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S03: Week 1: July 7, 2021-July 11, 2021

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On 7/12/2021 at 10:02 AM, fishcakes said:

So no episode tonight unless we sign up for Paramount Plus? See, now I feel disrespected.

Me too.  I just don't want to add another streaming service right now :-(

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24 minutes ago, bkathi said:

Me too.  I just don't want to add another streaming service right now :-(

Yeah, that's a big 'no go' for me as well... stupid streaming wars...

Anyways I found some info, the Paramount clips (which they claim are supposedly 'uncensored') are called "The Drop" search for that and you can find them, here's a link for this weeks via Yahoo, it's 42 minutes and oddly starts with them at breakfast as the new guy we've seen in previews comes into the villa. I haven't watched it yet...

The Drop

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I actually like Kyra and Will. They're sweet together in a high school couple way.

Cash has everyone's back! My fave by far. I'm not thrilled Cinco is option shopping.

Josh and Shannon are that couple that you can never go out with because they're always fighting. She was begging to ditch him 3 days ago! They're both exhausting,

Aimee is miles more mature than the rest of the cast.

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3 minutes ago, SnarkEnthusiast said:

I want Aimee to ditch Jeremy. He's a big nothing burger in terms of chemistry and personality.

Yeah I think he's another that in life skates by on good lucks and build... but behind that smile is nuffin. I also though he looked better with the scruff than cleanly shaved, gave a him a look like less of a teenager!

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