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  1. I came here to say the same thing! I was excited that TAR filmed in Detroit but I was perplexed by all the Jack White stuff. He doesn't even live here anymore! I would have rather seen them go to the Motown museum.
  2. Jadzia

    The Good Fight

    She was calling Kurt, her husband (ex or just estranged?).
  3. Jadzia

    In The Dark

    I really loved that scene because I honestly never thought before about how a blind woman would know when her period started.
  4. Jadzia

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I was wondering if that was it for the season. My DVR always records extra episodes of this show so I'll probably delete it until it returns.
  5. Jadzia


    How is she just realizing she is poor now? I can't imagine she was rolling in money before with her childcare gig, which seemed part time at best.
  6. Jadzia

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    For real. I was laughing at the audacity of this guy being a germaphobe when he is walking around with a huge gaping open sore on his arm for who knows how long. He should have been wearing a mask so he couldn't smell the thing.
  7. Jadzia

    I Am the Night

    I kind of felt like she should've named the other girl Flora. Flora and Fauna, heh.
  8. I was really confused by that scene and ran it back several times and was still confused. Gates was really shocked that they used the term "slave" but the quoted passage included the word "NOT". It said something like "not as a slave but for a period of 6 years". So I was really confused why they were saying he was a slave.
  9. Jadzia

    Whiskey Cavalier

    This show was pretty fast-paced and I loved the beginning. But I felt like the ending was rushed where suddenly they were all working together and setting up the series. Maybe I missed more set-up. Josh Hopkins looked rough in this. Didn't he always play the charismatic handsome guy? It took me a few scenes to even recognize him here. I saw that Scott Foley is a producer of this show, maybe he didn't want a guy to look more handsome than him? Speaking of Scott Foley, this show's pacing reminded me of Alias and that reminded me he was married to Jennifer Garner eons ago.
  10. I seem to recall Larry David was like 100% Ashkenazi Jewish because I remember him laughing about that.
  11. Jadzia


    I have been thinking the same thing! So tired of them repeating the whole story. This show also makes me appreciate the editing of Dr. Pimple Popper even more. I much prefer how that show shows one story at a time and then does the recap/followup for all 3 at the end. I hate how they skip around between the cases on Botched. I get interested in one story and want to see the surgery and then they introduce another one. I also am so tired of all the fame whores/plastic surgery addicts that get turned away. Its such filler.
  12. Pretty much every family I have researched as part of my family tree had a William at some point. It would have been more compelling if the name was more unusual. Which reminds of a personal anecdote - I was contacted last year by a DNA match that was somewhat close (in the 2nd cousin range). She told me that her grandfather was raised in an orphanage and they never knew much about his family background. She sent me a copy of his birth certificate that indicated he was "illegitimate" and his father's name was left blank. Because I have researched my family tree up and down as well as sideways, as soon as I saw the place and year on this birth certificate, I knew exactly how we were related. My grandfather had a loner brother named Walter who never married and even his obituary said he had no family. He lived in Lima, Ohio and was literally the only person in my family that ever lived there. This DNA match's grandfather was born in Lima, Ohio. And his name was Walter. I then verified all of our shared matches with the right lines of the family. So my grandfather's brother had indeed impregnated a woman out of wedlock. I will never know if he knew he had a son or if it was just a one night stand, but the fact that she named her son Walter after him seemed significant. The cool thing is that opened up a whole new line of the family for me that I never knew existed. I'm now Facebook friends with my newfound cousin (technically we are 2nd cousins, once removed), which is pretty cool.
  13. Jadzia


    I thought that story was weird. Aren't you usually awake for liposuction? I would have been concerned they were doing the wrong procedure when they started to put you under.
  14. Jadzia

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    Most of the extra footage was disappointing because they basically replayed the footage -- that we just saw-- to recap their first visit then had one quick little scene of video that the poppee sent in as an update. There wasn't much news to report. The main thing is that the young girl who had the extra thing sticking out of her butt was able to get spinal surgery to permanently fix her issue since Dr. Lee was only able to give her a cosmetic improvement (and it started to come back.) Also the guy in Hawaii with the sideboob apparently got a marriage proposal on Facebook based on his appearance but he turned it down. I was hoping to get some sort of update on the man from the first episode that had the weird fluid in his back and needed surgery to fix the leak.
  15. Jadzia

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I was interested in the Ganglion cyst women because I had one about 15 years ago. I had mine removed by a surgeon. He told me that even with surgery, there is a still a 10% chance it can come back. Thankfully mine never returned, but I still have an ugly scar on the top side of my wrist. I jokingly refer to it as my "blond suicide attempt". The weird thing about the cyst is that it literally appeared overnight. I wonder why the nose guy did not follow directions about going off the blood thinners? I really don't like how they have the fake consultations with Dr. Lee's husband. He does not add anything helpful and it just undermines her authority and makes her look less sure of herself if she has to go run things by her husband.