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S22.E15: Nicholette

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Wow.  Remember Dawn and Chuck from this seasons Susan episode? I didn’t think I’d ever find a parent  who enabled their child as much as Dawn.  And then here comes Bernie.  I was very surprised when he agreed to get help. 

I  was impressed with Nicholette’s Mom  who had already been telling her No for months. 

This episode is a 2018 Intervention Canada episode.  I would really like to know if Nicolette and Bernie are still clean and sober.  I hope his girlfriend Anne got out of there.  She deserved better 


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That scene with Nicolette hallucinating was chilling.

As was the story about how she disappeared with a gang of men/boys for several weeks and could not remember afterward what had happened. She suspected GHB. We all know how that goes.

Her father was maniacally childish - the giggling about his own destructive behavior.

I hope she stayed away from her family and continued to thrive.

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Yes, don't ever go back, Nicholette. Mom set healthy boundaries, Dad did not. Don't go back!!! Live your best new life in BC. I felt bad for her just based on having parents who spelled their girls' names SO JANKY. Ugh. I liked her generally pleasant attitude, esp when compared with last week's hellbeast, but she did have some growing up to do. I was surprised she accepted treatment and maintained her recovery (as far as we know).

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Wow, I was surprised she accepted the help so quickly. Maybe she knew this was an intervention. Dad "gracefully declined" rehab because it "would be selfish." Uh huh. At least he changed his mind later. I'm guessing Anne had something to do with that. Nicolette's sister seemed all too comfortable partying around her, too. So yeah, she really needs to stay in BC! 

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Well. Count me shocked that Nicholette went to treatment, that Dad went to treatment, and that she stayed the hell away from Ontario. I hope that she is still sober and 2000+ miles away. The sisters were so happy to be together again. Maybe Deseree can move to BC too.

IMHO Anne was lying in a bed she made. She chose a guy who'd been an alcoholic for decades. If she thinks she deserves better, she will choose better. I was initially thinking she shouldn't have been at the intervention at all, but opening her letter with an apology was exactly right. Hopefully she'll make her own life healthier. It's just as crazy to choose an irresponsible alcoholic as a live-in partner as it is to drink your life away...actually, crazier, because this alcoholic seemed to still have a lot of fun drinking, and Anne wasn't having any fun. She was just getting whatever weird gratification that she was seeking from being strict and angry.

Some sleuths found her Facebook, and she is still with us! Keep going, Nikki!


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