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S13: Kini Zamora

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I love Kini.  His ability to make beautiful clothes in 15 minutes just boggles my mind.


His hair reminds me of - and I mean this in a positive way - one of those little troll dolls from the 90s.  It just kind of sticks up and does awesome things.  I think this might be the source of his powers...he gets the assignment from Tim, rubs the little gem on his tummy, and poof! amazing clothes instantly appear.  

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His hair reminds me of - and I mean this in a positive way - one of those little troll dolls from the 90s.  It just kind of sticks up and does awesome things.

You called it! He just said trolls were his favorite toy and that's his hair inspiration. I love Kini. Can't believe he churns out amazing stuff like he does in so little time. I really hope he wins, but I doubt the judges will go for it.

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I'm just glad he got the win to himself this week.  I still think he was robbed of the win in the wedding challenge.  That black dress was stunning!  My niece adores American Girl dolls and she'd be head over heels for Kini's design this week.  Heck, I'd love that coat in an adult size :)

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Yay to Kini for getting a win to himself! The outfit was beautifully conceived, executed with his trademark skill, and featured enough reference to the doll without being a doll dress.


I thought the other two 'top three' were excellent, too, so further congratulations on winning not because his was the only decent look, but because it was judged the best of some very fine options.


Not a troll doll fan, I'm afraid, but definitely a Kini fan. I'd love to have him design something for me... (le sigh)

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I'm glad that he finally got a win to himself.  I loved his dress for the doll challenge not only because it was a pretty dress and coat (I want the coat!) but because it still fit really well with his doll's story line.  I loved the AG dolls as a kid and Samantha was one from my era so I had fun watching him make her a perfect dress.  It was modern for a girl of today but still was Samantha.  


I love how speedy he is and how he churns out like five lovely dresses each week.  At home we were laughing like "this week, Kini is going to make his child model an entire new wardrobe with matching dresses for her doll!"  

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