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Janet Roach:




Janet Roach
Janet is a Property Developer and a newly single bombshell. Having caught her ex-husband cheating online last year, she promptly kicked him to the curb the very next day. A self-made woman, Janet is worth more than her ex –husband and is proud to say she can buy anything she desires - without looking at the price tag! Now on a journey to discover herself and what makes her happy, Janet is looking for a new man on her intensive ‘man program’ and having fun doing it. Janet is a mother of two boys, Paul, 29, and Jake, 25 as well as three step-children from her second marriage with whom she is very close. A successful property developer, Janet is currently developing a massive over-55’s lifestyle village in Mildura. This fun-loving, spontaneous, social butterfly enjoys attending luncheons and charity events and when the snow season comes – she’ll sneak away to hit the slopes.

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I started off liking her. She seemed sweet and supportive. And despite the age digs that seem pervasive throughout the Housewives franchise she represents nicely for the women over 50 (Janet was 55 at the time of filming). 

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I didn't realize she was 55 when they filmed this, but I enjoyed Janet when I watched this show. She showed a lot of different sides over the season, but always kept it lighthearted and entertaining.

I also felt for her when she discussed her son later in the season. It was nice to see her as a mother bear and was one of the highlights of the season.

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I legit thought she was more like mid-60s.  She's younger than Lea B. but looks a good decade older, I think.


That being said, she seems "aight" so far.  Don't hate her .... yet. 

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Janet is only a few years older than I, but damn! I can't imagine that we were in high school at the same time. I agree that plastic surgery can have a very aging effect.


But you know, I love her. She seems very bright, very vulnerable, and up for a good time. Kind of a game gal. She and Chyka are my favorites so far. Andrea? zzzzzzz. What could possibly make that woman think that anyone cares what she has to say?

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