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S06.E11: Social Distancing Edition

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12 hours ago, Irlandesa said:

Retta was a rock star at this game.

She really was. I was so impressed by her. So calm and just got things done. 

I really liked this episode. I thought it was fun. I don't know if there were any ads for it, since I only found it because my DVR automatically records new Hollywood Game Night episodes. 

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I concur with everyone.  That was a pleasant and easy hour, although it dragged a little for me.  Everyone came to play, especially Retta.  Were some of the questions a bit harder than usual, or has my brain just atrophied because of the pandemic?  I was totally useless in the scrambled faces round and am not even sure if I had ever heard all the "songs sung wrong."  It's a good thing Red Nose Day wasn't relying on me to play. 😉


I don't watch very much broadcast TV anymore, but NBC has really been the place to be for me since this all started.  Between this and the "Parks & Rec" special, they've really made lemonade and created some interesting things for us to watch.

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Turns out I can't spell during the shutdown either. ;)
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Pleasant surprise to find on the DVR.  They did a surprisingly good job of finding a way to do the regular games remotely (although unfortunately including “Song Sung Wrong” and the requisite Jane mugging).

is the regular show ever coming back?  I know last time it was obviously recorded long before it aired, so they might have some in the can ready to fill a schedule hole, of which I’m sure we’ll soon see a lot of.

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