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  1. Ha, I love the tweets, RogerFromOhio. Btw, Sherri doesn't need to reply to tweets for people to see who tweets her. If you just search her Twitter name, you can see all tweets that contain her Twitter name (direct tweets to her or tweets about her): https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=%40SherriEShepherd&src=typd Click on "All" to see them. You can also just search her name, not her official Twitter name, to see tweets about her: https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=Sherri%20Shepherd&src=typd I see your two tweets there, as well as several tweets from people who tweeted pics of meeting Sherri after the show, including tweets with links to Instagram pics. Hmm, I have to say that looking at some of those pics the Cinderella audience is tweeting of Sherri, she looks very different from the pics she herself puts on her Instagram (I just looked at that ripped jeans-pimping one linked above). Bitsy hasn't bothered yet, but I see that Ana Navarro made her way to the show today: Sal tweeted about this article (along with a pic of the page in People Magazine): Inside Sherri Shepherd's Surrogate Baby Drama I'm only posting it because it's relevant to this People Magazine article about Sherri's appearance on Wendy Williams last week: Sherri Shepherd on Surrogate Drama: 'It's Very Painful'
  2. GoldDustWoman, thanks so much for posting that clip. It was hysterical! I sometimes flip the TV over to Fox & Friends in the morning just to laugh at EH, but I only can last a minute or two before I want to strangle someone. I was really hoping they wouldn't renew her contract after a year, but when I tuned in for a few seconds the other day they were celebrating her one year anniversary on the show. Ugh, I want her off any and all TV and gone forever from the public sphere.
  3. We had sushi last night; so good. Tonight, I'm making Greek Chicken, except I just use Greek Seasoning instead of the suggested spices (oregano, garlic powder, kosher salt, and pepper), and I add an onion to the dish. It's such a quick and easy dinner, just add a salad. Although, I have an eggplant that I'll probably slice up, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with oregano and salt, and roast in the oven.
  4. LuckyBitch

    Favorite Cuisine?

    I love Dim Sum. We haven't gone out for it in a while, but we should soon.
  5. LuckyBitch


    It's been a sad, sad weekend in the LB household. We just learned that our favorite local pizza place/Italian restaurant has gone out of business. That totally sucks. There are several other places nearby, but not nearly as good. We used to get takeout pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, dinners, soups, and an awesome cold antipasto salad. It's also a kind of family tradition here that whenever we pick up visiting family, (parents, siblings, nieces and nephews), from the airport after a long day traveling coast to coast that we order in from there on their first night here. Everyone has their favorites and we all enjoy having a low key dinner at home together, some of us in pajamas. I know my one brother-in-law is going to be so bummed when we tell him.
  6. I know it's not quite the same, but if you also like pineapple, Häagen-Dazs makes a Pineapple Coconut ice cream.
  7. So it took me almost a month, but I finally tried that recipe for Herb Crusted Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto that Tabbyclaw linked to back on Page 3 of this thread and am I glad I did. Like I said, I'm not that crazy about mint, but even I liked the pesto. My husband loved the mint pesto, just as I figured he would. But what I really loved most about that recipe is the preparation of the herb crusted lamb chops. Usually, we just put some olive on the lamb chops, some garlic, salt and pepper and grill them in a grill pan or on the outdoor grill. This method of coating them with the rosemary, thyme, and oregano, and cooking them in a cast iron skillet on the stove just a few minutes on each side until a crust forms, then sticking them in the oven for about ten minutes was freaking delicious. Actually, my husband took care of the lamb chops, and I made the pesto, baked sweet potatoes, and sauteed some spinach in olive oil and lots of garlic. The lamb chops were the best part. We're making lamb chops like that from now on. Thanks for posting the recipe link, Tabbyclaw! That was the other night (Tuesday). Last night was chicken, rice, and salad; and tonight we had steak with a spicy rub, baby baked potatoes, and Dole's BBQ Ranch chopped salad.
  8. Happy Birthday WendyCR72! I'm glad you had a nice one and enjoyed dinner with your family/loved ones. mbaywife123, that cauliflower sounded good, so I had to look it up: http://www.purewow.com/entry_detail/recipe/8821/Forget-florets--roast-the-whole-damn-cauliflower.htm I might have to try that soon. I love roasted cauliflower, but the way I always do it is just cut up the florets, throw them on a baking sheet, spritz with olive oil, a little bit of salt and garlic, roast at 425 until it gets nice and browned. It's so delicious. But, I think I will have to try that recipe soon. Thanks for mentioning it.
  9. LuckyBitch

    The Baking Topic

    I'm not much of a baker, so I already admire those who are more talented than I am in that area, but this one is seriously impressive. Although I'm not even much of a dessert person (I have to be in the mood for it), this dessert looks unbelievably delicious and I want one now. Roasted sliced almonds, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut meringue, dark chocolate ganache, espresso-amaretto buttercream? Okay, if someone made that for me, I'd either marry him or give him all my worldly possessions, or both.
  10. Quoting myself from last week (sorry), but just to say that this recipe was excellent and thanks for posting it Mya Stone. It seemed like such an odd way to make a pasta dish, but it did eventually all come together. I made it exactly as the recipe called for, but next time I plan on perfecting it by topping it with some goat cheese (because everything's better with goat cheese, as far as I'm concerned, lol). It's originally from Martha Stewart's website, btw, (Ha, I even watched the video there). For some reason, I'm making pasta dishes far more frequently than normally, (cooler weather, probably). Yesterday, we made Baked Rigatoni with Italian Sausage and Peppers, and salad. I can't even remember where I came across that recipe, (here maybe?), but it was so easy and really good. I would have liked it with a mix of sweet sausage and hot sausage, but I only had sweet in. So, I just added some hot pepper flakes to the mixture. Tonight, Mr. LB had it again, since we have a ton leftover and he really loved it. I wanted something lighter so I chopped up some leftover Teriyaki chicken breasts and threw it in a big bowl of Dole Asian Blend Chopped Salad mixed with Ken's Dressing Lite Asian Sesame with Ginger and Soy, one of my favorite meals to make with leftovers, (tastes great and takes less than a minute to throw together). Also, thanks to the bad influence of my fellow posters in the fast food thread, (you know who you are, lol), this weekend we had Five Guys burgers and fries for the second time ever! I've been corrupted, damn it! Sadly, those Cajun Fries are addictive. I wish I had never read that thread, ha ha.
  11. harrie, there's just a very subtle peanut butter flavor, I noticed that one review said she was going to double the PB next time, but I liked it the way it was. I did use the suggestion of using crunchy PB instead of the creamy PB the recipe called for. I think either is fine, but I liked the added texture to the sauce. I just asked Mr. LB about the flavor and he said he didn't really detect PB in it. He said it just made the BBQ sauce taste more like a roasted, sort of nutty sauce, not necessarily peanut. It was very subtle; the PB just gives more flavor to the BBQ sauce. I used a cheapo BBQ sauce, btw, (Kraft Original BBQ sauce, on sale). Also, this time I made it with chicken drumsticks instead of thighs and it was very good.
  12. Yes, I heard about it on Friday evening and late Friday night, I read all the disgusting details here: http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014/09/12/exclusive-details-on-adrian-peterson-indictment-charges/ It's pathetic, but typical, that Whoopi spouted off an opinion without knowing much of the details that have been reported. Same old View...
  13. Thanks for all the commentary on today's show, everyone. It sounds like the first show was just okay. Not terrible, but nothing earth shattering as far as being a must see show. I didn't DVR it and so far I haven't read anything that's tempting me to try to watch it, or clips, on the ABC website....except maybe the dreadful opening with Babs. That sounds like such a crazy idea, I wonder who came up with it and why smarter minds didn't nix it. Someone please tell me that Babs is not going to be backstage every day. I'm hoping she was just there because she knew there was a lot of press covering the premiere episode, (typical Babs). I would think if BW were there every day that Rosie O and Whoopi would hate it. I know I would if I were them.
  14. I have Dish satellite also and I just checked it. It says Sherri is on Tuesday and Anderson Cooper is on Wednesday. But, Wendy's website has the reverse, AC on Tuesday and Sherri on Wednesday:
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