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S01.E13: Infested

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I was surprised we got this episode. I thought for sure we would start building towards the end battle. I’m disappointed-Bad Batch’s best episodes are the ones connected to the larger story. I’m sad we didn’t get a four story arc of Crosshair vs 99 or Tarkin vs Kamino.

For a hot minute, I thought we were getting Vizago’s origin story. At least now we can probably assume he had a run-in with the Pike’s too. 

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This felt like a filler episode. I guess we'll get to see Isa Durand sooner or later, she sounds interesting. I like Cid but I wonder if it would not be wise to end that partnership. They are no longer indebted to her and her jobs have tendency to get sideways mostly due to her habit to keep a couple of details to herself. I know she keeps uttering vague threats - but if the Bad Batch just leaves Ord Mantdrell  what can she do? Alert the Empire that they're gone? But I'm just spitballing. Cid and her two patrons/henchmen are way too entertaining and her parlor is a great hub for all sorts of narrative opportunities.

Don't mess with the Pykes seems to remain a good rule even with the Empire in charge (or thinking its in charge).

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Very filer-y episode, especially compared to most of the season which has been pretty fast paced. Not a bad episode, it led to some decent character stuff, but I admit I was waiting for them to get back to the big stuff going on in the periphery. 

The Pykes almost seem like a bigger deal than the Empire right now, but that is pretty consistent with how wide spread criminal empires in the Star Wars universe tend to be, especially when its various governments are in turmoil or transition...which is most of the time. 

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This might be my crime lord naivety talking, but why in the galaxy did Cid think it was a good idea to walk back into her bar right after stealing the spice? She seemed to think all was going to plan before the Pykes questioned them, so she did not seem worried about what Roland told the Pykes, and going in so soon after just put a huge “We did it!” sign on them. I suppose she expected them to be gone by then, but she didn’t really give them time to be gone. 

On 7/23/2021 at 10:54 AM, paigow said:

Kaminoans and Pykes must be related... Nobody has decided to drop a few warheads down that hole before?

It was probably just a temporary solution, at least, that’s what I assumed. Many flew off, and they could just return and breed until they have huge numbers again. 

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