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S06:E17: The Raft of Medusa

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Streaming 2020.12.30


Ragnar's sons steadily approach Wessex with their army. Alfred abandons his castle and sets out to meet them.

Episodes of the final half season will be streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Nice lead-up to the Alfred reveal. He's a good physical match for the child of Judith and Athelstan. 

I hate that Elsewith is being depicted as a nagging wife, not least because she actually makes a good point: the Vikings attack, Alfred makes terms with them, and it's only a matter of time before the Vikings attack again. At some point you have to stop giving people second chances. But of course, Alfred has to be the voice of reason, and Elsewith must be hushed.

Ingrid: not entirely sure what you're up to, but go for it. 

Extremely thankful that the boat trip from hell is over.

The chess match between Ivar and Alfred resumes,,,

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Since I binged episodes, I don’t know if it happened in this epi, but when Alfred cut his hair, I was like, “Quarantine Cut!” 😆

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Good seeing Alfred again and curious to see when he and Ivar cross paths again.  Elsewith/his wife was right on the money about how a lot of this is on him, because he (and his family) have taken the Vikings at the word time and time again, and the Vikings have no issues breaking said word, whenever it suits them.  At the same time, Alfred is right that it is useless to posture and act like they are strong when they are not, and abandoning the sacred land for now is likely the right call.

So, I'm guessing Ingrid's witch powers somehow blinded Erik?

Glad that Ubbe, Torvi, and crew finally found land.

It was nice finally hearing someone scream "SHIELD WALL!"  It's been too long!

Nice to remember that Hvitserk can be quite a warrior on the battlefield.

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I'm excited to see Ubbe, Torvi and their party reach the new world.  One thing this show has always done is show you the sense of wonder these people have when discovering a new world.  You're excited to see what they are about to discover.  No one does it better than Vikings.

Nice return for Alfred and Elsewith.  New haircut is a great look for Alfred.

Another impressive show battle.  They do it even better when they don't CGI it.

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I like how the Saxons just automatically assume Ivar is in charge. Even they think Hvitserk is lame. And I guess they've never heard of Harald before. 

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