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S04.E11: The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two: Trial and Errors

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Jefferson takes Khalil up on his offer to help. Meanwhile, Lynn finds herself wrestling with what could be the biggest decision of her life. Lastly, Tobias follows through on a hunch.

The episode was written by Asheleigh O. Conley and directed by Bille Woodruff.

Airdate: 5/10/2021


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The show is ending and these past few episodes have become the Khalil side show. What a sad way for all of this to come an end. The showrunner definitely hasnt helped this season.

What's the point of Anissa getting a new costume if she cant even wear it and kick ass?

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Oh, hey, they brought back Looker!  Talk about going way back!  I guess her using her powers to control the various folks does partially explain why there seemed to be so much going against Jefferson and Lynn with this whole fake embezzlement scandal.  At least Khalil/Painkiller took away her powers and it looks like she's going to confess everything, but once Tobias finds out, I'm not sure she'll even live long enough to really change anything.

Jennifer really doesn't have any luck with her love life, huh?  She barely finishes having a first date (thanks in part to TC being the best wingman/date planner ever!) with her new squeeze, only for him to get taken out by Tobias' lackey.

On the other hand, it looks like Lauren is already starting to forgive Gambi for the whole mole/lying thing.  I guess you kind of know that comes with the territory when you date a former spy!

Hassan now knows Jefferson is Black Lightning.  At least he is currently proving Henderson to be right and is becoming quite the ally for the gang.

Tobias wins the easiest mayoral race ever and joins the likes of Hiram Lodge on Riverdale has probably one of the most questionable mayor choices ever.  I just hope all of these wins means a massive fall for him will occur come finale time.

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Curious . . . how many people have gotten killed in front of one of the Pierces? I'm thinking at least twenty in the four seasons we've seen. And they're never nonchalant about it. "Oh, great, another nice guy killed in front of me. Must be Tuesday."

Hi, Looker! I remember you with your True Blood-adjacent powers, your racism, and not coming close to the canon Looker! Looks like she's not exactly recruiting the best and the brightest to guard her. Then she says that one line to Khalil and PK, and I would've though they'd both yell, "LADY! Not here! Yeah, racial intolerance is still a thing in Freeland, but you went too far! Seriously, what the fuck, third-stringer?!?"

At least the Pierces are picking up a few W's here and there. Right now, the person still alive that's the worst off is La La. He's hanging on the wall, and I bet he's probably conscious as Tobias does his "Humble Elected Official" thing in the mirror.

I liked the coffee gambit. "Look, I'm not making any deals. My wife did nothing wrong. Why should she go to jail if she did nothing wrong? DAMN, this is some good coffee! Right, Hassan?" "Eh. I can take it or leave it. But you do look thirsty, guy. Take a sip."

8 minutes ago, thuganomics85 said:

Tobias wins the easiest mayoral race ever and joins the likes of Hiram Lodge on Riverdale has probably one of the most questionable mayor choices ever.  I just hope all of these wins means a massive fall for him will occur come finale time.

Three words: Oswald Cobblepot, Gotham. I mean, it was bad enough that he was evil, but he was also neurotic as fuck. Tobias can probably fake sincerity for a few minutes at a time.

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Finally some wins for the Pierces! But yeah, the coffee gambit was kind of a weak plan - but it worked. So the Detective is now officially on Team Lightning! At least he found out sooner than Henderson.

So the metahuman hater Chief Lopez is going to use the meta boosters? Can't wait to see how that goes wrong! But she must see how shady Tobias is, right? I need to know that she's working with him because she's also shady, and not just that she's dumb.

(I'd also add Oliver Queen to the list of questionable mayoral choices.)

Wow, are they just going to kill off or disappear all of Jen's love interests? Killing Uriah was completely unnecessary. He could have just been injured, and still had the same scenes with Jen. She (and everyone else) already have enough incentive to kill Tobias, if that's why they did it.

So not only is Freeland 'Metahuman Central*' it's also built on top of a rare, powerful, radioactive mineral?? - Okay, then.

Well, Khalil is making himself useful! I guess with Looker's power set it makes sense for Tobias to use her in his plans, but I didn't need to see her racist self again.

Am I supposed to believe that everything is now fine between Jefferson and Lynn? They just glossed over everything, and she suddenly wants to have sex with him, and he suddenly want to remarry (without even asking properly!). They kinda suck at relationships here.

In any case, there still two more episodes for plot twists, so the Pierces aren't safe yet.


*(well, the other after collapsing the universes)

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My favorite part of the episode was the WTF expression on Hassan's face when the fed got all the Looker out of him. That was hilarious, and Jefferson looked so happy to be proved right. I certainly did not expect Looker to come back, a reminder of one of the shows weirder subplots, which had interesting ideas but turned out just really bizarre, but I guess this explains how this frame job has gone over so easily. Not that it explains everything and why the citizens of Freeland are so quick to turn on Jefferson, but it does explain some things. 

Damn, another love interest for Jenn bites the dust. She really has the worst luck when it comes to dating. People are always dropping dead left and right around the Pierces, its to the point that they're just like "oh, that sucks and stuff" whenever their friends, love interests, and neighbors are killed. Well, unless Jefferson wants to spend a year getting drunk and having a midlife crisis. Killing Jenn's date seems really uncalled for, doesn't she have enough going on? 

Gambi's lady friend is taking all this is pretty well, I guess she cant be too surprised that Gambi is gonna Gambi, and its clear that he really does like her. Gambi has so much going on, I would be happy to see him end the show getting some romance on. 

I always forget that Lynn and Jefferson aren't married, I am guessing they will end the show getting remarried. They do need to talk some things through before that happens though, they have a lot of issues they still need to deal with. 

Whale wins the easier mayoral race ever, and his speech accepting his win is as smug and disingenuous as you could imagine. 

The adventures of Khalil continues, like an extended trailer for the spin-off. 

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