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  1. SopranoKris

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Any news on Season 3 yet?
  2. No, a medical degree is not a medical degree when it is obtained outside of the United States. Considering she couldn't even pass the MCAT to get IN to a U.S. med school, I doubt she's going to do well in actual med school (whether in Mexico or elsewhere). Mexican and Carribbean medical schools have a notorious reputation of taking anyone with a pulse and a promissory note into their programs and churn out students at an alarming rate. Very little vetting, and typically sub-standard education. I work in the medical profession and it is HIGHLY frowned upon to hire grads from those schools, especially in hospitals. She may be able to get her foot in the door in private practice through connections (if she even graduates), but that's about the only way she's going to get in to practice.
  3. She couldn't pass the MCAT. Tells you how "smart" she is. Everyone in the medical profession knows those Carribbean & Mexican medical schools are for those who couldn't pass muster in the U.S. for a real degree. She and her snotty attitude can go have a wonderful time in Mexico and see just how far it takes her in the real world. I hope to God she doesn't harm any future patients.
  4. SopranoKris

    S02.E13: Somewhere Else

    I feel that the actual underlying story is going to be Michael has been trying to redeem himself for eons and he has to find the 4 right souls to accomplish it to move forward into the "Good Place"
  5. SopranoKris

    S02.E11: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent

    After watching this episode twice, one thing that struck me was the look on Michael's face when Elanor told him to be careful. And then his remark to her...the tone in his voice. It makes me wonder.....could they really be in the Good Place (or Medium Place) all along and they're being tested to see if they move forward in their moral character or redeem themselves from what supposedly sent them to the Bad Place? While all we hear are descriptions of how awful the Bad Place is, we never truly see it....even when they're IN the actual Bad Place. Wouldn't the demons want to shed their human façades and be their natural forms if they were in the real Bad Place? Perhaps Michael is seeking redemption because he wasn't able to progress and move forward earlier on in his afterlife? I can't wait to see where the show is going to take us next week. I'm so sad there are only a few episodes left this season :(
  6. SopranoKris

    S02.E10: Best Self

    My only dilemma is that there are only a handful of shows left this season. If the show was only intended to run for 3 seasons, I'm going to be so sad to see it go. I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job of wrapping it all together, but I sure have enjoyed every minute of this show so far. One of the bright spots of my week :)
  7. SopranoKris

    S02.E09: Leap to Faith

    One thing I keep coming back to is how many times the phrase "it's everything I ever wanted" was said during the episode. I have a feeling this is going to tie in to future scenarios. When Team Cockroach talked about finally getting to the Good Place, Michael's face did not look particularly happy. I've never been happy for someone to get their coke like I was for Mindy St. Clair...priceless :)
  8. SopranoKris

    S02.E09: Leap to Faith

    YAY! It's finally back on tomorrow night. Can't wait :) I'm interested to see what happens with Sean's visit/cliffhanger.
  9. SopranoKris

    All Stars Season 6 Anticipation

    Just as long as it's not Amanda!
  10. SopranoKris

    All Stars Season 6 Spoilers

    Ugh! Why are they foisting Amanda on us AGAIN??? I didn't like her the first time she was on. I didn't like her on her "second chance" season. Now they bring her back again? Are they that desperate for All Star contestants?
  11. SopranoKris

    Good Ratings & Renewal? Probably not!

    I am so glad to hear it was picked up for a 3rd season! This is one of my favorite shows :)
  12. SopranoKris

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Thank you! I needed a "Good Place" fix. Is it January yet?
  13. SopranoKris

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    I'm from the area. No love lost here. People who watch the show are quite ashamed of their behavior and the cheating. Gives us a bad name!
  14. SopranoKris

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    I'm from the same area in MI that the twins are from. Believe you me, it's no fashion capital whatsoever. They really gave us a bad name. When the show was getting ready to premier, the local news announced there would be a "watch party" with the twins in attendance. I'm so glad I didn't go. After watching them week after week, their dysfunctional co-dependence was too much to take. The over-pronunciation of words (indeed!) drove me nuts. Mr. SopranoKris (begrudingly) watches the show with me and he even said "I hope to God they get rid of those awful, entitled twins!" He gleefully cheered "good-bye cheater!" when they auf'd Claire. My take on the whole M&M situation: no one wants to be the "tattle-tale". When they (and presumably other) designers learned that Claire/Shawn were using a measuring tape and writing down measurements to bring back to the workroom, no one said anything because they didn't want to be the "snitch". As a point of pride, you'd rather win on your own merits. I can see the thought process would be "let them hang themselves with their own rope". When Margarita saw the muslin design looked just like her top from the previous week, I can see why she'd be upset. We saw Shawn completely rip off the pants her model was wearing and the top she was wearing in the model challenge. However, when Claire changed the top to a different design, I thought Margarita would let it drop. However, now that we know they had already witnessed the cheating, I can see why it was eating her up. And then to get rewarded for cheating by getting the win. Yes, I can definitely see why Michael made his protest. It certainly wasn't right, nor fair, what Claire did. And for Claire to keep saying "it was ONLY a tank top!" just goes to show how little remorse she has for breaking the rules. She deserved what she got. I would have preferred that M&M acted like adults and pulled her aside and said "hey, I noticed you had an illegal tape measure. Stop it or I'll report you" and "don't you think your top looks a little bit like mine?" while she was designing, instead of all the back-biting. However, I can understand why it happened. Again, no one wants to be perceived as a snitch. Put cash money on the line with it and that's a bomb waiting to explode. I'm sure the producers were drooling! On to better things: my like for Kentaro just increased 100% with his playfulness this week. Too funny! "Don't take any tape measures" :)