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  1. Nicole didn't carry Holly, Chloe did.
  2. Liam and I don't think they even dated either. That being said Days doesn't care for sane characters as far as frontburning characters.
  3. I wish he was a different character to begin with instead of a Stefan recast.
  4. Some speculate she kills Stefan via gunshot and Julie gets Stefan's heart. Course I get the distinct feeling if this happens it will end up being negated by the rumored return of BB's Stefan next Spring.
  5. It really is choosing which method of death you prefer... the end result sucks either way. I rather characters I like not get airtime at this point(if they aren't already out the door that is)
  6. Except Nicole has a child with someone who isn't Eric if Holly were Eric's that would make more sense but she's Daniel's. Now if Nicole were childless I agree she would go back to her old tricks here.
  7. https://michaelfairmantv.com/one-life-to-live-alum-tuc-watkins-joins-cast-of-showtimes-black-monday/2019/09/19/
  8. I agree it is gross but Corday is letting it happen and we know he can kill storylines he doesn't like if he really wanted to was my point. We're stuck with Ron till the bitter end of this show I'm afraid. I mean for those who like him great for me? Not so much and I want characters I like to exit stage left with the quickness because its only going to get worse.
  9. Corday is signing off on this plus this has been done before with Theresa(and Ron wasn't writing for the show back then....) I'd be surprised if this is the story that would get him fired but not the immigration one or DID.
  10. I get it YMMV I find it much easier to accept with EM's Brady because he's much older looking so he and ED didn't look bad together(to me at least) Had this been KL's version? No way.
  11. Sunset Beach at least had other plots that balanced out some of the crazier ones. like Ben/Meg, Greg/Olivia/Cole/Caitlin etc so I found that one easier to ignore. Days is just crazy all across the board except for the characters we barely see(Abe, Kayla etc)
  12. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2019/09/daniel-cosgrove-lands-new-primetime-gig.html
  13. I agree I think Bristen worked to a point with EM/ED's version but its well past its expiration date now.
  14. I don't know if this qualifies as a spoiler but
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