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S11.E02: Beverly Hills Duggars

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I think I heard Jinger say how JEREMY had searched for a clothing style for her. I thought all along that it was Jeremy who was dressing Jinger. I believe I was correct. Does anyone else remember catching that? Jinger had/maybe has no style. Her clothing was always awful like her sisters. I don't believe that it's because they were poor and modest. You can find good stuff at the thrift store/consignment shop that is both modest looking yet stylish if you know WHAT to look for. They were not allowed to read fashion magazines, not allowed to watch TV or real movies. How would these young ladies know what was in style? They wouldn't. Jinger still really doesn't know how to shop for fashionable clothing because she stated how JEREMY would love that blazer on her. She shops for her husband.....not herself. She has no fashion knowledge. She's his Barbie doll.

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41 minutes ago, floridamom said:

She's his Barbie doll.

It's the renaissance of the Gothard way! The men make the rules for how the women dress according to Biblical principles their fantasies.

I guess she's just lucky he's not wild about long-sleeved turtlenecks and mid-calf-length full skirts worn with three-foot-long cascading ringlets and bare feet in dollar-store flip flops on winter mountain hikes. ☹️

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