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  1. Oh Jeneric were a "we don't know what to do with these characters so lets throw them together" relationship above all else. However despite their issues they weren't as depressing to watch as Gabi/Chad/Abby, Brady's revolving bedmates, etc.
  2. I think because of this Days will be even more insistent on keeping this type of tape to air delay and will spend months trying to catch up.
  3. Were Eric/Sarah engaged? If they were I must've missed it. However yes I do think that Jeneric were better written than Jayla were go figure even though they weren't that great a couple at least their relationship wasn't depressing to watch compared to most of the show. Heck Eric didn't cry as much and smiled a lot more. That being said I did like their friendship and wish the show kept that.
  4. Then they would have to fire a lot of others in this cast for being conservative because she's not the only one.. Putting that aside yes Days looks like geniuses for taping so far in advance that when they return to production they will do what it takes to make up for the time lost they didn't tape episodes to get back to this production schedule. I also see other soaps adopting this format too because I really doubt B&B and Y&R want to pay residuals to a lot of these actors especially to estates of some of these actors.
  5. Yes I think if those two were no longer around the show may not survive but at the same time not sure what they can do with them either. Its possible they may have decided the show is going to end after this if so I could see the vets returning remotely for one last appearance.
  6. Well not surprising I mean Eric/Nicole have been apart more than they've been together so there really wasn't someone who was cheering them along the way to be together. The last time Gabi wasn't a schemer was when JJ tried to take his own life and she was dating Eli the first time.
  7. I do think Sydney/Johnny are Sami's favorites and that was before Ron. Allie being resentful over that because she's Lucas's and not EJ's makes a lot of sense a shame that isn't part of the drama although that could change. As for Allie's baby daddy I think it would be funny if it were Tripp or Theo who knocked her up. Claire will have a new target if that's the case. It would make sense for Sydney to be closer to Nicole at one point Sydney thought Nicole was her mom and Nicole loved EJ's kids as her own.
  8. I think this will be their first and last wedding because 1. I don't see Days lasting that much longer 2. There's nobody else to pair either of them with at this point.
  9. I could see Matt/Missy both being out but not because of this(just a salacious headline above all else) but moreseo their age and need for $$$ for the protocols, not much else to do with Jack/Jennifer at this point either beyond holding Abby's hand. I could see most of the vets being gone tbh and the show filled with younger people with the oldest person at this point being in their 40s
  10. She's right about Kristen although I prefer her as Kristen compared to Ashley. I mean I don't mind her Ashley but after watching old episodes of Y&R they've been featuring. Brenda Epperson was a decent recast and in a lot of ways I preferred her in the romantic relationships because she was better at playing a strong heroine and showed more warmth. I think ED's Ashley was better as a standalone character. Sydney coming into town and befriending Nicole is a better source of drama for Sami/Nicole than Allie IMO.
  11. I saw Olivia Rose Keegan(Claire) on an old episode of Modern Family. The funny thing is I remember watching this episode but not the fact she was in it until I saw it again tonight. She played this girl Simone that Luke asked out via Facebook and they met at a pizza place but their parents are the ones who were talking to each other to set up the date. She looked about 13/14 here.
  12. I prefer Sami/Nicole as enemies too but I need their issues to be a lot better than a pregnant college graduate who isn't smart enough to hide somewhere where most of her relatives live.
  13. Honestly this whole week just tells me that I was right that Ericole was never an OTP on this show not like Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer, Doug/Julie etc are. Its just that there's nobody else for Nicole( except Brady but they seem pretty big on them just being friends) and well nobody seems to accept Eric with someone other than Nicole which I find unfortunate as I always thought Nicole should really be threatened by another woman and fight for Eric and outside of trying to break up him and Greta back in the day she never did anything. The show sees it too otherwise they wouldn't be taking a backseat to a couple that hasn't been together for over a year. With other couples there are memorable parts of their relationship. Bo/Hope had Bo kidnapping Hope on her wedding day, Jack did something similar as she was about to marry Emilio and a firetruck was involved, Doug used to serenade Julie that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. However I don't recall any signature moment between Eric/Nicole as a couple and any memorable thing about them was usually bad her dumping him for Lucas and $5 million, him driving drunk and killing Daniel etc, him thinking Nicole raped him. Their epic love was always more of revisionist history than anything else however considering that they aren't crying 24/7 and there are far more annoying couples on this show at the moment its easier to take.
  14. According to Bill and Susan's book(Doug and Julie) the budget in the 70s wasn't great but they had character driven stories back then which got people to tune in. Soaps could always do that you don't need a ton of $$$ either. I agree the dialogue isn't that different but the characters back then weren't one dimensional and the writing was more nuanced not so much today.
  15. I actually think Ericole will be together till the end only because I don't see Days lasting that much longer. However yes I prefer they aren't together. Nicole needs a far edgier guy and Eric needs a woman with spice who puts him first.. I believe she's the love of his life but he's not the love of hers.
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