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The Media Thread: Spreading The Word

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Corey Cott deleted almost all of his Instagram posts. It's so weird because he never posted anything that could get him into trouble. I don't know if he did this to head off any extra scrutiny he might get or if he just wanted a fresh start.

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eh, not shocked. they should have pushed the camp more, maybe it would have done better.

I switched over to the original version a while ago and am actually enjoying that more; it's very different (for one, there is no evangelical angle). haven't finished it yet, I think they canned that one after only a couple seasons too. 😕

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I was sad to hear about the cancellation.  Although I have been enjoying this, I can see how the story could be confusing and maybe lead to some not to watch.  They seem to jump around abit.  Oh well-I am more surprised when something I enjoy actually gets renewed...

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