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2020 Wrap-Up: Best and Worst DAYS Moments

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We still have a week left to go but....dang, what a year.

I'm really going to need your help with this thread because I became more of an occasional viewer in 2020 and missed plenty of things because I just had my fill of stupidity. The Worst column will be overflowing. Brace yourselves. 



- Eric and Nicole's matured relationship (no cheating! No shit fits!) and wedding. Finally. Could the ceremony have been better? Absolutely. But it at least happened. Amen!

- Claire and Joey's releases. Both characters were hurt by bad writing and can now, hopefully move forward.

- John Aniston. He amazes me and always elevates the material.

- Kristen finally in prison for one of her crimes.

- Louise Sorel's return (and final bow?) as Viv. We love you, and Ivan, and thank you for coming back.

- Steve and Kayla together again. Just keep them that way please. They're great.

- The end of Rafe and Hope...I hope? They sucked. It looks like they're over with forever. I'm glad.

- Belle. I've so enjoyed Martha back on the show full-time. She radiates good vibes and can act.

- Eli, the poor suffering fool. Great performances though. Loved him ripping Lani a new one for breaking the law and jeopardizing their family.

- Xander. His storylines aren't perfect, but it's nice seeing him in a relationship, I'm glad he saved Maggie and I prefer him to Philip. He's a lovable lunkhead.

- Vincent. Terrific actor playing a victim of Ben's murder spree out for revenge? It's about time!

- That fun moment where Marci's Abigail saw a photo of Kate's Abigail and thought she was losing it. Silly but it kinda made me smile.



- Ben Weston worship reached new heights this year with the whole damn town turning up for his elaborate church wedding, where he was applauded for just being the best. The absolute best. RSW still can't act beyond his patented nostril flare and inhale....but sure. Yeah. He's amazing. Can he go now?

- Glamorous Gameshow Hostess Eve helping Ben to crack and strangle Ciara. Disgusting. All of it. From all angles.

- The Goddamn Brain Chips. Stevano and Marlena nearly raping each other...Chad and Princess NotGina...the further soiling of Joe's  legacy as Stefano. Quite possibly the worst storyline this show has ever done.

- Will and Sonny being let go. Because gay characters are just too controversial after they've lost their initial PR value, right? And now that they're remarried, they have no more story potential, right? Riiiiiiiight.

- The Who Wants Henry? tug of war. Terribly written, especially considering Ron knew why Allie didn't want him, but failed to integrate that info into the plot. If she didn't remember being raped....then why was she against having the kid? She's rich. She can still go to school. Everyone was willing to support her. But no, instead let's show her trying to get other people to adopt him even when it messes with their lives. Sami, Nicole, Eric, Rafe, Will and Sonny all got to fight over maybe raising this stupid kid and, of course, it was all for nothing.

- Also all for nothing? The car crash...drama that lead nowhere except to Adrienne's death and even that seems iffy.

- Maggie attempting suicide in prison because she believed she got people killed in the crash. Ghastly. Poor Suzanne lost weight over the stress of her character arc. And it was all....say it with me....for nothing. Maggie stays with Victor and all is forgotten.

- Orpheus being responsible for the crash. Just....so ludicrous and random. Why was he shoehorned in?

- Ciara. She's just ruined. She exists only to prop Ben. I can't deal with her lame-ass fake death either. I'm just done with her.

- Hope's Sad In Many Ways exit. What a shame, what a downer.

- Eric's exit, the timing of it (they *just* got married!) and the dumb white savior-ness of him going to Africa for....reasons.

- Bonnie and Justin.

- Jack sleeping with Kate and Jennifer's reaction to it. 

- The silly wasted Jan story. It could have been so much more than re-reheated leftovers. I mean, she'd already done the same shit in the Digital Series so...why bother, really?

- Everyone screaming at Sami, all the time. Any excuse will do!

- Allie. She makes no sense. Nice actress but dumb writing.

- The I Was Maybe Raped In London storyline. So stupid and weirdly written. Allie holding Tripp at gunpoint was a real low. Charlie being his brother is random. And now Allie is saddled with a Vitali kid.

- Lani's pathological obsession with Kristen. Girl, you crazy. And a lesbian, maybe. But definitely crazy.

- Manic hysterical cartoonish Sarah. Dial it back, please.




Feel free to add your own!

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I loved Stayla of course , I hate their story but I enjoyed their conflict.

I loved  Vincent who was a sympathetic villain and I wanted him to destroy Ben for killing his love.  In Ron's world being a good looking  muscular man with abs absolves you of your sins.

The show is awful under Ron and Ava coming back from the dead was the last straw for me.. So I quit the show..

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I will try to come up with a best storyline but until I get there. . .

I quit the show for good when Sami came back and screamed her way through every scene she was in, pushing Nicole into her wedding cake, etc. 

Lani choosing her psycho BFF over her husband and her unborn babies! 

Kristen being brought back for any reason and it looks like she will be around for a while. I am NEVER going back to watch again.

Jake and Kate - just eeewwwww.

Allie rape/who wants my baby stories.

OK - I do like that Gabi came back (for 12 seconds), but she will be back and ultimately get together with Jake.

That's all I've got!


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Best story: none as all of it was nonsense starting Stevano and ending with Allie's rape

Worst story: Allie's rape and how it became all about the men in this story and not in the rape survivor

Best actress: eh

Best actor: double eh

Worst actor: Rob as Ben. He is just not that good and really didn't handle most of the heavy stuff that gave him

Worst actress: Marci. Blah actress for a passive character

Best villain: Orpheus. Still evil and not even around his kids does he become a nicer person

Worst villain: Kristen. Stop pretending to be nice. Stop pretending to be friends with Lani.

Best couple: Doug and Julie. Even though she is horrible, horrible, horrible nag, he loves her and they are one of the few couples on the show that cuddle up together because the actors are really together

Worst couple: Kate and Jake. Bootie calls are not a relationship, nor should either one be catching feelings for the other

Best wedding: Ben and Ciara. Everyone attended, it was in a church, and it ended with a bang

Worst wedding: Eric and Nicole. Cheap and meaningless in the damned Brady Pub. Dress was ugly. No real celebration for supposedly overcoming all their missteps over the past 2 decades. 

Most annoying plot: Time jump and flashback. Athough this was started at the end of 2019, it was a stupid gimmick that didn't bring up anything interesting

Best newcomer: The actress that plays Allie is the best of the new crop but she gets horrible writing as she is nothing like her mother and it's not in the actress' wheelhouse to be like Sami.

Only reason I DVRed Days in 2020: Sami. She is my favorite character. Despite how her stupid family is afraid of her and talks badly about her and she gets blame for everything, I love her and when Alison is on the show, I will make sure to watch to see what Sami will do. No matter how badly  she may be written, Sami brings a spark and energy to the show that is sorely lacking most of the time.

Ah 2021, (or 2022 after the time jump), please don't be worst than this year.

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Well it's great to have Marci Miller back. After I had gone through several of her other films, my realization about her underrated acting ability is reinforced. In certain cases you may need to pay attention to an actress's other projects to see her shine on screen, because today's daytime could hardly provide a platform for younger actors. 

Cady McClain and Tamara Braun have got what it takes to carry storylines. If you want to overlook the awful writing and cheesy plots from Days, better tune in when those two are on screen. 

Brandon Barash and Lauren Koslow are fine actors, and Ron shouldn't be wasting his time on random sexual encounters between Jake and Kate. She's like a mother figure to his brother Chad of all people.

Both Isabel Durant and Mike Manning are likeable. They definitely work as an onscreen couple.

I detest the writers for trashing JKJ's return and using Philip to prop Xander/Sarah. He deserves better. 







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- Eve torturing the serial killer 

- Kristen finally  going to jail 

- Ciara "killed off " thus bringing an end to the CIN pairing

- Vincent was intriguing and it was about damn time a relative of Ben's victims sought revenge against him.

- Steve and Kayla reunion

- Eric and Nicole 

- Lucas finally on contract 

- Return of Theo 

- The return of Sami

Oh well, she does make the show feel like Days . 

-Hope consoling Eve over Paige's death by mentioning her experience with Zack's death. 





- Eve going to jail for kidnapping Salem's new lord ,Ben -the serial killer . Who still gets to galavant all over salem despite slaughtering 3 women . 

- the pointless returns ot Clyde Weston. Oh ,and we were expected to fawn over this druglord/murderer and his serial killer's son's "heart wrenching relationship " .

-Pointless return of Orpheus 

brought back from the dead only to be sent to jail . 

utterly pointless !!

- Serial killer and Ciara getting a mini 5 star wedding while eric and nicole have a small scale wedding. 

- Allie's baby and the custody battle

The court scenes were fine but they could have been better if they were not selective with using history .it was cool to see them bring jan spears into it and mentioning jan and nicole trying to kill victor all those years ago . However , Sami vs Nicole should have been brutal to the point where Nicole mentions that Sami once disguised herself as a man named Stan and was an accomplice to terrorists and then sami would have responded by revealing that nicole sabotaged Chloe's facial reconstruction surgery by infecting the surgical instruments with deadly flesh eating bacteria and nicole would retort that it was stan who put that idea in her head. And so on . But nah ,they chose to be selective with the history of the characters hence why the court scenes for me atleast fell kinda flat . 

- Return of Rafe 

totally pointless character. And not needed at all. Keep him on recurring status if cordat loves him that much. 

- Kristen and Brady 's sickening "against all odds " wannabe love story.

-Lani condemning eli for arresting Kristen. 

- Carlivati forcing another  long lost kid Jake,who is not needed , into the DiMera fold.

-Jake and Kate

A cheap retread of the EJ /Kate affair which took place back in 2006 where Chelsea gave a  hi-5 to her own grandma for getting it on her office desk. 

- Jack and Kate affair . 

Perhaps it would have been better if key characters such as Laura Horton and Bill horton were around to react to it. 

- obviously the  Stevano saga would make this list .

-Justin and Kayla 

precisely zero chemistry was displayed in this nonsensical pairing.

-Adrienne killed off and being stuck with Bonnie Lockhart . 

- Time Jump as a whole is a total flop.

- John vs Sami  Round 300

totally unnecessary . Yes ,they can argue and debate but for sami to tell him that she wishes the brain aunerysm killed him was utterly random and disgusting and was used for shock value. 

- Lame prison break . Basically a cheap retread of the 2016 prison break .

- the death of Bill Horton was nothing but madness and stupidity. 

it would have made more sense to kill off Tommy Horton jr ,who is still inexplicably alive despite the death of his potrayer in the mid 1990s. 

stupid stupid stupid !!!

- Will becoming BFFs with the serial killer . The very man who tried to kill him.

- Just because Kristen gave birth to a baby ,she should be absolved of all her past crimes. What a joke ! 

- Ciara saving the serial killer from being executed. It is still bizarre how carlivati expected us to be sad over the prospect of this scumbag getting his . He had the likes of Will and Marlena crying being afraid their beloved serial killer will be executed. 

And ofcourse Ciara storming into the execution chamber and holding evan hostage at gun point. They just forgot to play "I need a hero "song during the whole sequence. 

- Mickey /Rachel/Brady/Eric/Sarah/Xander/Victor baby switch saga was a cheap retread of the infinitely superior Stefano/Bo/Hope/Abe/Lexie/Dr Rolf /Margo/Glenn Reiber/ Barb Reiber/ Zack /JT Reiber babyswitch saga .

- Baby Henry being a prop in the "who will get custody of baby henry"contest with the contestants being Nicole ,Eric ,Sami and Will and Sonny . 

-Xander and Sarah's porno love scene. I guess if there is  little chemistry, you have to use porno techniques to sell them as a hot couple. 

- Eve telling Ben she would make him the Necktie Killer again by brainwashing him to kill Ciara .  What was carlivati implying ? That Ben went into some kind of super rage mindset when he slaughtered paige and them and that he wasnt aware of what he was doing despite us the audience seeing him methodically trying to pin the crimes on Chad and even carrying a dead will from his and abby 's apartment all the way to sonny and will's apartment by sneaking around and making sure he wasnt caught. Yep,he was drunk with rage ....NOT !!!

- carlivati attempting to revive the awful Rafe /Hope pairing. 


-thank goodness kate and abe never happened.

- Ben wrestling with his conscience when holding a gun to Vincent's head and threatening to execute him. Gee ,why didnt he experiece this " devil and angel on your shoulder " moment when he slaughtered serena,will and paige and wendy? 



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And the WORST has to be Carlivati stealing my ideas. 

Go read the bitterness thread where I complain about the fact that instead of  Deimos Kiriakis we should have gotten Larry Welch and Linda Anderson terrorising Maggie and Victor.  

I specifically stated that the best way to explain Larry returning from the dead would involve the ISA. 

Remember that when Larry was around circa 2002-2003  ,there was a heavy ISA presence on the canvas . We saw Shane Donovan himself return . We saw other agents like Odell P Smith (Philip's superior) , Thomas E Kramer (TEK ) , John had rejoined the ISA ,Philip Kiriakis and Agent Spector . 

The ISA faking Larry's death at the hospital after his accident  would have made sense.

This man killed an ISA agent and impersonated the said agent by issuing orders to Billie Reed. 

He had also infiltrated the DiMera organisation to the point where he impersonated Stefano and ordered DiMera hitmen to kill Victor but they shot nicole instead.

He managed to do something the ISA has always struggled to do . 

Why wouldnt the ISA fake his death and use him as an asset ? 

Plus his bio father was Victor Chovat , a former Soviet scientist or something so technically if larry was sent to infiltrate and gather info on terror groups ,he would have credibility in thay world due to his bio daddy.  

It makes sense for the ISA to use his talents . 


But Carlivati stole my idea and subverted it and made a few changes.  Instead of Larry being revived by the ISA ,it is now Orpheus . 

It is now Orpheus who gave the new ISA boss info even though Orpheus hasnt been an agent since the 80s and was in jail throughout the 1990s and only escaped from jail in 2015 . What use could Orpheus be to the ISA in 2020 ?

Why would the ISA bargain or even believe a terrorist who terrorised the entire town back in 2016 ? Like seriously ? And then to give him immunity is just laughable especially after Pamela van Damme's shenanigans . Why would the 


Carlivati's 2020 stint has been a total miss !!! 


Thumbs down from me. 

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4 minutes ago, DisneyBoy said:

Oh my God - how could I forget one of the best things about 2020....


....CHAD DRAGGING ABIFAIL. So overdue, so beautiful, so deserved.....even if it's only coming out because of Gwen's manipulations.

If only Gwen had taped Chad and then played it out later so that Abby could hear what Chad really thinks about his wife.

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On 12/25/2020 at 1:54 AM, Rafael said:

And ofcourse Ciara storming into the execution chamber and holding evan hostage at gun point. They just forgot to play "I need a hero "song during the whole sequence.

Oh God yes...I skipped those episodes but that..that was awful.

Oh and Will and Ben as BFF cellmates. Disgusting. 

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