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  1. I am not on tweeter that much, so is Ron positioning himself as a social justice warrior for Black people now.. If Ron was talented and wanted to write something topical then he could have written about how small Black businesses headed mostly by Black women were decimated during the pandemic and he could have used Paulina as a way to tell that type of story..
  2. As a woman you need to be a bit paranoid when out in the world given how women are victimized in our society. It does not mean you don't live your life but the world is full of crazy people as you say. So that is all I will say on this subject before it goes off-topic pissing off the mods..
  3. Some men don't take rejection well and will curse women out and may even attack you physically.. So women have every right to be wary of a strange man invading her space..
  4. Stacey Abrams is so damn awesome and I could listen her speak all day long about anything everything or just nothing at all.. She is just that brilliant..
  5. Come on Porsha, why pick a man with so much baggage. This will not end well...
  6. Megan is an idiot and her word salad about seeing life differently than the left makes no sense because diseases are not partisan, we can all get sick. Of course she had to mention her daddy and she also mocked people who wear masks. She will always be a loathsome human being. I am with Joy, once I am fully vaccinated, I will always have a mask on me to use while indoors with strangers.
  7. I thought that I was the only one who likes Chanel.. I am loving that she has not been put in a box. I hate to give Ron a compliment since he is a hack but he is writing her well for now.
  8. I also liked it when Porsha said that some of Kenya's behavior was triggering her and bringing back some bad memories and she decided to get away from her toxicity.
  9. Exactly! she transferred her obsession for John onto his son Brady and she also has a baby to connect her to John like their baby that she lost.
  10. I did not see the kiss between Chanel and Allie. Did she just go up and kiss Allie? What was the context? Thanks!
  11. Whoopie has been lazy for years and she was worst years ago. She was a sloppy mess, incoherent and was mean to her co-hosts. Not to mention that Barbara Walters had a perpetual look of disgust every time she would look at Whoopie's ugly outfits.. You are being paid millions, try to look decent for one hour, 5 days a week..
  12. Marlo has gone down in my estimation this year and it has to do with her affiliation with Kenya who she perceives to be the alpha female of the group. I can't help but remember Nene calling her "thirsty" a few years back when they were butting heads over Kenya. Kenya seems to be the common denominator when it comes to conflict between people and Ken seems to be really hurt that Porsha wants nothing to do with her, but I digress. Nene is a lot of things but she can be very discerning when calling out other people. That was so un-called for and it just revealed Marlo's character. Por
  13. Exactly! both Marlo and Ken are obsessed with Porsha. Do they want to know her biblically? inquiring minds want to know. I have never seen grown women bitch and moan about another woman possibly sleeping with a man that is not in a relationship with them.
  14. Ken is just repugnant and her glee about the fallout regarding Tania made me sick. Have we ever had a cast member who is just miserable to her core like Ken..
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