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  1. I think that Bo was the original owner if I am not mistaken..
  2. Marlena was never the town pariah. Marlena was iced out of the Brady family due to breaking Roman's heart. I think that Caroline due to her own past affair with Victor, Kim and possibly Bo did not really come down on her. Marlena felt guilty for hurting and splitting her family up like any mother with a heart would. After her divorce from Roman and Belle's paternity being revealed she began to be tormented by guilt and Stefano began to visit her in her bedroom at her house at night as his "queen of the night" and that is what made her vulnerable to the devil..
  3. The sliding front door was what made it special...
  4. Wow and Meagain was flattered, what a narcissist!
  5. Also Mardevil gave Sami some attention and Sami was really happy to have her "mother"s attention, it was really sad if you think about it. All of this contributed to Sami becoming ruthless..
  6. If only it could turn out that Rachel is really Sara's, it would be a great comeuppance for Kristen.. She deserves nothing but misery.. What an awful character!
  7. That loft set was used a lot by various characters..
  8. I also loved the loft that Carly shared with Isabella as friends and roommates. It fit two unmarried women starting out in their careers and in life.. I believe that loft was also Bo's before he married Hope. I think Shelle lived there for a time. I miss the characters having homes and I also miss big parties where the cast would be together looking great dressed to the nines.. I miss families interacting with each other and friendships..
  9. Both of your posts were on point. The Reilly years were a nightmare and his influence was felt outside of Days of Our lives..
  10. I love the shade... EJ is just pure scum and I am team Johnny..
  11. Will has never explored his sexuality and gay culture. He does not even have gay friends. I always thought that it was a missed opportunity in not giving him friends.
  12. I will be taking a break from the show, there is nothing to look forward to in my humble opinion. The JER years ruined the show and Ron wants us to relive it for some reason..
  13. Stop lying Nutmeg! you miss going viral for your outrageous and atrocious behavior. You are fading into obscurity more and more everyday.. Also, we the viewers don't miss you at all. I am enjoying the view more than ever since you've been gone.
  14. I thought that Nick was the best character from the Hogan Sheffer era of the show. Hogan actually made an effort in creating a flawed unique character who was also a legacy character.. It is too bad he was trashed by subsequent writing teams for plot-driven reasons.. Unfortunately, This has become the norm for soap writers.
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