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  1. Not to mention, the hosts on the show clearly did not like each other.. It was really obvious when they did a show at home talking about the protests and the tension between Michael and Keke was so obvious. Sarah was being herself asking pertinent questions about what it is like to Black in America..
  2. There are no directors on set to set up a scene, the actors are basically left on their own to make things work. They don't even rehearse since they don't have a budget.. Darnell Williams was sublime as Jesse who was unapologetically Black and awesome. I swear All My Children and the young and the restless are the two soaps that had the best Black characters who were multidimensional and not only about Black oppression. I was happy to find out that so many younger actors have praised Darnell Williams for helping them hone their craft.
  3. I don't care for Eva, she has said some colorist comments about darker skinned people and she has also said shady comments about older people. I don't think that they need a fifth co-host. They are fine as a quartet, I liked Amanda but she was not a right fit...
  4. The Santo/Colleen story was just utter bullshit, the reason that Stefano hated Roman in the original story in the 80's was because Roman wanted to prove to the world that Stefano Dimera the supposed business man and philanthropist was just a common criminal and a fraud. So to destroy Roman's credibility as a police officer, he enlisted Andre's help to do so. So Andre wore a Roman mask and committed murders around Salem.. It backfired on him when Andre killed Renee. I wish that soaps would leave some stories alone instead of creating convoluted stories to push their agenda at the moment.
  5. I have no problem with Eve shooting Ben and I hope her dad Shane comes back and bails her out like he did to Hope. It is the least he can do for his daughter and granddaughter Paige. I find it inconceivable that Shane did not provide for them. The man is insanely wealthy and don't get me started with Theresa acting like she grew up in abject poverty..
  6. He just went to get a tea for his little brother and that is what is so heartbreaking.. So when I hear that BLM is a symbol of hate it just reinforces the tragedy behind his death and so many others.. Black people cannot be in peace, we have always wanted to be left alone ever since the first African was kidnapped, put on a ship and sent to hell on this side of the world..
  7. I love your ideas Rafael. Do you remember that little boy Johnny that Roman and Marlena took in as foster parents. Marlena was always drawn to children, it is a shame she never really got a chance to mother her own biological children other than Belle.. I know this board loves to deride her mothering skills but I never saw her as a bad mom..
  8. What I loved about the Richard Cates story was that Marlena was allowed to have a romantic relationship with a man after Roman died and before Rojohn came into her life. It was a really good story that really showcased who Marlena is... Back then writers loved writing for heroines and knew how to make them lovable..
  9. Megan honey, the reason that the hosts at FoxNews are now telling their viewers to wear masks is because the poll numbers for your tribe is in the toilet and they are trying to save themselves..It is about self-preservation and not altruism.. Whoopie's face after we saw that horrific video of yet another Black man being killed moved me to tears..I had to turn off the view, it was just too much.. It just never ends..
  10. I think Ciara was destroyed by becoming a rape victim and it does not help that she is with a serial killer now. Ciara should have grown up in real time that younger actress was just so damn awesome.. Since the show is obsessed with every character being a Sami clone, they had one in Ciara who would have had her own trajectory as a bad girl.. She loved bad boys, she had a crush on EJ, she blackmailed Sami for diamond earrings, she had a burgeoning rivalry with her cousin Allie, she used to boss Chase around and she had a sweet bond with Theo.. We saw different aspects of her personality. All we needed was a competent writer to give us a great story that would have brought everything together for Ciara Alice Brady..
  11. Jack should have also formed a strong bond with Stefanie creating tension between Jack and Kayla, Stayla , Adrienne/Kayla and Jennifer/Kayla.
  12. Andre should have stayed dead when he fell into that quicksand, a gruesome death for a loathsome evil individual. I will always hate him for what he did to Renee and others... I also felt that Andre's presence diluted Tony's complexity as a Dimera, whenever the show wrote him into a corner, they always pulled out the Andre card. People forget that Tony started bad when he came on the show. He had a horrible obsessive past with Liz Chandler, the mother of Sarah Horton's half-sister Noelle. He stalked her and raped her. Tony and Stefano had a diabolical plan for the people of Salem.. He evolved and became a grey hat as he fell for Renee and then Anna. It is what caused his fallout with Stefano in the first place. Stefano took it as a personal betrayal and never forgave him.. The only Dimeras that should be alive on the show is Tony and Benjy. If the show wanted to bring more Dimeras on the show, then, they should have brought one of Stefano's many brothers years ago but the Dimera family is just played out..
  13. Megan will always be a mouthpiece for her tribe and will never learn to have an opinion for herself even if it does not correlate with her people's talking points about whatever issue of the day. I thought she was vile when she threw shade at Dr. Fauci. It is because of people like Megan and her ilk that doctor Fauci has to have bodyguards due to death threats from conspiracy theories pushed by the right. It is truly shameful and disgusting that an intelligent caring doctor has become a strawman all because he contradicts a certain person about the dangers surrounding the Covid virus, unbelievable! Science is not supposed to be partisan but Nutmeg and her crew have made it so.. Megan also threw shade at BLM during her meltdown about protests, Doctor Fauci, the corona surge in red states and it does not surprise me one bit since she is truly a Karen. I guffawed at Whoopie taking offense about her real name "Karen" being part of slang to describe people like Nutmeg...
  14. You should also remember that JER hated Jack and he started the destruction of Jack that has permeated till this day.. JER and others had no idea how to write Jack. Even after Jack and Jennifer were married and on their honeymoon in LA that awful character Hawk was introduced with the intention of putting him with Jennifer. Matthew was going to be fired and the fans caught wind of it and revolted and he was given a contract and that started the constant firings of Matthew over the years that ruined the character of Jack.. Jack and Jennifer should have faced Abby's illness together and the story could have build upon that. Instead Jack ran away from his responsibilities as a father and husband, Matthew was fired and Mark Valley was hired as Jack stripping him of his complexity. Jennifer fell for Peter and the destruction of Jennifer started from there in my opinion.. Jack and Jennifer are a package deal and they never needed interlopers to be interesting.. It is too bad we never had writers who appreciated how awesome Jack was and it is all because of Matthew..
  15. Wayne's Roman killing Stefano would have been a full circle moment and we could have had a flashback to their iconic fight on that beach where Stefano killed Roman. The retcon of John not being Roman took away from the original beef between Roman and Stefano. Then it became all about John and Stefano...
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