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  1. The prominent placement of the Tesla in this episode also seemed like a callback to the first episode. Didn't Legarski pull over a guy from San Francisco in a Tesla and poke fun at him for being some California city slicker? Ronald seems like he was about the right age to have watched the Home Alone movies as a child so I wasn't surprised that he booby-trapped his house so well. I really liked the kid Erik and it was refreshing to actually see a smart kid a show like this rather than a dumb one who keeps making bad decisions.
  2. Maybe I missed something, but what exactly did Marsan do to the tattoo that said it would sting? They only showed it quickly at the end and I couldn’t tell what was done to it and she said something about going back to the tattoo parlor to have them fix it later? I was confused and wondered why he didn’t just go back to the tattoo parlor in the first place? This show is so much better this season. I am enjoying it so much more since Liv Tyler left.
  3. Was Masry always a lawyer or was this a retcon to keep her character on the show? Is lawyer to warden a common career trajectory? I was wondering how they’d keep this show going after he got out of prison but so far they are keeping it pretty topical with his wife as a nurse during COVID as well as bringing in the George Floyd protests. Although since this is obviously taking place at the beginning of the pandemic it is kind of funny how all the characters keep saying “I tested negative”. Tests were pretty hard to find then and I heard of people with symptoms who couldn’t get te
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on that. Why on earth was he calling his lawyer "stout" when that actress was not in any way stout? He also said that stout women have a hard time finding husbands which I found ironic since she seemed about the same size as his wife. Did the writers intend to cast a larger woman for that role?
  5. I was just watching this episode while I was on the elliptical and when i came upstairs Mr.Jadzia said “Wow, that show had you riled up.” Turns out he heard me yelling at the tv about why did the 16 year old victim have to go into her tormentor’s hospital room to identify him? Didn’t she ID him at the scene? Couldn’t she have just ID’d him from a photograph? And why did it take so long for them to come up with sketch? They mentioned getting the info from the girls during the last episode. It’s not like the artist added color or photoshop it for days. But I guess if they had that sketch ea
  6. Jadzia

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I did not see that end coming at all! Outside of the shock of that, afterwards I was thinking it didn't really make sense for the sheriff to be involved because isn't he the one who first alerted Cody that missing girls are a thing around those parts? I mean, Cody is a detective and likely would have found out eventually but why lead him to that so fast? Also, was that the best place to murder a guy in broad daylight? It's not like he can call Harvey Keitel to come clean it up. I was also surprised they mentioned the pandemic right in the first scene while they were seated in a cafe
  7. I liked a few episodes in this series but several of them were tedious and almost laughably bad. It seemed like a decent premise with a lot of interesting stories to share so some of the episodes seemed like a waste. I would have liked to have seen same-sex soulmates explored more. We did see in the show that some people were matched with the same sex, but what would happen if you were straight (or thought you were) and your soulmate is the same sex? (Or vice versa?) I think that would have been an interesting storyline. Also these people were all attractive. What happens if you had no a
  8. I can understand him not knowing the answer. I was just surprised he didn't consider just walking away without answering since he did not seem certain of his answer at all. He acted like he had to make a guess.
  9. I know we are supposed to be rooting for the little guys on this show, but that food truck guy was such a dummy. He acted like he had to pick one of those answers even though he clearly had no idea. And he obviously didn't even read the question much less understand it. I was screaming at him to pick Thelma & Louise and then he was like "But they didn't even have cell phones back then?" It said Polaroid right in the question! I also wondered why he can't run his food truck right now. The food trucks where I live are doing excellent business because they are outside and carry-out only
  10. Maybe the next twist is that Laurel not only survived, she changed her name to Yanny.
  11. That whole thing with her son not being her son, but then he knows the last thing she said to him. Then she sees her real son out on the sea. The whole thing made no sense at all. Absolutely the only thing I liked about the show was the shots of the causeway.
  12. Agreed - it's great to see black winners on any reality show actually. I may have missed it, but Caleb didn't say he loved Justine in his final speech, did he? That surprised me. I loved Laurel's dress the best. This is shallow, but I noticed Cely's skin got worse during the season. Was Johnny cheating on her causing her to break out? I can't believe I got so addicted to this show this season. I will miss it. I should start binge-watching the UK seasons.
  13. Maybe we she later met a new family who was nice to her, and that is her family now. Heh. I was also weirded out about her sister's pronunciation of her name. Do we need to owe James an apology now if even her own sister can't say it?
  14. There was some talk in the thread earlier about the women's bodies so I am going to make a shallow observation. I noticed that Moira always wears these weird high-waisted leggings and bikini bottoms. I am not sure if she is trying to cover up a gut or if they just have a weird effect of making her look like she has more of a gut than she really does. Something about the clothes she wears are really unflattering and remind me of "mom jeans".
  15. I didn't understand the big production of Johnny asking Cely to be his girlfriend, since if she wasn't his girlfriend before why all the drama about him cheating on her? New girl Julia reminds me of Imposters actress Inbar Lavi
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