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  1. Every weekend was the weekend until they ran out of weekends so it became a snub. They did the same thing last year with the exact same results.
  2. Another shocker! R.I.P. Ms. Roberts.
  3. Personal sidenote: I know nothing about this movie except the title which has stayed with me since I first heard it.
  4. Same here. Frankly, I don't know anyone seriously advising those going on interviews and/or entering the workforce to purchase a lilac blazer for a pop of color. Its always been black, greys, browns, and other neutral colors that can mixed and matched. And a classic white blouse is just that. A classic piece that is a wardrobe staple.
  5. Is E! Online that desperate for views they're repeating this nonsense? There is no "royal tradition" on closing car doors. Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait.
  6. Charles has a condition he calls "sausage fingers" (too lazy to look up the correct medical term) he inherited from Philip whose hands are the same. Andrew either has it, or pretending he does, which is the basis of claiming his fingers aren't "chubby" enough in that photo with Virginia Giuffre. I have no idea what Edward's fingers look like. Charles also has rosacea, as did Diana, and I believe Harry. William I'm not sure about.
  7. When caught, without fail, enraged gossipmongers have continuously revealed everything before calming down to immediately do a "Clean up in aisle 6" of their social media pages. But screenshots are forever and I know exactly whose bidding they do and why. Therefore I will never stop calling out the deliberately lying liars who lie even if some prefer to believe lying liars aren't deliberately lying.
  8. I'm superstitious with sporting events myself however Serena doesn't need The Daily Mail or anyone else, telling her who should or shouldn't watch her matches. Matter-of-fact, I'm sure if asked, Serena would have told the Daily Fail she asked her friend to come to get away from their fuckery. As for Serena's coach, who knows if Patrick really said anything. But after being the catalyst for what went down last year, a wise man would have kept his lips sealed.
  9. Yes. That's the dress. FTR: I know perfectly well what haute couture is and this gown obviously wouldn't qualify. ^^This.^^ During the time I watched Project Runway, this was the only time (IMO) contestants captured a look and essence of something truly special.
  10. Sorry to hear about Chris March. I used to love Project Runway and Chris was one of the nicest ones. I still remember that fabulous gown he and Christian Siriano collaborated on. It was one of the rare truly haute couture pieces Project Runway contestants produced.
  11. Sad news. I also remember her from Bunny Lake is Missing. A local station used to air it at least once a month in pre cable days. R.I.P. Ms. Lynley.
  12. When you hire Katie Hopkins and send out a tweet using a certain known hashtag to advertise, you know exactly who your audience is and it's not for mere eyeballs.
  13. Yes, they've done this for years. Raheem Sterling can tell you all about it. Their own people are tasked to submit hateful comments to keep the frenzy going while supportive ones are deleted. The Daily Mail loves to tout out how they demanded justice for murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence but keep quiet Stephen's father had once done work for the then editor. That was an exception, not a rule. And if you want to know the vileness of The Sun, go the city of Liverpool and ask around. They've banned that paper for 30+ years after their disgraceful conduct in covering The Hillsborough tragedy.
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