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S01.E09: Umbilical

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Is there some weird moral high ground? An imposter was definitively identified as an enemy combatant so there is no treason / mutiny dilemma. Yet, instead of solving the problem with a bullet or decapitation, he is left injured but alive...wtf?

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4 hours ago, Tachi Rocinante said:

Is Hunter the orphan?

Father will end up looking like Bishop at the end of Aliens...lose body parts every episode until only his head remains...

Hunter will take care of Father, if only to save himself from Campion

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12 hours ago, FishyJoe said:

So android/necromancer blood is like instant steroids for humans? 

Mother also had some of the Creepy Creature blood, True Mithras Believer blood and Weird Baby blood in there.

Did they every explain what the android power source is? 

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On 9/24/2020 at 1:52 PM, Tachi Rocinante said:

 Is Hunter the orphan?

At this point I think the mouse is the orphan.  :)

There's 5 people left on Team Mithraic, and Marcus/Caleb kills one because he fell asleep -- if you kill all your followers you got nothing.  So it's about time someone beat the crap out of Marcus/Caleb.

5 hours ago, paigow said:

Why are holopods equipped with super batteries / back up data archive systems that survive crashes, fires etc..? 

The Mithraics got next business day on-site Applecare for the holopods.  :)

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57 minutes ago, paigow said:

Why are holopods equipped with super batteries / back up data archive systems that survive crashes, fires etc..? 

Or why are they living like cavemen when the crashed ship must be loaded with things they can use? 

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54 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

The Mithraics got next business day on-site Applecare for the holopods.  :)

Apple Tech: Sorry, I just fix things. Call UberMusk if you want to get off this planet.

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So since the show is all about the human-android hybrid model, just what are we supposed to make of Marcus being forced fed Mother's murder eyes after finally getting a richly deserved beatdown, only to be leaking milky android special sauce at the end? What are we down to now, three Mithraic soldiers and about an equal number of tedious clerics? Quite a civilization you got there, guys.

I found myself liking the Mother-Sue 2.0 bonding more than I expected to once I made up my mind to just go with it, even if I did initially think Sue seemed awfully willing to gloss over Mother liquifying most of the inhabitants of the ark and stealing the kids and later trying to kill everybody again until I remembered that Sue never believed in any of the ark/Sol stuff and considered it means of conveyance off the doomed earth. She didn't have any attachment at all to any of those people, so why not team up with a pregnant murder bot so they can play mommy together far away from her dickish husband? I guess good riddance to the bucket head rapist. As gross as he was, he was at least smart enough to realize he didn't need his entire minder bot, just his head in a backpack. I must have missed though why they couldn't redrain him after his head exploded.

Happy to see rebooted Father again. There's obviously a larger comment there that Mithraic childrearing appears to be so coldly distant and impersonal that even an annoying little prick like Hunter bonded with him enough to choose him over his own people.

Nice that the androids' full body condom onesie uniform can easily stretch to accommodate a chance human-android pregnancy.

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Father's back! And he's got jokes again.

Marcus is straight up bonkers. He probably never counted on Sol driving him insane when he started pretending he was a believer.

So Mother gets special dispensation now because she's convinced them all that she's carrying an actual baby? AFAIC she's as loony as Marcus.

"When people can't believe their luck they have to make up a god to thank for it." Sue's a hardcore atheist alright.

Poor Paul. His heart is going to be broken into a million little pieces when he finds out so much of his young life has been lies and not blessings from Sol.

Oy, if Marcus survives being fed the Necromancer eyes the remaining cult members are never going hear the end of it. But at least they recognized that Marcus was no longer of Sol's grace. Too bad they didn't get brave soon enough to save their compatriot who nutbag Marcus killed as a sacrificial offering.

My favorite comment from reddit:


On todays episode: Who's the craziest?

A: The man hearing voices and killing people for it

B: The machine thinking it is pregnant

C. The woman feeding her own blood into a machine thinking it is pregnant

Yep, that about sums it up for me. Wonder if this show will be able to keep up the stratospheric level of WTFery in the second season?

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