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  1. I thought that the source as an antagonist should have become more malevolent and sinister as the sisters became more powerful individually and collectively. It was disappointing how he became just a regular demon in season 4. We should never have seen him in person in season 3, he should have remained unseen and deadly to the sisters. I think that season 5 should have been the season for him to make an appearance. The same thing happened in season 7 with Zankou, he started off great and he let his ego get in the way. He got Phoebe's premonition power and access to the book of shadows. Wh
  2. Years ago, the show wanted to bring Zack back but Kristian said a big fat No! I agree with her even though I always felt that Zack's death was a big f you to the Bo and Hope fans by JER who hated them and did everything possible to trash them for his precious Billie. It is why I have always hated Billie. Bo choosing Billie over Hope and treating Hope like she was a nuisance was such utter bullshit..
  3. I would rather see Hope fall into a vat of acid again than see her debase herself kissing up to the man that terrorized her family..
  4. What the hell happened to Porsha? She is just terrible now or maybe she always was and I just chose to ignore it..
  5. Same here, all she had to get in shape and tone her body. That is all she needed to do to improve herself. I always thought the dark hair on her was harsh.. I think she looks better with lighter hair..
  6. True but the fact that Sunny has never forgotten her roots and people who are still living the way that she used to live has always endeared her to me flaws and all.. That story she told on Friday about her parents letting her choose to eat whatever that she wanted at a restaurant while they had to do without was moving.. Jeannie from the talk show, the real, told a similar story where her dad used to buy Kentucky fried chicken for her and her brothers. He never ate while they ate, she was young and never understood why and one night, unbeknownst to him, she saw her father eating out of
  7. This is why there are only 4 soaps left, when I was a kid in the 80's, there was a dozen to watch between the hours of noon till 5pm. Each soap had it's own unique identity. For example: The soap "Capitol" was based on political intrigue and "The edge of night" was about mysteries. Over the years, incompetent writers like Ron and awful producers like Jill Pharren Phelps, trashed the heroes, spat on established histories in order to push their agenda deified the villains pushed the soaps core audience who were mostly women to stop watching in droves..
  8. To be fair, the only characters that Ron likes to write for are Jarlena, Abigail, Kristen, Brady, Gabi, Ava, Gwen, Sami. If you are not a fan of theirs, then the show is a torture to watch.
  9. How was it narcissism? Sunny has never said that Blacks and Latinos were the only ones who voted for Biden. She has always said that he needs to remember his core base of voters and what they expect him to do..
  10. I don't have a problem with unrepentant villains but I do have a problem in how Ron writes her. He threw Laura under the bus for Gwen. You can give a villain a sympathetic backstory to give a reason on what drives them to do what they do without destroying established history. For example: Orpheus had a sympathetic backstory on why he was targeting Roman and Marlena before the retcon that Drake's Roman was not Roman. Roman killed his wife accidently and left his small children motherless. That is very traumatic and painful for children to lose their parents at a young age.. So he was
  11. She is also sociopathic in how she deals with people.
  12. I noticed that when Constance wrote Victor she made him a deadbeat but with a point of view in not wanting his daughters to grow up as witches seeing what he saw being married to a powerful witch like Patty. Whereas Kern blamed Grams for Victor not taking responsibility for his daughters. I loved how each sister treated Victor differently that was true to their character when Constance wrote for them. Prue was mean to him and rightfully so. Piper was distant but open to having a relationship with him. Phoebe just wanted her dad in her life no matter what. Phoebe never judged him for hi
  13. Gwen is very cruel and it is why I cannot root for her. This is a woman that cried and lamented when she had a miscarriage, yet, she is playing with Maggie's emotions when it comes to her child. I think that she gets off on being cruel to others.
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