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  1. Joy was saying that the majority of Americans want Abortion to be legal and Nutmeg cut in and said that the 47% of America is pro-life, it was a headscratcher moment for me because a majority does not mean everybody is in agreement. She obviously does not listen to what the ladies are saying, she just barks at them with her dubious information from her blue cards.. Also, there are people in Nutmeg's team who want it to be legal as well just for them and not for anybody else, but don't tell Nutmeg that, she just might go into labor from the shock.. Her hatred of Sara is bizarre even for her.. I worry for Sara, she has been very honest with us about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Being mistreated and bullied on a daily basis by Nutmeg might stress her out and make her feel worst.
  2. As soon as I saw Allie, I changed the channel, I just cannot stomach her. Why are the legacy kids so horrible? Abby, Ciara, Joey and now Allie.. People wonder why the show relies too much on the veterans to carry the show...
  3. The ladies were happy to be together, I do think they love each other and the mood was so much better than the one over at the view. My goodness! it is getting hard for me to watch, everybody is so tense, trying not to set off the resident thin-skinned brat. I had no idea Drew even had a show until today. I thought she was there to promote a movie..
  4. Bill should have come back when Kate came to town and fell in love with Victor.. A Victor/Kate/Bill triangle could have been good, add in Lucas who had formed a fatherly bond with Victor. I never cared for Laura when she came back and met up with Vivian in the looney bin. I never liked the actress and her constant yelling at Kate for allegedly stealing Bill just pissed me off. I hate it when women blame the other woman for their husband's unfaithfulness, I am not excusing Kate for getting involved with a married man.. If you know a man is married, stay away from him..
  5. Sarah was aged up the last time she was on the show to be Carrie's peer, then, she de-sorased when she came back on the show.. The actress would have been better as Stefanie Johnson..
  6. I really enjoyed seeing the ladies today, I loved what they had to say about Marie and the notorious RBG.. Is Eve pregnant? is it me or is she blocking her stomach area?
  7. The judge that Sara was talking about today was handpicked by the federalist society. I implore you guys to google this organization, it is not pretty.. I wish Sara was able to speak freely, you can tell she had moderated her original thoughts after they came back from the break to not offend Nutmeg's sensibilities. Sunny never got to speak because motormouth McCain would not let anybody else speak..
  8. Yes, they were hinted as being a destiny couple. Jack and Isabella's kids loving each other and eventually having kids would have a been a great homage to their awesome friendship..
  9. Joy has never thrown a tantrum on the show.. Never! I have watched this show since it's inception... Was there ever any doubt on who she would vote for? Megan is a troll on the show, she did not want to hear what Sara had to say about that judge so she decided to attack her by impugning her character. Nutmeg is just vile..
  10. She dissed Elijah Cummings and expects people to vote for her, good luck with that. Elijah is beloved in Baltimore.. I told you guys she is not in it to help Baltimore, it is all about elevating herself with Megan's team as their special token.. She should go after her opponent for Elijah's seat not a dead man who cannot defend himself..
  11. That was the worst soras even for a soap. Chad should have been EJ and the actor who played EJ should have been either Tony and Anna's son raised by Stefano or the 1986 baby of John and Marlena when she was presumed dead.. Marlena was in a coma for 5 years it would not be implausible that Stefano kept their child and raised him as his son. Plus, it would have spared us the gemini twins in Rex and Cassie who should have been Orpheus kids. They should have come back to Salem years ago seeking revenge on John Marlena and Roman..
  12. Back in the day, soaps knew how to set up complex rivalries that wasn't always about a man. Viki/Dorian from one life to live and Katherine/Jill were the best soap rivalries, followed by Brooke/Erica from all my children, the Natalie/Erica rivalry had some teeth as well.. Sami/Nicole could have been better but they were the best rivalry during their era, plus, you have both ladies who were on the same level morally. It was not a standard good girl/bad girl with the good girl winning all the time. Both Sami and Nicole have done despicable things to others for their selfish reasons. The funny thing with Sami and Nicole is that Sami genuinely liked Nicole until Nicole betrayed her. Nicole seems to have a thing about wanting those closest to Sami, first her brother, EJ, her ex Lucas, Will (Yes, I know she married Lucas for money but it was also to get Will away from Sami in favor of Lucas) and finally her daughter Sydney. With better complex writing, they could have been on the same level as Viki/Dorian..
  13. Same here, I was scared that Hope was going to leave with Rafe.. Hell no! Kristian is Hope. I always hated the Bo recast..It is an unpopular opinion but he was never Bo to me.. I was over the moon when Peter came back and the fact that Kristian campaigned for him to come back given their acrimonious history in real life was icing on the cake..
  14. Ruth held on for us as long as she could, we will mourn this great woman and now it is up to us to continue her fight for equality.. May she rest in power!
  15. This woman knew damn well that Joy did not do Blackface and she came to provoke a reaction and she got it.. I feel no sympathy for her. Could the ladies have done better, of course, people are human and sometimes you do take the bait and give provocateurs like that sellout clout. She did not come on the show to have an exchange of ideas with the ladies. Why didn't she attack Sunny, of course not, accusing Sunny a Black woman of being a racist would not have gotten her the attention that she wanted and positioning herself as the victim of the intolerant left.
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