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  1. I will forever be grateful to Eric for ridding us of him.
  2. Oh hell naw , lets hope he is not going to repeat that that awful Stefan/Abby/Chad love triangle debacle with EJ this time around. The man is truly creatively bankrupt . He needs to go !!
  3. Another Epic by fail brought to you by Carlivati
  4. I will never forgive Dena Higley for treating Chloe like trash . Danloe barely had chemistry no matter how hard they tried to show how "hot " they were. That pairing was done to reduce Lucas to a chump . Afterall they took Chloe ,Maggie and Victor from Lucas and gave them to Daniel . The sleaze even got it on with Lucas 's niece Chelsea and Kate as well. Oh and Daniel got a double slam dunk on Lucas and Jack when he got it on with Jennifer. They even took Lucas's nephew Parker and gave him to Daniel . Back to Dena , everything Dena wrote for Chloe from 2008 till 2011 was pure BS . From
  5. It was actually revealed back in 2005 that Andre (posing as Tony) was financing Terrorists in Iraq . The same terrorists who kidnapped Philip which led to Shawn ,Lucas ,Rex and Brady travelling to Iraq to save Philip.
  6. Sarah Horton. I do recall when Kassie's Eve came to Salem , Melanie and Maggie had a conversation about Eve's ties to salem and how Eve once ran over Sarah with her car . Anyway ,the conversation ended up being about Sarah herself . And Maggie mentioned that Sarah has just agreed to be a surrogate and carry a baby on behalf of her friend in Nashville . Why didnt Carlivati mention this when he brought Sarah on the canvas ?
  7. You know .as far as I know ,Sami looted the Offshore DiMera bank accounts after EJ left her the passwords after he died . She gave half of the loot to Belle . But Belle gave up her loot to Chad I think before departing for Hong Kong. I still say Belle and Shawn's impending divorce should have been caused by the DiMera Loot . With Shawn appalled that Belle has suggested they use the loot to upgrade their lives knowing the loot was made via many awful crimes . Shawn can accuse her of trying to recreate the lifestyle she enjoyed when she was married to rich boy Philip Kiriakis. then that ca
  8. Still shocked that Days decided not to keep Sean Douglas ,who played Vargas. The man had chemistry with pretty much everybody on the canvas. He had scorching chemistry with Nicole ,Hope and even Theresa . He had inappropriate chemistry with Nick Fallon and Eric too. An actor like this would have been seen as an asset by any soapie run by competent people since he could generate chemistry with all the other actors and it still boggles my mind why they didnt even bother bringing him back when he was clearly a hit with the viewers to the point where some were clamouring f
  9. Carlivati once again failing miserably when it comes to utilising the show's history. I can see Stefano leaving money for Steven in his will as restitution for Benjy's death at the hands of Andre . But for Steven to actually be a shareholder of DiMera enterprises is madness . Lets not forget that Benjy was raised by his grandfatber Orion Hawk ,who was Stefano's goon . And he also trained John and Shane's twin ,Drew Donovan to be master spies and assasins.if there was a man who can tell Benjy and Sonja about Stefanos true depth of evil ,it is Orion and no doubt Sonja would have later to
  10. Used to love Kate and Victor back in the day. They should have reunited them back in 2011 instead of Maggie marrying Victor . It should have been Kate vs Vivian part 2 with adult Philip in the mix . Always used to think Victor hating on Will was truly bizarre considering the fact that Will lived with them at the mansion. And his hatred for Lucas prior to Lucas and Adrienne sleazing it up was hella contrieved. They took Victor from Lucas and then used him to prop up Daniel . What a shame . I liked their father son scenes .
  11. They culled Lucas and went full steam ahead to prop up Daniel and Rafe at his expense and TIIC largely failed to establish Rafe and Daniel as leading man. When both characters departed ,i didnt even miss their presence nor did I clamour for their return. I was just relieved they were finally gone. Fact is when Lucas was one of the leads after his 2003 return ,the show averaged about 2.6 million viewers even during its weakest period in 2006 . When they dumped Lucas as one of the leads, Corday's chosen leading men (Rafe ,Daniel ,EJ and Martsolf's Brady) failed to even help get the
  12. And they broke Austin and Carrie up again for no particular reason and as usual we didnt see any fallout whatsoever. For a couple reasonably popular ,their contrieved failed marriege should have played out onscreen. I am still disgusted that Carlivati brought her back and had her engage in a sleazy pointless one night stand with Rafe . Ofcourse she wasnt there for the fallout scenes . Probably done to prop up Rafe as a quasi Gig0lo whose job it is to service the Brady Sisters for one night . Thank Goodness Cassie Brady is offscreen otherwise Rafe would have made it a hatrick
  13. Just as I had predicted previously ,Ava has now become totally pointless on the canvas.
  14. May EJ expose Jake /Stefan as frauds conjured up by Andre DiMera when he tag teamed with Vivian to help him usurp Chad and in exchange for Vivian's help ( she recruited the con artists ),Andre is expected to return Jonesy's/Stefano's treasures to Vivian . There you have it . We got Chad ,Johnny and EJ plus Tony. We dont need Jake being a DiMera. May EJ also do us all a favour by whacking Clyde.
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