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S01.E04: The New Arrival

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It's four episodes in, and I still have no idea how big their "community" is at the clearing, or how it is loosely organized or led.  How many people are going to need food?  

It's contrived when a show has a whole bunch of experts with specific skill sets, but this show is almost the opposite because people like Eve keep making declarations with the utmost confidence.  Like when the smoke from the plane faded, they acted like it would be easy to just walk in a straight line direction with no compasses.  Scott's prehistoric knowledge wasn't useful at all in this episode.  Don't get me started with Miss Pre-med and her ability to dress a wound in the time it takes to fill a water bottle.  

And great idea to just trespass into a random village when the inhabitants wouldn't be able to communicate with you and would likely assume an invasion.  

Poor redshirt guy who got rabbits.  Why did that red hand man guy kill him?  I'm cheering for little girl who talks to get rid of her abusive sister.  

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I forgot to mention that the heroin drama makes no sense.  Scott and Pre-Med found the heroin stash together, and she was the one who said they must not tell anyone about it.  Yet in this episode, she lightheartedly informs everyone around the campfire.  If Scott was so scared, why did he take ALL the heroin from the car trunk, instead of just one package?  Why didn't he just put it back in the car instead of hiding it in the woods?  

If abusive sister didn't want little sis to talk or interact with the others, why not say that she is the only one who can communicate with her, and then tell everyone about the old man with the red handprint (or some lie, if their secret somehow involves that murderer).  

Everyone already mentioned the laughable wading through the water but couldn't one person have gone across first to test the depth (with the stick, that she tossed aside right away).  Were they planning to cross that water again en route home carrying all the boxes of food?  Did the government think to give Uncle Pilot guy a hypothetical topographic map of the area circa Pleistocene?  

Though some of the characters are growing on me a bit.  I like Wolf Snack and Scott's relationship and even that cop mom is not as grating anymore.  It was nice to see traffic cop again though she had almost no lines... why wasn't she investigating the crime scene?

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