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S04.E12: The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One: Crossroads

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Jefferson realizes that sometimes, an admission of weakness can be a show of strength. Meanwhile, Tobias is focusing on an end game.

The episode was written by Brusta Brown & John Mitchell Todd and directed by Benny Boom.

Airdate: 5/17/2021


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Welp, Jefferson is dead. How will they fill out the series finale?

Even with the victories racked up by the good guys, the "L" that Tobias handed to Jeff was massive and harsh. Jeff goes for the brain fry, Tobias whups his ass and brags about it when Jenn/JJ calls. If next week wasn't the end, I'd expect Tobias to stand on top of City Hall, shouting, "HOMELANDER AIN'T GOT SHIT! ON ME!!!"

If Lopez survives next week, I can see her migrating to Gotham City. "Okay, so I just got shamed by Lightning, whom I've been hunting for weeks. I am in deep emotional pain. What's the best way to cope? I know! I'll shoot up with the meta booster, slap on the negating bracelet, and just go apeshit on everyone in the finale!" I mean, that would qualify her to join the Crows. Fuck it, she could serve directly under Jacob, for doing something that reckless and stupid.

Another plus: Khalil/PK wipes out Ishmael. I honestly think Jordan Galloway could carry a series, even though having a character with a split personality seems played out. Also liked Khalil's back-and-forth with Looker, with Painkiller itching to kill her on general principle. Looker: "Tobias will tear out your spine!" PK: "Been there."

Magnetic Bald Guy got his, and Jen didn't kill him. Another good W.

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When I tell you that I am OVER Khalil....I am over him. I couldn't do it anymore so I just fast fowarded through his scenes. This is the last season and we have so much focus on him?????

This showrunner really ran this show and final season into the ground. Black Lightning and Lightning largely absent from this season was such a lame idea with or without a renewal.

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10 hours ago, Primal Slayer said:

When I tell you that I am OVER Khalil....I am over him. I couldn't do it anymore so I just fast fowarded through his scenes. This is the last season and we have so much focus on him?????

I've been enjoying Khalil so far myself. His show needs all the help it can get to be picked up, so he needs to be seen as much as possible.

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1 hour ago, Diapason Untuned said:

I've been enjoying Khalil so far myself. His show needs all the help it can get to be picked up, so he needs to be seen as much as possible.

At the expense of a show in its final season...no me gusta.

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You'd think that Gambi would have enough experience at his age to know if you want something unobtrusive enough to hide in the palm of your hand, putting a big red light on it defeats the purpose.  What would shows like this do without unnecessary LEDs to stick on every gadget?

As for Lopez's career-ending tirade, I wonder how many cops actually agreed with her?

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Well I guess Jefferson is dead, the season finale is sure going to be short. I kind of want to watch Tobias try to take on Metropolis or Gotham, the heavy hitters there would laugh their heads off at his delusions of grandeur. His downfall had better be sweet after watching him run circles around the Pireces all season. 

Ishmael finally meets his end, too bad for him that his League of Assassins application never went fully through. Oh well, the Lazarus Pits are busted anyway these days. I like Khalil and I am interested in his spin-off, but I do wish that we had more time focused on the family and they could just have him show up a few times to set his show up. 

Of course Gambi has been tracking every nasty computer virus since the 80s, the guy has plans on his plans for his other plans. 

This season has been a bit messy, but I am sad to see the show ending. 

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Well, I guess Ishmael finally found at least one person who could beat him: Painkiller himself!  To his credit, he at least put up a good fight, but Khalil gets another notch on his belt with ease.  He's going to be going in strong with his spin-off, I see.

Gambi having an old-school laptop filled with all of the worst computer viruses ever is Gambi at his finest!

Lauren proves her loyalty enough to not only meet Lynn, but find out the truth about the Pierces (or at least know they are metas.)  I hope this doesn't mean anything bad will happen to her...

After being exposed as an anti-meta bigot to the world, the Chief apparently goes crazy and injects herself with those meta boosters, which I imagine will cause some trouble.  She'd get along pretty well with Kramer on The Flash!

Tobias and Jefferson finally trade blows, but it's less of a fight and more of a straight up ass-kicking by Tobias.  And now Jefferson is "dead."  I guess it's possible he really is gone and the finale will be about Anissa and Jen getting revenge (and maybe someone taking the mantle.)  But I could also see it being some kind of case of him coming back to life if/when they get rid of the dampener and everyone gets their powers back.  I guess we'll see next week! 

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People have been dead before on this show, I'm sure Jefferson is fine!

"Being a superhero sucks" -- Well, you're in a DC property, Jen, so ... yeah.

Ugh - I have not liked how unstoppable Tobias has been this entire season. Joining the Shadow Board wasn't enough, they had to make him their boss too? Come on. I mean, aren't they supposed to be the Big Bad Bosses, but they got taken out/scared too easily. Anyway, when Tobias gets taken down, he better be DEAD dead.

Are they actually going somewhere with Jen and the ionosphere, or they can't think of another deus ex machina? I just think its dumb she keeps doing the thing that killed her already.

I did like that we finally got some wins for the Pierces; don't like that it's at the last minute. I'm glad that Jefferson apologized and he and Lynn made up, but the show just glossed over them actually working out their issues.

So is Lauren officially on Team Lightning? I thought it was nice to see her working with Lynn. Also glad she didn't let Shady Gambi off so easy.

I like sassy banter and action sequences, but that shouldn't be the only thing to sell Khalil's spinoff.

So metahuman-hater police chief has a whole tragic backstory we're only learning about now? And now she's taking the meta-boosters -- yeah, that's not going to end well.

Aw, this show made the effort to reference the greater CW/DC-verse, but no one on the other shows talks about Freeland.  :(

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