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  1. It was repeated because the episode had been preempted earlier. Which is weird since we're talking random re-airings but maybe it has something to do with the "business" side of "show".
  2. Yes. That too. Or she might have hit her head getting back in the boat after swimming and slipped into the water. Whatever happened, it's very sad. From what I'm reading it's a "recovery" mission now. Indeed.
  3. Sadly, many people don't wear their life jackets while enjoying a day on the water. My BIL, an avid boater, would refuse to start his engine until everyone had life jackets on, but his stance is probably the minority. During a cruise a few passengers tried hiding in their cabins to avoid the mandatory life boat drill. Having read A Night to Remember long before Cameron's Titanic, I was not one of them. The crew found them anyway.
  4. This is so sad and I don't expect a good ending. The same thing happened to a family I know a couple of years ago. Family and friends were swimming at the lake but one member didn't return with the rest. A search went on into the evening until the body was found. My thoughts with the Rivera family and friends during this time
  5. Really? Who said that? Tabloids? The woman in question - whose current friendship status we actually don't know - is not Meghan's BFF. Meghan's BFF is from her college days. Yes. Meghan is still has close friends from college. She has a close group of friends from her early acting days - Abigail Spencer being one. Meghan and Serena have been good friends since 2013 I believe. Meghan didn't grow up with her half siblings - they're much older than her and considering they called her mother "the maid" why should she keep in contact with them? Samantha and Tom Jr didn't give a damn about Meghan either until Harry came along. The only Markle's Meghan has ever mentioned being close to were her father, her late Markle grandmother, and Samantha's daughter, Ashleigh who minds her business. To this day nobody knows if Ashleigh was at the wedding or not. By the time of the wedding, Meghan's maternal and paternal grandparents were dead. Those suddenly complaining Markle cousins hadn't been in touch with her for ten or more years. That uncle sure could whine about "helping" Meghan get her internship but was silent about Meghan's contribution to take care of his mother. Doria wasn't close to her older half siblings so why would her daughter be? Doria's younger half sibling might have been or might not have been at the wedding. Again, we don't know. Meghan's closest friends were there, but the media ignored them even though the mother of two of the flower girls was in this group. Until it's claimed the majority of people keep close ties with everyone they ever went to school with, I would say Meghan no longer being in touch with elementary or high school friends is par for the course. Lizzie Cundy and Piers Morgan were only friends in their own mind. A lot of those so-called friends were never more than business acquaintances but tabloids don't pay for that. Speaking of Piers, at one time he was in contact with most of the Suits cast. Funny how he's never claimed they were "friends" who "ghosted" him too. Meghan's former friend she met in preschool said herself she broke things off because she sided with Meghan's ex husband when Meghan left him. Considering Meghan took just her blender, waived all rights to any money in a notorious community property state AND the former friend kept waxing about the ex-husband should tell anybody with a brain what probably happened there. But that's none of my business. Meghan has a tight circle of friends who have no desire to be fuel for the tabloids. They are successful women in their own right and have no need for gossipmongers. Now if you're talking about the status of all those "friend" sources you have to ask the tabloids since they're the ones who made them up. Again really? People from the Commonwealth were happy with what they said. People in LA are happy they are there. Organizations are pleased they're working with them. Many have spoken out against the treatment Harry and Meghan received in the UK and many are in agreement with their current stand on various positions. I take what these real world, living in the 21st century people say more seriously than a bunch of bitter gossipmongers, agenda driven tabloids, and out of touch royal bubble dwellers actively rooting for the Sussexes to fail.
  6. Yesterday and today's Victor and Nikki seemed happier than in the episodes Y&R pulled for their love story week.
  7. The minute I saw Ennio Morricone name, the theme from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly played in my head. I'm glad he finally won a competitive Academy Award for The Hateful Eight in 2016. The NPR link below contains clips from three Morricone scores: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars, and The Mission. R.I.P. Signor Morricone. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/06/516840947/ennio-morricone-the-sound-of-the-american-west-dies-at-91
  8. Maybe if The Queen had complained and explained to Andrew, we wouldn't have pictures of Kevin Spacey sitting in her chair. An Independence Day shoutout to anybody and everybody who found the courage to leave toxic situations! NEVER let an Ursula silence your voice.
  9. The black and brown countries of the Commonwealth should run but inertia will keep them there. At least the Governor-General of Jamaica had a Things That Make You Go Hmmm awakening about that Order of St. Michael and St. George medal and now refuses to wear it until changes are made.
  10. Someone on social media noted Hugh Downs of 20/20 died in the year 2020. It's exactly the sort of tidbit Downs himself would have made. R.I.P. Hugh Downs.
  11. Lester was born in 1950, Bergman in 1953 so yes, Lester was older. But as someone said, Jack never mentioned Vietnam. Indeed Lester's Jack was written as being in college during the time period which was another issue with the retcon storyline. I think the poster is correct that Y&R jumped As the World Turns bandwagon as if there was no way to introduce an Asian woman without the backdrop of Vietnam. The show could have just as easily written Jack met and fell in love with Luan in college but was nowhere near ready for marriage. Luan suddenly dropped out, disappeared and college Jack went on with his life. Years later, reminiscing over drinks with a college friend, the friend asked Jack whatever happened to his old love, Luan? The more mature Jack started searching for his old love and discovered Luan dropped out due to being pregnant. Y&R could have then picked up the S/L they used from there. That scenario would have been far more consistent with both Jack's.
  12. The cause of death most likely was old age. Another The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming link. Johnny Mandel mixed pre-existing compositions with his own to create the music for that great title sequence. His entire contributions to the film are discussed here: https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/notes/russians_are_coming.html Truly a wonderful composer. R.I.P. Mr. Mandel.
  13. By the time Y&R did the Vietnam S/L I had divided the actors as The Two Jacks and just didn't buy Terry Lester's Jack going off to Vietnam. OTOH, I believed Peter Bergman's version would plus his Jack was more romantic so I could see it. When the hotness of Keemo Luan arrived, I was onboard.
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