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  1. The thing I find the most unrealistic is that professionals would put up with V. Isn't the best way to be an assassin to make everything look like accidents and only kill your targets? Also felt bad the bros will have to find a place to live and support themselves. I don't think they will be able to use the money for a concert.
  2. mxc90 said I was just going to comment on that. It brought an added layer of surreality to the proceedings.
  3. If anything, once they figure out that they've been manipulated this is the kind of thing that would make Eve and Villanelle team up again. My guess...after Eve accuses Villanelle and Villanelle fingers Dasha , Eve will kill Dasha, the 12 will put a hit on Eve and then Villanelle and Eve will go after the 12
  4. Who thinks her dad isn't dead? I'm beginning to get a little uncomfortable with Villanelle killing people who in our real lives would just engender a screaming match and slamming of doors but I still enjoy the show. I wonder how realistic the Russian fair was. I can envision something that was that tacky and both funny and sad at the same time. But I don't know if that is because that is what American fiction says rural Russia is like. Anybody have first hand knowledge? I thought they announced a special reg Killing Eve at 10 but they are re-running Silence of the Lambs. Anybody know anything about that.
  5. This is my first post on PRIMETIMER. Almost had a heart attack when I thought Previously TV had just disappeared like Television Without Pity got shut down. That one still hurts. I still love this show but I think we are supposed to believe Villanelle has decided to kill, and serve as a gyro, two random young women for funsies. and that bothers me. While I don't approve of her actions I can at least understand them when she kills for money, kills to protect her identity, kills to escape, or even, although most morally bankrupt, when she kills to cause pain to an enemy, but the only reason I can come up with for killing those randos was that they seemed to like each other and she was jealous that other women have normal friendships and she is stuck with somebody who stabbed her and a junkie who she is only pretending to be friends with. I mean we have to see if she does kill them and if so what she does with them but I fear they may leave it ambiguous. Is everybody convinced that Carolyn doesn't know that Villanelle killed the female body guard? I think she knows because she is smart and she interrupted Eve when she was going to tell her about it. I think she was deliberately not letting Eve tell her what happened so she could maintain plausible deniability. I have a hard time thinking somebody who has been in the gave as long as she is going to believe a body guard just HAPPENS to get killed when there is a professional assassin on the spot.
  6. I could see the subtext Cummings was putting in the performance and wondered if in real life James was supposed to be not quite hetero or if Cummings was playing around, but if that was the score, then Cummings nailed it. Thanks for the info. Enjoyed the episode and liked the alien possession of the dead etc. Not quite as creepy as "are you my mumy?" but then what is.
  7. Did they discontinue the podcasts? Because this is the last one I could find.
  8. Haven't seen the show Timetraxx mentioned. A cop from 2193 travels back to track 200 criminals that escaped into the past because of an evil genius who also escaped into the past (this was on about 20 years before Continuum) . It wasn't a great show but it was OK to kill time and it kind of gave me the giggles. In 2193 the protagonist is white and people say he only got into the police academy because of affirmative action because he is a minority. Also in 2193 if you want to insult someone you call him a "blanco" i.e. white. I wonder what the writers of the show are thinking now that the fear some whites have that they are going to be out reproduced, is openly being tauted as an excuse for discriminating against minorities and marching around with lit torches chanting Nazi slogans. BTW Dr Who had it's own version of would you go back and kill Hitler. Actually they had several One was Doctor #4 had to choose between killing the first batch of Daleks and maybe preventing a whole lot of their genocidal acts but on the other hand he pointed out that many different planets bonded in solidarity to try to fight off the Daleks. He decided not to blow them up although a smaller explosion set the Daleks back a bit. 2. River Song actually DID go back and try to kill Hitler but things got complicated. 3. Doctor 12 met Davros (who having created the Daleks can be argued was WORSE than Hitler since they killed PLANETS full of people not a percentage of just one planet's population.) when he was a child and could have let him die as a child, thus preventing a LOT of deaths but couldn't bring himself to do it. They had others I can't think of right now.
  9. I am only now in 2018 seeing this show. I was particularly impressed with the detail of Chair's revenge. I THOUGHT that Blanche had really gotten a letter from the Triangle Shirt Co and that ironically Chair's interference with Blanche's interview would save her life so that SOME good would come out of this. But no, so that the address of the interview would be at the asylum it had to be Chair who wrote the letter in the first place. Brilliant on both Chair and the writer's part. At this point I have very mixed feelings about Chair. I was kind of on her side at the beginning because trying to get some money out of these monsters by having a baby isn't the worst thing a person could do especially since the poor had very little recourse. That conversation in the pilot about poor women being either servants or whores wasn't totally wrong. There was also factory work like Blanche wanted but even if you didn't die in a fire because your overlords locked your only escape there were a lot of other ways to die in a factory. So I was kind of in Chair's corner at the start but now she sold a woman into White Slavery (even though she's a horrible person nobody deserves that) and she put a woman into an asylum who isn't crazy. Too far.
  10. Kamila might be alive but we know the parents are dead because we saw the reading of the will where they left some stuff to Tahini because they were such self absorbed snobs that they misspelled their own daughter's name. I too look forward to what next. I can tell you who dunnit in an Agatha Christie movie in the first 5 min but this show is really good at doing the unexpected.
  11. I missed something. Jefferson seemed surprised that his daughter was in the 100 club when he was talking to his ex but if he didn't know she was there, why did he go there? I enjoyed it and am impressed that so far they are doing such a good job of mixing comic book over the topness with gritty realism. Pirana aquariums with police profiling for instance. I think the actors are doing well. In a show like this you have to sell the seriousness or it falls into camp which is not where they want to go. I wanted to strangle the younger sister because rebellion is one thing but going to a club where they may sell you into white slavery is just rediculous. OTOH I wish I could say real life teens are never that dumb and I can't, so I'm letting that go. I really like that the older sister got arrested for protesting against the 100 and that the police look at doing that as worse than BEING in the 100. Unfortunately reminds me that before I went to peacefully protest in the Women's March last year some people were encouraging the police to beat us up for cluttering the side walk. Fortunately the Washington DC cops were polite as they could be, and there was no violence. I kind of feel bad for the nice cops that have to watch their job portrayed as a bunch of bigots abusing their power but OTOH portraying stuff that does happen, like being pulled over for no good reason, can be beneficial, shining a light on an injustice. BTW in case anybody thinks stuff like that doesn't happen I was once going to the wedding of my roommate in Long Island, dressed for a wedding, had a wedding gift in my lap, my dad was driving and we got pulled over for no reason. Not speeding, no broken tail light, NO reason. White cop asked us where we were going and why we were going there and didn't explain himself , then let us go. In case you hadn't guessed we are not Caucasian. That scene really brought it back. I could feel Jeffersons's feelings... anger because it isn't fair, fear that you or a loved one can get hurt if something goes wrong, and embarrassment. The actor showed it all on his face. I'm definitely continuing to watch.
  12. For many years I have noticed that in fiction (TV/ movies) the "evil psychiatrist" has been a very frequent character. I can literally name way over a hundred instances where a psychiatrist in the story is trying to seduce their patient or trying to brain wash somebody into being an assassin. (In fact in an episode of Lois and Clark there was one psychiatrist trying to seduce Lois and another trying to brain wash people into being assassins in the same episode). OTOH I can only name about 4 or 5 instances where the psychiatrist was the good guy, like in Good Will Hunting and Ordinary People. I always asked myself why and came up with some pretty esoteric theories but this show made me wonder if Scientology might not have something to do with it. I mean a museum dedicated to demonizing psychiatry? Is it possible that a lot of screen writers are or were Scientologists?
  13. Do people think Michael was telling the truth about HOW good somebody has to be toget to the Good Place and also do you think he was telling the truth when he said Florence Nightingale and all the philosophers didn't make it? Michael has lied so much I don't know what to believe. Tahani helped people but for the wrong reasons, Chidi basically talked a lot but didn't actually do anything (except for driving people crazy) but had good intentions. Both extremes seem to have been enough to get them to the bad place. I think Janet is going to be very interesting to watch since over 800 reboots must have made a lot of changes. The first reboot made her able to fight for her love of Jason. I only wish we could have seen some of her reboot results because the first time with the cactus was hysterical.
  14. If she said birth control (which I think she did) instead of specifically the pill , then she may have meant there were condoms there. I think what they call the pantry is more of a storage area for valuable stuff so I don't see why they couldn't have put condoms there especially if they put contraceptive pills there. Also makes more sense than the pill since you can use a condom without planning to need it weeks into the future and these people can't be sure there is a future. Have mixed feelings about what Madison did regarding lying about who killed that family. On the one hand I understand doing something to keep the "safe" haven together, since she and her kids are living there now and self preservation is a powerful motivator. OTOH I am appalled by the blaming of a minority for your own ends. Reminds me of white women in the not too distant pass who lied about black men doing something sexual (in one case that he just whistled at her) to get a black man lynched. The fact is that Madison's lie will keep the group together but at the cost of Natives getting killed (and some of their own but I guess she feels fewer of them than would die if they wonder off by themselves.) Funny since she is probably more liberal politically than the Survivalists. I choose to think she'd do the exact same things if the opposing group were white so she is an amoral manipulator, but not a racist. (BTW I never saw the first few eps....Travis was Maori but what ethnicity was her kids' father. Did they ever say? Nick doesn't look fully Caucasian to me.) It strikes me that the show seems to be lurching toward biblical themes. Jake and Troy seem to be heading toward Caine and Able territory. Additionally the two brothers wanting to take over for the father reminds me about the story of Jacob and Esau with Jake being Jacob. Esau/Troy the hunter is violent and not smart. Jacob is the brainy one. In that case the mother schemes to put the brainy son in charge through trickery, when the brawny one was going to inherit. In this case the maternal figure is pushing the dumb one but Alison is pushing the brainy one. The thing was that the smart one in the bible was the one best equipped to lead the Jews in that time and place. The show may be setting up the question -in the apocalypse which type of leader is the right one to lead THIS group. It may be that the brainy one gets himself killed and the thug survives. However I'm with whoever said upthread that given what we've seen so far of this show it is more likely neither of these guys makes it. Anybody thinks the headaches of Jeremiah are cinema short hand for brain tumor is going to kill him any minute so Esau and Jacob can fight over the estate sooner?
  15. If Charming and Snow had rescued Emma when she was still a child wouldn't it have been unlikely for her to meet Neal and have his baby? And wouldn't Snow and Charming therefore know they negated the existence of their grandson Henry? I would think that would figure in their decision.
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