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  1. The goal is to have Ben emerge from this story as thee superhero of the show.
  2. Wouldnt mind if Lani turned out to be perhaps the daughter of Jonah Carver ,Abe's baby brother .....
  3. Thank G00dness that awful retcon daughter of Maggie's got killed off !!!!
  4. Carlivati must have gotten the latest " prop up this character " mandate from Corday. We all know this man has quite a bizarre lovefest for Rafe.
  5. Big up to the chemistry between E.J and Nicole.
  6. Flop Jake has no meaningful reason to really be in Salem. The character is an epic fail . What a dud of a character. Barash would have been better off playing Max Brady .
  7. Or better; He exposes Jake and reveals he is a fraud and a con artist and not a true DiMera
  8. She got nothing on Sami. Now that woman is super fertile .
  9. I like the idea of the show spawning spinoff shows but my main contention and complaint is that they written by carlivati which drastically reduces my desire to watch them. Corday should rather let writers like Ryan Quan to write these spinoffs .
  10. Would have loved to see Eric having scenes with his two dads ,Roman and John . Its sickening that contrieved long lost son Paul had more scenes with John than the son John actually raised.
  11. This horrid couple is probably the main reason why the ratings collapsed under Carlivati's reign of terror.
  12. Carlivati revisiting the possesion storyline is all about him being creatively bankrupt to the point where he rips off storylines from one of the most polarising writers the show has ever had. i dont understand why Corday has so much faith in him to the point where he even lets him write spinoff shows when it would have been better to bring in fresh writers.
  13. Melanie and Maggie mentioned it during their conversation. It was when Eve first showed up and Maggie was explaining to Melanie about Eve's past including the time when Eve ran over Sarah and then later on Maggie mentioned the surrogacy
  14. The new mini series sounded like it could be decent until they confirmed the Ratings killer couple (Ciara & Ben ) were going to be in the mini series. Because of this ,the show is now dead on arrival .
  15. As long as Carlivati is writing this mini series ,i will simply set my expectations to be as low as possible . I expect more shambolic plot based writing .
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