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  1. Very boring episode and I FF'd through most of it. It's getting close to coming off of my DVR.
  2. Right? An apple on two toothpicks. She has no waist at all.
  3. I'm a little younger but my eyesight really went south when I hit surgical meno and I would be sooo blind without contacts plus reading glasses. Ugh! I don't understand how she can handle not seeing well. When I wake in the morning one of the first things I do is put my contacts in so I can see without all the blurriness. I am seriously considering getting LASIK because I HATE having to rely on contacts all the time. I would love it to be like the olden days when I had 20/20 vision. If I did not wear contacts or glasses I would be legally blind from driving. I have tried and the dashboard
  4. Dorit and Garcelle were on "Beat Shazam" last night. Ludacris was on there too and he and Dorit seemed to be flirting or something. I'll bet her husband didn't care for their behavior.
  5. Well, I got about 10 mins in and had to turn it off. HW's is not what it used to be and makes watching stressful and I just don't need the extra stress. Thanks Andy! Blah!
  6. Soooo happy you posted that! I have three Weiner dogs and have always had them and LOVE them! I missed this commercial! Yes, and the network now sucks! I had Sprint and it was great but now since it is T-Mobile it's terrible! I need to switch phone service.
  7. I was wondering if it was a weed vape pen since they are in Vegas. Meh
  8. Well hell yeah that's what they do! I am a female and I carry and none of my firearms are pink. I am extremely proficient as I practice and am married to a former police officer so I have always had free and great training. It's not that big of a deal to live in Texas and carry. As my husband has always said, "There are a ton of evil people out there that do not care about human life." Also, yes, cowboy church is a real thing and almost always found in rural areas. It's not uncommon or strange.
  9. I always thought LVP quit because the others were calling her out for her bullshit and she just couldn't take it being called out for it. And ran away from having to deal with that (Throw me to the wolves, and I run away with my tail between my legs). 100% agree
  10. I am not digging Garth, at all. He seems to have zero personality. He is not my definition of handsome, either, but then everyone has their opinion. You can have him Lu.
  11. Yahoo Entertainment did a story on last night's episode about Eboni calling out Ramona. Eboni is getting zero support in the comments section. Sorry I wasn't able to link the story.
  12. I don't give two shits about seeing or knowing about Teresa's boyfriend! Bravo, please stop this nonsense now!
  13. So dumb that I ff'd through the entire scene. B-O-R-I-N-G
  14. I am a barrel racer in Texas and knew of Maggie Green and her friend Gail Shanahan's horrible accident at the bridge. Many of us traveled that route to and from Fort Smith for the Old Fort Days futurity. It was such a horrible day in our barrel racing community. I can't believe it has almost been 20 years ago. The story about Ray being murdered was also flying around the barrel community when it happened. I am so glad they found that piece of filth, Dani, guilty!
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