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S03.E10: The Toll of the Sea

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In an effort to save Hope, Ryn and Ben confront Tia in an undersea battle between the mermaid tribes; Maddie and Robb work to find a cure for Xander while Helen and the hybrids help restore order; Ted struggles to accept Ben's reality.


Original air date: 5/28/20

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RIP Dale. I was certain that Calvin was going to die too. Even though Maddie left with Robb, I think they have been paving the way for Maddie to get back together with Xander. Remember in S1 when there were lots of comments about how Maddie and Xander dated? That got dropped in S2 and then near the end of S3 they started bringing it up again. Xander leaving the hospital to find Dale and then Maddie collapsing in his arms was like a big red light saying "begin the countdown for us to start dating again!"

I do really feel for Maddie. Losing her dad and Ben at the same time has got to be rough. Even though she and Ben weren't dating anymore (still fuzzy on how "I need some time" suddenly turned into "we're not together" without any further discussion), they had been best friends for a long time so she just lost most of her support system at the same time. I know the show wouldn't kill off Ben so I guess next season will be the hunt for Ben?

How did Robb know to go to his group's special place to record that sound? Maddie left a message for him in the previous episode but she was vague and then Ben killed all the power and cell towers.

Kudos to the production team for that white and yellow set they made for the fantasy sequence. It was the opposite of everything on this show - bright, cheery, light. And I loved the classic Little Mermaid pose with Ren on the rock in the water.

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5 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

RIP Dale

He was pretty much non-exist most of last season (didn't he go off into the woods to grieve Sean McClure for a while) as well as only one appearance this season.  Xander taking the police exam was my red flag for Dale being on the way out

5 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

(still fuzzy on how "I need some time" suddenly turned into "we're not together" without any further discussion),

Maddie couldn't handle Ben's admission that he purposefully didn't save that guy (forgot his name) trapped in his car underwater and 'needed time'  During that time, she gravitated towards Robb and Ben towards Ryn nor was there any discussion about getting back together or breaking up so to me they just took the cues and drifted apart.  I didn't care for them together too much and - at some point - tv shows break couples up and try new pairings (BH 90210 anyone?)

5 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I think they have been paving the way for Maddie to get back together with Xander.

I hope not

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RIP Dale, you never should have taken that gig on that other TV show.

RIP Ben, my fishy little friend, you put the Seafood in Pownall Seafood.

I guess the show just forgot that Ben had a brother.

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4 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

RIP Ben, my fishy little friend, you put the Seafood in Pownall Seafood.

I guess the show just forgot that Ben had a brother.

I'm thinking Ben is probably still alive and some quasi merman/person,

.....and yes I was wondering what happened to Ben's brother, guess he dropped off the face of the earth around season 2?

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15 hours ago, TigerLily20 said:

....and yes I was wondering what happened to Ben's brother, guess he dropped off the face of the earth around season 2?

Seems they gave his brother (Doug) the 'Chuck Cunningham' treatment

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Big props to the special effects team AND the Director.  They put together a very good episode, despite the plot holes.  The plot holes, to me, didn't detract from the great, although slightly murky, underwater battle.  I'd love to see the "Making of".  The scene with Hope sitting on the boat and Ryn dived onboard in full mermaid form, finding out from Hope that Ben wasn't around, and then diving back in to find her Ben, was a fantastic scene.

I applauded the decision to get all the regulars from Bristol Cove working together.  Even Calvin got a chance to do something besides suck. Yes, R.I.P. Dale, you had some good scenes when you were around.

Yura's army came in fast and hot, out of nowhere.  I am left to wonder whether Ryn's sudden ferocity, Berserker-style, was fueled by her bond with Maddie snd her screams when she found Dale dead or perhaps when she sensed Hope was with Ben. I exploded in disbelief when Ryn did a simple spin and with her spear, stabbed Tia. It was too easy, but I cheered, after rewinding 5-6 times, and saw the tribes bow to Ryn.

Maddie and Xander, would be just too weird, but it does seem like that's where it's headed.  Maddie and Robb, is just Ben and Ryn, so nope.  Keep the Ben-Ryn relationship as the only current Human-Full Mermaid couple on the show.  

Never thought I would say this but Xander and Calvin, ya done good.  I can't call them Dumb and Dumber any more.

Now we wait....

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That final scene, with Ryn posed on the rock looking out, would make a nice poster to replace that iconic one, of Ryn just floating in the water.  As an advertisement for the show, it's a nice moment in time.

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Look at Ryn getting her Little Mermaid on! 

Lots going on this week, and I am really glad that the northern tribe came through and they were able to take down Tia before she did too much damage. I did feel a bit sorry for her and all of the terrible things that happened to her, but she had WAY crossed a line by the time she started hurting innocent people, and she needed to be stopped. The effects looked great, and they did a pretty good job wrapping things up while setting stuff up for next season. 

I found the whole break up between Ben/Maddie/Ryn to be really sad, it was almost like Maddie just kind of broke up with them without really breaking up with them, she just moved on. I get why she struggled being with Ben after he let the reporter die (I was surprised she never asked Ryn how she felt about it, we know that she totally approved) but the whole thing just seemed so confused and depressing. 

No way do I buy that Ben is really dead, he is probably just floating around as some kind of human/mer hybrid in some kind of fantasy world (it was so bright, it was a great contrast to the blues and deep greens of the shows usual pallet) and they will have to try and find him next year, and hopefully Ben will finally realize that he made some very very bad choices lately. 

Fun seeing a bunch of the townsfolk helping out, with even Bens dad getting his head out of his ass and Calvin getting to help. He was so excited to help out too! "Oh, like an aerial attack! Hell yeah!" 

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22 minutes ago, Jacks-Son said:

Just to confirm, this finale was a MID-season finale correct?  The series may come back whenever they resume shooting around the end-of-Winter for part:  3-B?

Pretty sure it's the season finale. They cut the episode order back down for whatever reason.

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You're right.  Thats sucks.  I had my hopes up for a quick turnaround:'

From Futon Critic:


completed airing its third season on 5/28/20; has yet to be renewed for a fourth season

(from Freeform's press release, January 2020) Freeform's mermaid drama "Siren" returns for a third season with a two-episode premiere on THURSDAY, APRIL 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EDT). Ben's shocking decision to let the reporter die at the end of season two has ripple effects in his relationship with Maddie and Ryn. Meanwhile, a dangerous, sophisticated new mermaid arrives in Bristol Cove, challenging Ryn's leadership and igniting an epic undersea battle between rival tribes. All of this is complicated by the fact that Ryn's baby, now being carried by a surrogate, must be protected at all costs.

· Alex Roe as Ben
· Aylya Marzoff as Katrina
· Eline Powell as Ryn
· Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie
· Ian Verdun as Xander
· Rena Owen as Helen
· Sedale Threatt, Jr. as Levi
· Sibongile "Sibo" Mlambo

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