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  1. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2019/12/general-hospitals-anthony-montgomery.html
  2. Colorado but yes he was brought back around college age when Jensen Ackles played him he was a photographer who fell in love with Nicole who later dumped him for $5 million to marry Lucas(Kate also lorded her past over her head). I wasn't overly fond of Eric during the Rome thing either but at least his anger was equally balanced at the time.
  3. The best part was the reveal where Ned threw Katherine a party and Lois jumped out of the cake and revealed she was married to Ned etc(that part was surprising to Ned and Katherine). Back when GH was good and I missed the days when good characters like Lois could be fun, decent and interesting. She wasn't a pushover... sure she cried and hated Ned and Brenda(her BFF who knew about all of this) for betraying her but she also was proactive and made Ned work for it in winning her back. Now GH is all about Sonny/Carly/Jason and godawful. Nice characters like that don't exist on soaps because they're too boring to write for.... its all about the villain or the reformed villain who we're supposed to understand and sympathize with despite them being a murderer/rapist/sociopath. Then these soaps wonder why people don't tune in like they used to..
  4. I think he and Nicole were engaged at the time and he was leaving the priesthood(although tbh he probably should've stuck with being a priest)
  5. Eventually he got past it Sami well into adulthood after being married and having kids of her own still blamed Marlena .... and I don't particularly care for Marlena either. Seems?! He IS an afterthought which is why he should've always been the black sheep of the Hortons. However he's a Horton so that's never going to happen at least as a long term thing. When they had the character stop embracing his dark side it went downhill ever since.
  6. I think most of use knew this would be the case.. I mean I get why they did it what does the show have to lose at this point they're facing cancellation every year. However this doesn't work on a soap that airs 5 days a week and with writers who don't pay attention to details that would make something like this work. Its "Oh (insert TJ storyline) happened because I said so "but very little is shown etc to get to that point. I still don't think this is real though sure Ron said it wasn't a dream but what if its a hallucination? JJ saying he thought he was hallucinating when Lani said she was a nun made me wonder what the out is here... Regardless Days has until Sept 2021 at least. Nobody has gotten away with as much as Kate has... there's really nothing likeable or redeemable about her to me at least. She should've been written off the show ages ago. I mean she has none of her kids on the show to justify her existence at this point(yeah I know Will is her grandson).
  7. No Theresa is quite beloved by a lot of people I'm one of the select few that despises her.
  8. Yet people love Sami who pretty much blames every bad decision she makes on what Marlena did.. except me though go figure... I do think Jennifer vs JJ would be good and benefit both characters tbh. I mean Days is broke they should write character driven stories instead of trying to recreate the JER years with their K-Mart budget. ... at least back then you could get lost in the glossiness not so much now. They are much cheaper and easy to write if you care.. they don't care either so there's that. However I think Hope/Ciara would've been much better off if they took my suggestion.... we wouldn't see Hope recreating the PG era badly and Ciara would have something going on with her instead of being all about her SK bae. Doug/Julie would be there for both sides of the drama and circle back to how Julie had to deal with Hope as a teen. This is the type of story Julie should be in not her heart being booby trapped etc.
  9. It would be full circle from JJ's comment about how she's too old...😂 I do prefer Charlotte Ross's version of Eve but sadly I don't see her ever coming back. (This is all in jest I know it won't happen but as hard as it is to believe their affair was one of their better pairings/storylines for both characters who would've guessed?) That really was beyond contrived and Theresa ended up being a golddigger.. I mean I would get it if Shane cut her off for being a drug user but that wasn't established either. Then again this is the same show that had Shane sit back and let Theresa be a sex slave... Even offscreen this show ruined Shane/Kim in a lot of ways.
  10. I didn't like her comparing Xander to Mickey its not the same at all. Mickey was a kind and decent man who didn't deliberately keep a kid from her father. Neil was literally a sperm donor. I like Xander but there's no need to whitewash him either its why I prefer him to Ben but at this rate its well on its way.
  11. You know assuming JJ doesn't get killed off I wouldn't mind JJ/Eve leaving town together... although I doubt that would happen but it has potential to be a soapy story especially if they were to return together one day and Eve can call Jennifer "Mom" 😏
  12. Well Kayla did tell Lucas and Will she was pretty much dead and not going to recover plus she was willing to give her heart away to Julie. Kate threatened to sue her etc. It would've been great if this was really about about Phillip/Stephanie (or even Tyler/Pocket) but I don't think I'll ever get that pairing again. Yes and Paige died shortly after see didn't last. Although had they recasted Paige and kept her she could've gone dark because of the whole thing kind of like Liza did on AMC with Tad/Marian(although she was already at that point more or less). Theresa didn't care for Kim either but they never delved into why. However you have a point the show focuses on the kids hating their dad sometimes its warranted and I don't mind it but I like a balance here. Yeah I know too much to ask.
  13. For some reason this show doesn't want the kids to hate their mother for a long period of time the only one that seems to be allowed to do that was Sami with Marlena. JJ hating Jennifer should've lasted a lot longer beyond him hating her moving onto Daniel. They could've delved into her favoring Abby over him etc, pushing him away because he reminds her too much of Jack... there were a lot of things they could've done with this. It would've made the JJ/Eve affair a lot better too. Instead they reformed him too quickly and he's been lost ever since..... Ciara could've easily returned to town in a similar storyline resenting Hope for leaving her behind after Bo died with Shawn/Belle, marrying Aiden which brought Chase into their lives and her rape etc. Instead they didn't bother doing any of that and had her hating Claire for no real reason when she returned and then she got with Ben and went downhill ever since... Lucas hated Kate for a bit but of course that didn't last because well Kate skates no matter what. A lot of storyline potential was lost there's a reason why Sami/Marlena's relationship was so memorable in comparison because the resentment was real and drove story for years...
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