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  1. I love Sunny and she does not bother me at all even when she does her fiery Latina persona to get a laugh. Representation matters and somebody who came from a hood like Sunny can look at her and say if she made it despite everything stacked up against her, then so can I. I am happy for her son..
  2. It is funny to me how Messy only cares when an issue affects her personally otherwise she does not give a damn.. I will have to say that Whoopie looks the best outside of the studio and that is because Whoopie does not put on alot of makeup on her face even in the studio. She still looks the same after all of these years, her face is rounder due to gaining weight. I will say that Megan has beautiful skin, she does not need alot of makeup and that is the only good thing about her. Lisa Ling looks awful and I was shocked. I hope my shallowness did not offend anybody on here. Stay safe everybody!
  3. The show will never be good, so what is the point of replacing Ron and getting someone even worst than him. I shudder to think of what a Dena Higley return would be like..
  4. Poor Sarah! She is the only sympathetic person in a town full of amoral scumbags. Nice girls finish last in Ron's world..
  5. I loved Larry bringing up the topic on the baby's complexion at Susie's house and it is okay to wonder how the baby will look like because he or she will be mixed. Larry took it on another level.. I love Larry because he is not PC and he asks questions that people would not ask out loud. He just does it in a way that will offend people. I did not get why the wife was offended that her husband wanted the baby to be dark instead of light. He wants his son to resemble him, the baby will most likely look like him anyway regardless of skin tone, he will be of color...Genetics is freaky and he could come out looking White with no Black features. I think that would have been a funnier bit, if he came out looking White and Larry questions his paternity throwing the couple's marriage into chaos..
  6. Megan's pregnancy means we are stuck with her indefinitely.. I would not put it past her to get pregnant as a way to guarantee job security and to also put the attention right on herself.. We will be regaled with stories by her in excruciating details about how wonderful a conservative pregnancy is as opposed to a liberal one. She makes everything a partisan fight so why not a pregnancy..
  7. Megan's pregnancy means we are stuck with her indefinitely. Why doesn't the show take a hiatus until we know for sure how to combat this virus? We know these ladies are getting paid handsomely so they have no need to be at work. Meanwhile most Americans are scared about how they will provide for their families going forward..
  8. I hope everybody is staying safe during this scary and strange time. I did not know where to put this, so I decided to put it here, Tamar looked so much better before her plastic surgery.
  9. Your post is so true. I think Lindsey's empathy always made her character rootable in my opinion. Permasmurk is just an asshole and I cannot stand her. I don't know who is more repulsive Permasmurk or Saint Olivia from Law &Order SVU.
  10. Remember Rosie left after that fight with Bitsy. Barbara stepped in for a while in her place and she had asked Joy to become the moderator and she had refused the offer and it was later offered to Whoopie down the line. Whoopie has always said that Joy is part of the reason that she got the job.. I always felt that Joy had refused because of Meredith Vieira. They were super close and I think a part of Joy did not want to take her friend's place..Meredith's departed really devastated Joy. Joy was the happiest when Meredith reunited with her Starr and Debbie in 2016 for that show. I have never seen Joy smile so brightly in my life..
  11. I always hated that Destiny's child broke up in early 2000. The original lineup of Letoya, Latavia Kelly and Beyonce was awesome. Their vocals and harmonies were outstanding with Letoya singing soprano, Kelly singing the mezzo note below her with Beyonce singing the melody and Latavia singing alto right below her. I wish the ladies had worked out their differences and I will always blame Matthew Knowles for the demise of the group.
  12. The show is just awful now. I only care about Sara and Wilson everybody else is just horrible. My heart goes out to Sara, she is in for a world of hurt. I forgot about Maggie, I can't imagine as a mom what that will do to her, to know that she killed her baby's baby.. This is just too much and this will just destroy her for good.
  13. I think Whoopie is making sure nobody moderates better than her. I don't think she has a problem with Joy doing it because Joy's refusal of being a moderator got her the job after Rosie left.
  14. Dan Abrams is a POS he is the one that started bashing the left. He showed his true colors as far as I am concerned.
  15. Why must every thought be expressed on social media, people need to learn to keep things to themselves, especially if you are a celebrity. If I was a celebrity, I would use social media to promote my projects and have limited interactions with my fans under the watchful eye of my management team and agents..
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