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  1. That's the best promo Days has put on in a while it actually looks like it could be interesting then when you watch it you end up getting pissed off because its not as good as advertised well I do anyways.
  2. I'm all for Bristen's kid being dead so it doesn't bother me as much but its just a cheap plot point that we're supposed to care about and it will fall flat because the show did a terrible job building up to this etc. Much like the Baby David storyline also pointless.
  3. Really its not hard to write this and Alexander Kiriakis could've been played by Tyler Christopher/Brandon Barash but no we had to have another retcon Dimera nobody asked for. He still could've been paired with Gabi or any other available lady on this show. Lucas Adams could've played Joey/Victor instead we got Tripp who probably will never find out about Steve back in Salem. Instead they had all these retcon characters nobody really cared about when they have plenty of characters from the show's history they could've used instead we have yet to see on a long term basis.(Andrew Donovan, Stephanie Johnson, Joey Johnson etc)
  4. The show would have to care about Lani on some level beyond a token black girl if they wanted the town to hate her and they don't so... Sami hated what Marlena did and uses it everytime to justify the terrible things she does to everyone else which is why its never forgotten but I don't recall anyone else hating her over it(well besides Roman obviously). Except she didn't tell him she was talking to Eli about this. It was Eli who brought up the paternity lie and conveniently ignoring the fact that he chose to go along with it so his relationship with Gabi wouldn't be ruined. Not really sure why Abby never brought that part up.
  5. He doesn't know about it but Petunia is right JJ has become such an emasculated nice guy loser now he'd be cool with it. Which is a vast departure from how he was at the beginning when he had no problem calling out Jennifer and Abby on a regular basis Jennifer with Daniel/Jack and Abby for being an idiot over Chad and to a lesser extent EJ/Ben. There were things I didn't like about the Tomsell era but they really wrote the best version of JJ.
  6. Well Stefan erased his role actually Gabi did it for him. Abby apologized to Gabi whether that's sincere is another story but that's more than Stefan has done and she's pretty much steered away from Gabi(well except living in the same house but that's another issue entirely) and focused on other family drama. I'm not sure what else people expect Abby to do for Gabi that would be enough. Gabi will always hate her and Abby won't really care. Hell Stefan just had to bang her a few times and Gabi is peachy keen. No apologies needed apparently. As for Gabi/Lani maybe if Gabi and Lani interacted on a regular basis after the baby reveal and kept the hatred going this wouldn't be so laughable but it is. Especially since she didn't really care to get back at Lani for things that happened a few years back but does after her 5 minute relationship with Stefan. Its a couple years too late and with Stefan Lani was defending herself against Vivian and his dumbass jumped in front of a bullet. Regardless Lani also sucks because she is a gutless coward among other things. This show does a terrible job writing characters in general but its glaring when I find everyone terrible and not in a fun way either.
  7. Yeah this show doesn't realize that the vets don't need to be the leads or have stories that should really go to the 20/30 something crowd on this show. Justin/Adrienne as supporting characters dealing with the drama of their children is enough with a side story of their own or something. I mean the show was able to write Jennifer in a supporting role over the drama JJ and Abby had this past decade yet for some reason they couldn't do this with the rest of the other characters on this show.....
  8. That's the thing before Abby returned (via Marci Miller) Gabi and Abby weren't enemies in fact they were friends(as implausible as that should be considering her role in Jack's elevator fall that's glossed over but I digress). They didn't have this long standing rivalry that Sami/Nicole did(after their friendship ended). Gabi vs Abby didn't really start until Gabi/Chad became an item. Even then there was no real hatred at least on Abby's end. If they were enemies before that it would've made more sense to me that Gabi still hated her for the same thing Stefan did .. however that's not how its written. Stefan didn't show any remorse for what he did so that's why I can't take Gabi seriously.
  9. Well I did say most Gabi fans don't like him and that's fine so why is it such a big deal if JJ doesn't care for a woman who gaslit his sister, booby trapped Julie's heart and nearly put his unborn niece at risk? I mean they don't like him after all.. wouldn't they want JJ/Gabi to not be friends anymore... Regardless JJ isn't Eric(fortunately) he exhibits sibling loyalty and wouldn't get with someone who tried to hurt his sister. Father Eric can't say the same...
  10. Yep they're both awful for different reasons. Gabi is easier to take for me between the two because at least she's proactive even if I find her rather unwatchable at least we know she's terrible. Lani we're supposed to think she's a selfless individual rather than a passive aggressive twit who lacks any self awareness. That being said Eli should hate both of them but he'll hate Gabi as he should but he should also hate Lani for keeping this from him for a year about his own grandmother and not trusting him with this. Yet she can trust JJ and Kristen instead of him? He won't though he won't be allowed a POV and Lani will be treated as some sort of selfless heroine rather than the idiot that she truly is. That should make Eli question the level of trust etc between them but it won't. They'll be shoved to the backburner after this.
  11. FYI It still shows up as the background pic on Comcast On Demand except for a couple of people most of the actors are still on the show though
  12. I wish she did because honestly the last couple years he's been stuck on emasculated nice guy loser status(with the brief reprieve of going off the rails and trying to kill Kristen that was nice while it lasted) death would've been a better option for him. So what's the problem? For some reason Gabi fans (well the Gabi Stans) don't get this and most of them hate JJ to begin with so I don't get what the issue is if he doesn't care for her anymore.
  13. That may be so but honestly I don't get why they couldn't just have her leave town. I mean she could've dumped JJ over his drug use or she met someone else and JJ went off the rails because of it. Hell I'd even take JJ/Haley leaving town together during the TJ because there's nothing left for him on this show anymore. I just think killing her off was a lame plot device and honestly given how people comeback from the dead on this show not necessarily final. Melinda loses her kid and we probably won't get a scene where she finds out. The DA who hated the Dimeras doesn't get to lash out at them over this. At least if she left town sure it would be anticlimatic but so has been this entire TJ
  14. Yet Gabi is cool with Stefan who helped frame her and showed no real remorse for it Abby apologized even if it wasn't that sincere to me that's more than Stefan but hey he's her "true love" who's heart she's using to blow Julie up for kicks. I can't take Gabi seriously here if she hates Abby for the exact same thing Stefan did to her and has no mental illness excuse to fall back on. If Gabi hates Abby for other reasons (like Chad etc) that would make more sense to me but that's not the case. Besides Gabi never was into JJ that much putting aside the fact he was too drunk to remember anything with Lani. I find it gross to shame him for that when if the roles were reversed JJ would be labeled a rapist. Same with Eli however Gabi hating Lani over that and getting revenge afterwards makes more sense than Gabi getting revenge on Lani after her 5 second relationship with Stefan a dude she only married to steal his money and company in the first place. She was always more fixate on Chad than either of those guys. The only saving grace of Stabi is that the actors had chemistry and played well off each other nothing from a writing standpoint made Stabi a viable pair to me at least.
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