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Memorable Quotes: Everthing Has Multiple Meanings

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Datak: "Getting inside her head will be easy once I blow a large hole in it."

And of course Doc Yewll had some good lines. I'll add some of those when I have time to go through the episode again to make sure that I get them right.

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Yewll: "I'm going to get something to eat. Can I trust you not to peek?"

Lev: "I'm a hallucination induced by an ego-implant in your neck; so are the cards. Why would I bother?"

Yewll: "Didn't answer the question."

Lev: "Of course I'm not gonna peek."

Yewll: "You know what I miss most about Defiance?"

Lev: "The hot lady mayor?"

Yewll: "You have the weirdest taste."

Lev: "I'm a manifestation of your subconscious thoughts."

Yewll: "Kaziri is also a concatanation of arkbrain fragments just like the ego-device inside of my neck. Is this the Kaziri that I'm speaking with right now? Did you just hack my imaginary wife?"

Yewll: "You can tell the Kaziri to take her 3000 year old instructions and shove them up her virtual ass."

Miko: "Is that a letter opener?"

Amanda: "It's a popular weapon in this office. Don't make me use it."

Rafe: "So many ways to die in this new world. But a firing squad feels..."

Berlin: "Quaint?"

Rafe: "Yeah, quaint."

Datak: "Good evening, captain. We need this man. Family emergency."

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I forgot the exact words of my favorite line from the season finale. Pottinger was whining about Nolan not letting him have a fair fight, and how he wasn't much of a fight. Nolan decks him and says something like,


"I prefer results."

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Pilar's unforgettable lines to Stahma:

"If you think I'm going to let some snooty Shanje stick insect raise my family, you're crazy."

"Do you remember that time when my regular maid was sick and you, Stahma, came over and cleaned my toilets? You had a gift!"

Alak to Datak: "Father of the Year!"

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I don't recall his exact words (and am too lazy to check the VCR (yes, I still have and use one) for them), but I loved Datak's "At least I didn't throw a whore off the top of the Arch."  Followed by "What?  It was a joke!  I thought it was funny."

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I hadn't thought about it until Pilar said it but Stahma DOES give the impression of a stick insect.  I just never put my finger on it. 


And the punch line to the Yewell convo with her imaginary wife upthread is that the wife DID imaginarily peek at the imaginary cards.  AWESOME.  Whatever else you can nit pick about this show it isn't the dialogue. 

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From a long time ago, I think season one:

Yewll to Datak while Datak is yammering on about Casti scripture in which a guy kills his wife and cooks and eats her organs:  "OK it's time to put away the Casti Crazy Scrolls!"

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