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  1. Their agenda was to push Allison Sweeney and James Scott as the main stars of the show and takeover the mantle from John and Marlena.
  2. Exacttly. They spent the entirety of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 shoving the "epic" love story of Santo and Colleen down our throat and they undid all that in one scene where Hope told Brady out of the blue that John suddenly discovered that he was not Coleeen and Santo's son. You will end up asking yourself "what was the whole point with that storyline "? If they can just undo it in one scene . We didnt even get to see john conduct his investigations or what triggered his suspicion that he might not be Santo's son. Nothing !! It all came out of the blue. Whats worse is that Martsolf and Jen Lilley had no romantic chemistry. They just had BFF chemistry.
  3. Stefan can stay as long as they Un-DiMera him. Tyler Christopher should have been Nicholas in the first place.
  4. Undo his faux DiMera heritage . Wev seen enough of Stefano and his long lost children gimmick which we saw play out with Chad ,Renee,Lexie and Benjy . Enough of this !! Just reveal that he is a fraud and that he is actually Ivan 's son . Soo groundbreaking and soo innovative.
  5. Lets not forget that Eve's mum Gabrielle Pascale used to be an ISA agent as well. Perhaps she has been training Eve and giving her pointers on how to cull that serial killer. I still dont get why Shane hasnt disowned his female BFF ,Marlena . She is Bens cheerleader and the head propper of the serial killer-the same serial killer who slaughtered his granddaughter.
  6. Apparently Soap Hub are busy letting us know that saying jake is Stefan. How lame is that ? Kinda Ripping off that Nick is Steve Johnson storyline . This was how Steve returned to the show after a 16 year absence .
  7. Keep her on the canvas please . Hell,give her the honour of culling this serial killer.
  8. Rafael


    But the thing is , the viewers they have left are pretty much the die hard fans who have been watching the show for a long time . Its very clear that the mainstream and casual people wont watch the show on a consistent basis . And its very likely that when they do catch an episode ,they walk away being insulted by Prjncess Gina brain chip and Stefano's soul in steve's body schtick. As for swapping characters ,why the heck not ? Atleast most of the characters that could be brought back are legacy characters who have prior history and relations with the characters on the canvas. It wont be difficult to explain their connections to the present characters on the canvas. For instance ,I started watching the show around 1992 and had never ever seen Kayla ,Kimberly ,Steve ,Shane ,Larry Welch ,Andre DiMera ,Melissa Horton etc But I never struggled or got confused when they returned as guests or when Steve and Kayla returned to the show in 2006 . At that point i didnt even know that Jack (Mark Valley's version ) had a brother and was married to Kayla. But the writers did a decent job explaining their history during the week of their big return and I had invested in Steve and Kayla especially after going to wikipedia and Days NBC page to read the character bios. Same scenario unfolded when Max and Frankie Brady returned in 2005 as I only though that Bo,Roman and Kim were the only children of Shawn and Caroline.I still managed to catch up on their history and so on. I think you underestimate the viewers ability to grasp and adapt to new characters. As long as the writing is good and makes sense , the characters will catch on. Especially if they were on the show prior.
  9. Rafael


    Then they shouldnt have allowed him to do the time jump in the first place. He hasnt done anything groundbreaking or innovative with it. Same ol same ol . Its blatantly clear that he requested the time jump because his already limited skill set as a writer were pushed beyond breaking point and he just wanted a way out and restart again.
  10. Rafael


    Days has hit a new low in total viewers...1,747,0000 (-63,000 from last week). The time jump is an epic fail . It was blatantly obvious that carlivati wrote himself into a corner and got himself out of it under the guise of the time jump . What made this extra obvious was the fact that the time jump consisted of the same characters he was writing for before the time jump. If he was serious about this time jump he should have culled some characters such as Brady ,Ben ,Ciara ,Faux Sarah and so on and even brought back the likes of Carrie ,Mike ,Eugene,Cassie ,Calliope and introduced the likes of Noelle Curtis ,Andrew Donovan ,Kiriakis twins ,alexander Kiriakis,Spencer olsen and so on.the canvas should have seen a sort of clean slate but nah , he stuck with the same characters he wrote into a corner.
  11. Ian Buchanan 's character ,Ian McAllister ,should have turned out to be Ryan Brady ,son of Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady and Stefano's half brother . Plus Andre should have just remained as Stefano's nephew to futher ilustrate that there are/were other DiMera relatives out there.
  12. Sickened by Carlivati ignoring all Kristen's crimes just to give her and Brady a Happy ever after. Shame on this hack for completely ignoring the fact that Kristen raped twice now. Eric and then Brady under the guise of being Nicole. That kind of sick, toxic foundation doesn't deserve a Happy Ever After ! What the hell is wrong with this guy ? Rather give Brady a happy ever after with Chloe .
  13. I think you meant to say Max Brady. Abby was crushing on Max when Max was still a race car driver. I dont recall her crushing on EJ until much later on.
  14. Why did hack Carlivati even revisit Brady and Kristen anyway? There was no need for it. Especially with baby Rachel's existence.
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