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  1. I actually would like this although I don't get why Jack never attempted to meddle in Abby or JJ's lives like he's doing with Gwen but I digress. Then again Jennifer would never allow it either.
  2. Well I guess there's Tripp although the show tends to forget it most of the time. However yes one would think this show would use the opportunity to bring back Craig(who used to be COS) or have his other daughter be an aspiring doctor herself. Or Mike Horton who was also a doctor and a legacy character.
  3. Kayla and Jennifer have also lived there(at different times)
  4. While I think Reilly did long term damage to this show (which we're still suffering through). I think he was still a better writer than Ron sure he had a better budget to work with but he could write a payoff to a storyline. I don't get that with Ron at all because either its resolved in a day or the drama is entirely neutered out of the storyline. He also had a better handle on romance and family drama as well. Reilly was the opposite in that regard.
  5. My favorite part of the episode was Julie/Kayla's convo about Doug how Julie wants more time with Doug and the parallel of Kayla having to deal with Caroline's illness. It was one of those rare moments of the show where it didn't seem campy or cartoonish like everything else on this show. It was nice that Kayla had a POV on something that didn't involve a character I hate.
  6. Yeah I mean Billie sent her corpse to Hope and well that whole thing was negated with Chelsea's resurrection. I find it funny that she wasn't brought up in the Digital Series since Billie ran into Cin.
  7. Well he didn't start out that way he was the nerdy guy involved with Chelsea but had a fling with Billie(he didn't know she was Chelsea's mom). Then he became fixated on Melanie who the show forced upon the audience. Anyways he was also raped in prison I believe which would wreck anyone.
  8. I don't mind the idea of recreating this picture in general but this is all rather forced because they seem to push this pairing and not the others on this show. I mean Elani could've had something similar or pander to one of the AA publications(I don't know if they still exist but maybe a digital version) to promote them as they also have a fanbase of their own and been a pairing for way longer. That being said mainstream press is good for the show and it appears to be positive even if I have no use for this pairing.
  9. Yes Kristen was around for Billie's miscarriage but not for the Nick affair. Yes its Gabi's Nick before he was ruined for stalking Melanie.
  10. At the very least I'm curious how this will be done with their current budget...
  11. Anna isn't that stupid well the one I grew up watching however like a lot of 80s characters who were great and nuanced once upon a time they are caricatures of their former selves. I still like Anna but I hate how they don't have her more grounded because to me she was always that despite the messes/shady stuff she got herself into. Yes I'm glad the show remembered Drew however I never understood why Shane/Kim named their son after him then again this show had Roman name one of his kids after his uncle Eric who we later learned molested Kim.
  12. They could've timed this a lot better. Chad wasn't needed in Salem and instead of Elani arresting Bonnie it could've been Shawn(who would've been a better choice since Bonnie was his MIL).
  13. I think when she married him she only wanted him but that was short lived after EJ came along after that I couldn't really buy her wanting Lucas over him. I say this as someone that doesn't even like Ejami at all.
  14. There's always a "safe choice" doesn't necessarily mean she wants him for the long haul. She has always been passionate about other men way more than Lucas to me(Austin and EJ come to mind). Plus they were friends first above all else. I think Lucas/Sami work as friends/parents but never anything more its totally one sided and Lucas always suffers for it. I wish the show let Lucas be with someone that actually wants him and only him. They had that in Sheryl but they got rid of her.
  15. I disagree about now caring there are many who had issue with Jack still being on the show and given a love interest/family after he raped the show's beloved heroine at the time in Kayla Brady. However Kayla was allowed to not be comfortable with Jack and nobody told her she was wrong for it. I never got past Andre being an SK and then people acting as if it was no big deal. I didn't like Stefano being like everyone else when they brought him to live in Salem. I don't like Kristen being like everyone else and rewarded with having her rape victim's baby. Ben is an issue now becau
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