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S01.E06: Last Day - The Dark

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With a battle for power brewing, Helen comes face to face with what she's been searching for since arriving on the island. When the sisters are separated, Tallulah witnesses a gruesome act of violence, and Ellie learns of their mother's hidden agenda. As tensions reach a fever pitch for all those on Osea Island, Helen and her girls make a desperate final attempt to escape.

Airdate 10.19.2020

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WTF?  That was awful.  What kind of ending was that?  

And everyone saying the island is special?  Yeah, creepy men running around killing and maiming.  Psychotic woman declared herself leader.  Real special. 

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Well that was too sad and totally f'ed up. Glad the wife and kids got away I was surprised all she wanted was the money. Guess she knew her hubby was a nut job. She should have left the girls at home-too many horrible things for them to see. So crazy mama is the leader now? Why didn't the "Father" do something to stop the killing? They did a good job of making Jude look like shit. Very strange show.

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Leaving the girls behind everywhere stressed me out big time. Even at the end with the boat, have them stand closer or hide by the cars or something. I was glad they made it out though as everyone on the island was bat shit crazy. 

This show was so weird, so I guess the crazy woman wasn’t visiting Osea so are we to assume she wanted to get pregnant on purpose and seduced Jude?

It must be cottage country or something right? That is why no one is in these homes that have supplies?

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That whole thing with her son not being her son, but then he knows the last thing she said to him. Then she sees her real son out on the sea. The whole thing made no sense at all.

Absolutely the only thing I liked about the show was the shots of the causeway.

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I actually did like a lot about this miniseries, but that ending was really, really lame. So the mom and the girls both just left, and the dad may or may not be crazy because the kid wasn't his son but knew something that possibly only the kids knew and...thats it? We dont even know what happened with them and crazy Jess and her coup and the rest of the islanders? Thats really it? Even for a show as trippy as this, clearly more driven by atmosphere than plot, this ending really fizzled out. 

Very strange show. The acting and the look were great and I think they did a good job at various times creating a creepy and unsettling feeling, but this ending was so abrupt I thought that I might have accidently fast forwarded or something and missed a few scenes. 

Neither of the parents will probably be winning any parent of the year awards, even with Helen almost sacrificing herself for her daughters. Sam is clearly a mess even before he fell into being a cult leader with a kid who may or may not be his son through magic or something, and Helen thought it was apparently a great idea to bring her young daughters to the creepy remote island where their dad disappeared instead of going herself and leaving them with a babysitter or a relative. Way to go guys.

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