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  1. It should but it won't because 1) That's too character driven for this show 2) Sami is written to be a perpetual teenager despite being a grandmother of 2 3) Carrie isn't around and they have Belle as the Carrie stand-in so Sami/Belle is the only conflict that matters.
  2. Lani being fixated on Shawn was the only time I ever found her remotely interesting. They also had chem (more than this version of Shelle tbh). This would've been good conflict for Hope/Abe if Lani was fixated on Shawn and Abe had to deal with a daughter who was nothing like him. Instead JJ ended up getting stuck with her and now Eli.
  3. While you have a point there I liked it because at the time I thought the reveal was really good(way better than the Gwen stuff) I never understood why they didn't bring Bill back to be a Horton Patriarch(especially after Mickey died) then again he's a Horton male and the show doesn't like them much. They could've delved more into Bill/Jennifer/Lucas/Kate/Laura. I say Lucas/Jennifer had some relationship even to a lesser extent Lucas/JJ(although they abandoned it for Daniel/JJ) however both of those could've been a lot better tbh.
  4. I agree there are no stakes to these sort of stories anymore which is a shame because some of the best storylines Days ever did came out of this. Bo being Victor's son, Lucas being Bill's son, Mike being Bill's son. I even liked Brandon being Abe's This won't make much of an impact like so many others in recent years.
  5. I think it was Tamara who just made up she ever had Abe's kid. I mean we never saw a blood test just Lani showing up claiming to be Abe's kid and believed it. I will say this makes Tamara not look nearly as awful for keeping Lani from Abe all these years if this turns out to be true. I get why Celeste kept Lexie from Stefano but Abe is like the best man in Salem history makes zero sense to keep this from him especially since he wasn't married etc. I even get why Faye kept Brandon from Abe given her circumstances. However Jumping the Broom did this plot a lot better... I fee
  6. In the audience? Yeah a lot of us don't however on the show that's now how they present it. Characters like Julie and Abby who don't sympathize with her tend to be hand waived when they bring it up with she's "Jack's daughter" as the justification to liking her well so is Abby. Steve seems to not get this treatment but again he was a drive by its not as if he's going to play a major role in disliking Gwen. Jennifer has been taken out of this storyline because we know she normally would take Abby's side over Gwen's based on past history. So now we see her agreeing with Jack when otherwise we k
  7. In this case it would be warranted considering the circumstances. Then again Nicole can bring up Eric killed Holly's father drunk and she forgave him that should've destroyed them more than her sleeping with Xander. I don't care for Lumi as a couple either they work as co-parents/schemers/friends nothing more. I never bought Sami wanting Lucas the way she has wanted other men on this show. He was the fall back guy and he's willing to play that role. I want more for him sadly he and the show clearly don't.
  8. I meant in that she's an actual villain and treated as such. Gwen they want us to sympathize with her and completely neuter the drama in the process. Jan being a pop up villain helps if she was a regular I'd feel differently because she'd be like Kristen right now and hard pass.
  9. Same I'm glad she's far far away but her lack of reaction to Brady/Kristen is unrealistic.
  10. Nicole sleeps with Xander but Gabi/Jake make love (even though we know there's no "love" between them in their scenes tbh) That's funny to me. I'm not much of an Ericole fan but I don't get why they didn't 1) Recast Eric 2) Kill him off(at least sleeping with Xander afterwards is slightly more believable) However if they wanted Nicole to stray EJ/Nicole having a revisit makes way more sense since they have past history. That being said while this makes Nicole look terrible at least this has drama because the alternative apparently is a stuffed bear and Rafe.
  11. Chanel's intro is similar to Theresa's (although Theresa was straight and not fluid like Chanel). However unlike Theresa I actually like Chanel. I think it helps that we see how Paulina focused more on her career than Chanel and spoiled her. With Theresa we never saw how she got to be so unpleasant in the first place. I think this is why I preferred Eve over her I got how Eve turned out the way she did. I don't get that with Theresa who was just a bitch for no reason to everyone around her when she first showed up... Hopefully they won't defang her and stick her with a kid too soon l
  12. Actually Xander never raped her(in fact they never had sexual relations of any kind). I mean he tried to get her to sleep with him Nicole refused and that was the end of it. I do agree they style her terribly. I think the last time I enjoyed her style was when she was married to EJ(both times) and before that was when she was with JA's Eric in the 90s.
  13. When she was conceived and then born only to be sold to the black market. Since Sami uses Jarlena's affair to justify every terrible thing she's done its expected she would hate the result of that affair(Belle). However beyond that she actually hated Carrie more between the two go figure. However since Ron wants to rip off the JER years he wants to act that Sami has this burning hatred of Belle when that wasn't really the case. This show is night and day when Jarlena and family are the focus vs everything else(the Gwen storyline mostly). Of course it means Ron only cares about this
  14. I admittedly don't care for Sami but she's one of the few watchable things about this show at this point. I rather watch her than a lot of the other storylines.
  15. In retrospect they should've brought BB back as Stefan instead of Jake. At least it would've meant something and they wouldn't have to rip off the Stefan/Gabi dynamic and make it into Jake/Gabi. I mean he wouldn't be the first rapist to have a pairing after the fact on this show and you have Ben after him anyone else isn't worse to me. Sorry.
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