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The Birds (1963)

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The movie we all remember even though much of it was through fingers covering our eyes. 

The linked article by Tom and Lorenzo talks in detail about Tippi Hendren's costume, how it changed through the show, and how Hitchcock  used the costume to hold the attention of the audience.

I was surprised to see, through their eyes, how I remembered every scene they chose to highlight and I have avoided rewatching the birds because I remember so much of it, not good memories, but memories none the less.

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When I saw The Birds in the single screen movie theater, I had never seen huge flocks of starlings.  Now they seem to be common in fall here in east Tennessee. 

If you've never seen what's called a murmuration of starlings (the noun also applies to masses of some fish moving), this link and the soundless video will show how horribly large the murmurations can be.  

When they are actively occupying our hay fields and yard and trees and woodland, the cats will not go out.  

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I saw The Birds when I was a small child, in the fall, just before the Starlings and other birds began congregating before migration.  I was terrified to walk home from school for weeks.  And even now, if there's an unusual (to me) congregation of birds, I'll say that I feel a little like Tippi Hedren.  And then run for cover.

(I do, however, take binoculars and go in search of birds on a regular basis.)

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