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  1. He released a deadly virus in Salem that almost killed Bo and did kill Emmy(Shawn D's nanny and Bo's brief love interest before Carly). He also killed Steve(which was rewritten to be Stefano) Rather ironic given current circumstances.... However he was tamer compared to the other villains on the show.
  2. That's cool you knew Darlene she was also on GH way back when as Trixie an old hooker pal of Ruby's. I don't hate Justin/Kayla in fact I like them more than I thought I would because on GH they didn't really do much for me. I think intellectually Justin/Kayla fit more than her and Steve at this point but her and Steve still have that spark but no real story or reason for them to be together beyond their shared past. I think the problem with the current version of Stayla is that Kayla evolved but Steve is stuck in the 80s and they didn't evolve as a couple like Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer and so many others,
  3. I also loved them Michael Sabatino was my first soap crush. Bo/Carly didn't do anything for me (although PR's Bo and Carly actually had chemistry her and RKK's version was not good). Lawrence is my all time fave Days character. However I'm actually glad he's dead because I shudder to think how he'd be written if he were alive today. At least Lawrence left still being competent(sans 2009 return) while Lawrence did terrible things I don't think in his right mind he would harm Katerina. I think it should've been Jennifer that killed him though not Carly.
  4. They're token black characters these past few months are the best this is going to get for them story/airtime wise. I'm just glad JJ is no longer involved in this mess... I guess this show forgot about Carly(and in this case I'm glad as I hated the Carly/Melanie twist) Yes I believe Eli/Sheila didn't have any adult fun. Not every straight male/female wants to bang plus they didn't have any chemistry for me to think that could happen. Had Sheila/Brandon lived together I would've felt differently. Instead of teasing Abe/Sheila they should've brought Brandon back that would've bothered Abe and Lani.
  5. That's too character driven and grounded for this show they rather have Marlena be a damsel in distress and Sami tormenting Carrie and her being an eternal victim rather than a potentially complex heroine. Sure those had some good stories but your scenario would've been so much better.
  6. She was a lot like this actually but back then more grounded and darker. She's more comic relief at this point. She and Calliope her BFF were a fun and wacky friendship.
  7. While Nicole has been bad and done some terrible things how often does she win though? I mean Daniel was killed by a drunk driver(who she's now engaged to), she also lost two kids, most people don't think that highly of her except maybe Abe. I never found her far gone as Ben (a serial killer with no real remorse for what he did) or Kristen(enough said) she was at least grounded in reality and as I've said doesn't always win if anything its the opposite so her being liked makes way more sense to me than Ben, Kristen etc.
  8. That would require having a good writer and well that ship has sailed. Unfortunately it took John Callahan's passing to make me realize how much better this would've all been had the show brought back Dr. Baker for this storyline arc given his role in Sydnapping. We could've had some fun moments with him comparing Nicole going full circle here. Plus I would've gone for him and Hope this time around.
  9. What if the "twist" is that Rex/Sarah's kid exists after all I found it strange they acted like Rex couldn't possibly have fathered her kid when she slept with him and Eric around the same time.
  10. I'm glad that Nicole is telling Eric the truth and Eric doesn't seem to be mad at her. Shows growth(probably short lived but I guess I'll take what I can get)
  11. I think that ship has sailed as another person pointed out it will never be a good soap again and given the long tape to air delay along with what's currently going on what would be the point. If anything they probably might've been better off not being renewed to begin with.
  12. Both men were also involved with Brooke on AMC in some capacity as well too and Nicole on Days.
  13. That's what they'll do no way will they air better classic episodes from yesteryear they can't afford them. Its why the other soaps air episodes from a few months ago over certain holidays instead of the classic episodes from yesteryear....
  14. Sonny at the K mansion the only reliable parent she has.
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