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  1. I'm with you. I only tune in to hear the REAL story or bullshit made up. I don't care about Rinna, Harry or their kids and I really don't care about Dorit's story. I want Erika, GRILLED to answer questions and clear things up or muddle them even more.
  2. Dang! You're right I missed that golden opportunity! Thanks for the kind thoughts and she is doing much better.
  3. Right on! I was so bored that I paused and went out to the barn to check on one of my horses that has an injured eye for which the vet was out earlier in the day to help me out with it. She was just laying down in the stall so I thought I'd talk to her a bit and then finally went back to the house and forgot to start the show again! It was super boring. I watched the rest today and it didn't seem to get any better. And the guy that was on Kathy's arm. He talked several times and I was waiting for his HYSTERICAL personality...crickets. Kathy must be easily amused because there was zero fu
  4. We have raised some grass fed Wagyu cattle in the past and it's good but too marbled for my taste. Give me a top cut Angus any day. I'm pretty sure I still have some of that Wagyu in a freezer.
  5. I remember on their reality show(YES, I watched it! lol), "Harry Loves Lisa", she had the implants removed or something like that and her lips, after being swollen from the procedure, looked decent. I guess she just couldn't handle not having baboon ass lips and got them pumped up again.
  6. I thought the very same thing. Everything is relative and the hotel business has been in the dumps since early 2020. Now, they won't go broke or anything but they have to be careful with the big ticket items for now.
  7. That and/or she is depressed and sleeping a lot.
  8. Manipulation 101. As a southern girl I'd have no problem taking Erika down.
  9. Paragraph 1: I was flabbergasted that the "dog lady" did not contact authorities when both the call sounded weird and then she went to the house and the door was open. I just thought that was all very strange. I live in a small town where most everyone knows everyone and we all look after each other so this information is just not adding up with the "dog lady". Paragraph 2: I wondered if more than the Pembroke P.D. investigated, too. Most small towns are not equipped to handle 1 murder much less 3. Paragraph 3: I thought there was a dog that was dying and then it was never mention
  10. Exactly! I thought many things just didn't add up. I am not convinced Kit killed them. And, yes, I think the ex-wife should have testified. Also, the police sure didn't spend too much time on the initial crime scene. What's up with all that? Also, thought the sister seemed strange acting.
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