am not really feeling Latoya or Beth. They are both annoying. I felt bad for Josh when everyone was so obviously cheering against him in the POV.
  6. UO I liked Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men. Didn’t really like Alan, but liked Walden.
  7. The Supernatural subreddit loved this episode! It's funny how people see the show differently.
  8. There's Something About Amelia was one of the first I remember watching and it really affecting me. I loved watching MotW when I was younger.
  9. I wonder if we'll see Chet and Trevor again? If you're stuck there when you die there then where is everyone else who died there? All the kids from the 70s and the kids pretending to be Mr. Jingles?
  10. I'm so annoyed that they don't show the goodbye messages anymore. Some of can't watch the rest of the interviews.
  11. I'm loving how Tori is showing Dean/Nate. She must go home everyday and say no honey, really it's just an actor. Not based on you at all. Lol How the hell is she still married to that jerk?
  12. James VanDerBeek did a TV show called Don't Trust the B** in Apt 23 and was hilarious as himself. One of his story lines was he was a contestant on DWTS. I'm cheering for him and Christie Brinkley.
  13. Anyone else getting baseball and not the show?
  14. I love this show and am so upset it is cancelled. I shouldn't be surprised because every show I tend to like gets cancelled.
  15. I like Damien and am glad he stayed. I laughed so hard when Adam just dropped Sam when Chelsea entered. I think he's going to be in trouble after Sam heard him talking. They are both pretty annoying so I will be happy when they leave. Dane is growing on me, but I wish he would keep his teeth in. I really like Kiki and Este.
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