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  1. Seems like the easiest way to determine if there are whisperers would be to fire a volley of arrows. How many whisperers are going to just keep walking when they see sharp pointy objects flying in their direction? Of course if they had guns, it would make it all that much easier.
  2. What happed to the bullet factory? It seems like as time goes on, the more backwards their society becomes. It's like reverse evolution. Are they going to wind up living in caves and using stone knives?
  3. That left me really confused. I'm going to need one of those explanation videos on Youtube.
  4. The crazy thing is that the kids seemed to have the smartest living habitat in the history of the show.
  5. Why are they more concerned about painting trees and leaving boxes of free stuff than defending themselves? They risk their lives clearing this new place. Then after losing their refinery, they do the exact same thing and leave the place practically defenseless. Not only that, they leave their swat van to be used against them. These people are so stupid they don't deserve to be on their own.
  6. This is worse that Negan and Lucille. These people laid over without a fight. Even the French would be ashamed to surrender so easily. Their oil refinery was taken, and they didn't even seem to consider that their stupid town would be taken. These people don't deserve to survive.
  7. Or why they are marking their travels. It wasn't bad enough they were leaving videos for bad guys to watch. Now they are leaving a trail of paintcrumbs for the bad guys to follow. Might as well paint a map showing where they are going next.
  8. It's like they completely abandoned Luciana. It's like oh well, she made the decision, forget about her being a slave. We got more important things to do, like make endless videos.
  9. So these people steal the oil refinery and kidnap one of your people. And their only response is to avoid them? What more do they need to fight? Do they need to take the children and make them sex slaves?
  10. It's the saviors all over again. The only thing missing was the female Negan carrying Lucille. At least she doesn't seem to talk as much and they aren't whistling. And that refinery sucked. They would have ruined engines refining fuel that way. Even the Road Warrior people used a real refinery.
  11. Please don't tell me we have a female Negan and saviors all over again. I feel like screaming.
  12. What kind of crappy bank has a manager that gives out the combination to their girlfriends and has a vault that can be opened with a semi truck?
  13. Alicia has become insufferable. Really, I want her to die now. She was perfectly willing to let people die because of her stupid feelings. Oh the pretty trees blah blah blah. And she even has strand using that ridiculous pipe, the worst weapon ever. And Logan has to be the dumbest, weakest villain in the history of the show. Oh I'm going to block this road until you tell me where the oil is. Even though I have enough guns and people to smoke your whole village, I'm going to block the road. Even though I could just send one of my lackeys into your camp as a mole and find out, I'm going to block the road. The only thing he forgot was a whistle and some traffic cones.
  14. Seriously, there are hundreds of oil rigs in Texas. It's not a secret where they are. There are public records of them all over, not to mention you can see a lot of them just driving around. It's refining the oil that would be tricky. You can blow stuff up pretty easy if you don't know what you're doing. And refineries are definitely not in secret locations.
  15. Even the military doesn't have land mines, they are illegal. Maybe the guy had his own bomb making factory? On the prepper scale of 1-10, land mines would be an 11. So this guy is smart enough to build mines, but not smart enough to make their location? The more I think about it, this guy was probably holding his family hostage.
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