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  1. Why do people assume Jason Brooks actually wants to return? I liked Peter so I had no issue with him unlike most J&J fans(and it was easier to accept since Jack wasn't played by MA at the time) however he wasn't that memorable a character tbh. Kristen was the superior Blake sibling. I'm fine with the show ignoring the Peter years and its rather easy to do so considering by the end J&J were played by other people so it felt like I was watching something else.
  2. At this point it doesn't really matter whether its a recast role or not the writing is terrible for all characters I don't think any actor would make a difference tbh. However at least with a familiar face it gives the show more of an identity/comfort level.
  3. I agree that PT doesn't play an effective romantic lead. I think Xander/Sarah have chemistry but not one that I think makes a supercouple at least where I find their relationship memorable. I mean some of it is the writing too(a lot of it tbh). Xander works best as a fun villain who pops in and out of Salem but beyond that no real depth to him. Not every character needs to be reformed or stick around. He's easier to take than Ben and Kristen because he's still treated as a pariah on some level and I don't see Nicole etc wanting him around.
  4. So far I don't hate the idea of Phillip/Ava working together. I'm sure that will change soon.
  5. On GH, Elizabeth was a bad girl before she was raped as well but they retconned who raped her. At one point they were going to have it be Tony(but it wasn't) so they just had a Who Done it and turned out to be Brenda's photographer Tom. I personally wish they just never had Elizabeth find out who her attacker was in a way I think that would've been more powerful she would have to deal with what happened despite not having that closure.
  6. There was never a hint at the time Steve/Kayla were at the height of their popularity. I also think the show didn't expect Jack to be popular afterwards after they had him and Jennifer interact. Course back then things were different as characters committing rape and being amongst everyone else with fans accepting it was commonplace(but it didn't happen overnight either). I mean Luke/Laura wouldn't have happened today but back then it was acceptable.
  7. Yes Poor Doug/Julie I mean I'm glad to see a spoiler about them together but not over this.
  8. I like EJ too and wouldn't be opposed to him returning but he'll only be allowed to be with Sami and honestly hard pass(I preferred EJ with anyone but Sami). I agree he's not much worse than what we have as current romantic leads. Hope didn't kill anyone she tried to as Nighttime Hope. Which reminds me of how I wish the show kept Dr. Baker I'd go for him and Hope a shame John Callahan passed away earlier this year.
  9. Should throw in JJ/Casey because he's in the same boat as they are. I could see this and honestly would prefer it not because I want Jack neutered but because I don't buy Gwen being Abby's younger sister(older sure) and Salem could be a bit less incestuous.
  10. Monday was her last appearance.
  11. Actually that's not how JJ found out. He found out because he tricked Adrienne into telling him. He got suspicious of Kayla when she told him Jack wasn't perfect he wanted more info. Apparently Jennifer had a transcript of her rape trial lying around where Jack confessed about what he did to Kayla. That's what confirmed it for him. Then he was arrested and went on a rant about everyone lying to him about it. JJ started off with so much potential back then a mini Jack then it just went downhill when they tamed him by then they changed writers. Tomlin was the only one I thought would've made him a much better character than he was.
  12. The current Melinda is Tina Huang, Laura Kai Chen was the previous Trask.
  13. I am too now that Hope is gone.. either the stories are repulsive or meh. At least in the past with bad stories the characters seemed like people and they had better production values. Neither exist in today's version of the show. I'll probably stick around these parts because its more entertaining than the show.
  14. Of course not. However given the current state of the show this is a blessing in disguise. I wish Casey Moss could find a better gig though. This is why I'm glad KA didn't film an exit storyline she would've exalted Ben's virtues.. and hard pass.
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