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My favorite segment as a kid was "Pigs in Space."  My mom hated it.  I haven't seen this show since it aired on Hallmark, I think, around 2000 or so.  Watching some episodes then, I remembered that as a kid, I really didn't like the skits where characters would be dancing in a ballroom.  My older sister confirmed my memory of always groaning, "No!  This is boring!" whenever they showed the establishing shot of the ballroom leading into it.  The jokes were probably going over my head.

In first grade, I got to sing the Muppet Show theme with a class for a performance at the school at night.  It was only because my teacher (who was not the greatest) forgot to get me when I was in another room having reading class with the 2nd graders, so I missed the bus to go to swimming lessons.  I was very upset, so the 2nd grade teacher (who usually wasn't nice either, but way better than my teacher) invited me to sing with them as they rehearsed during that class period and to be with them in the show.  I think it was that night, so I had to just kind of mumble along based on knowing the lyrics from watching the show!

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I love the Swedish Chef.  It's even funnier when you realize that the hands are played by a different puppeteer than the head and they were actively trying to mess with eachother.

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Bless you for finally starting a thread!

I'm so happy to have this on Disney+. I had forgotten how many people came on The Muppet Show; so many of them who are sadly no longer with us. 

The Star Wars/Mark Hamill one is one of the best, but my jaw dropped when they ended the Star Wars/Pigs in Space crossover skit at the end with "When You Wish Upon A Star" complete with a castle and fireworks. And this was BEFORE Disney owned eith the Muppets or Star Wars. Boy, when you know the future, irony is everywhere.

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