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  1. I have no earthly idea how I knew Kafka. I got everything under Beauty and Consonants (I tend to do pretty well with word game clues) as well as Markets. But much of what I didn't get, I really had no idea about. In a way it's comforting. I know what I know. I'd like to see Emily keep going. Her comments on Indian movies resonated with me. I'm not sure I would ever have tried them, but one of the historic theaters I wanted to see was showing nothing else. I was absolutely charmed after one very funny comedy with the requisite song-and-dance break. Of course, before I had too many c
  2. The first game was just excellent. My only complaint is that this version's tiebreaker is even more flaccid than usual after a 21-21 tie. In the 80s, they just played an extra round, with the second player having as much time of the 30secs as the first took. It seldom took 60 to play. Maybe 75 or 90 all told, once they explained it. They can't find that time anywhere in the hour? The one who broke a 21-21 tie also had their high level gameplay rewarded with a $5K bonus (worth about $12.5K in today's money). The second game was certainly enthusiastic. I knew Dominique and Indya were
  3. This is extremely tempting. Thank you for sharing. I didn't know they were still making radio shows like this. My father loves "Waiting for God," a BBC sitcom from the mid-90s, with Stephanie as a nursing home resident scheming with her eventual partner against the proprietors. Maybe this will be something to listen to together when next we visit. Incidentally, I think I read that Vaduz is one of the few national capitols without its own airport of any size. It is served by Zurich in real life.
  4. Good day for me. I cleared Potpourri and Language of Food, and am sure I would have done Music "C"lass too if I'd been paying attention enough to notice the "C." So we'll count it. Why not? ;) Unfortunately, I said Monaco for final. 2019 population quotes I quickly looked up for Monaco and Liechtenstein are not quite 600 apart, so no help to be found there. I'll just have to remember Vaduz for next time. I seem to like sharing music lately. Since "Three Little Maids from School" and Joan Sutherland both came up, here she is doing it with Dinah Shore and Ella Fitzgerald, with a
  5. I Googled Anaïs Nin to remind myself who she was and the photo used was the first image result returned for me. I guess after all those jaunts in Austria and so on, sometimes the Clue Crew has to get it done in a hurry. ;) I cleared "Middle" and "State Facts," assuming I would have been given a "be more specific" for "whiskey" and come up with "bourbon" quickly. I seem to have trouble being specific around alcohol. I'd better get to draining and learn something. Under "Stupid Answers," I saw "Ascanio Sobrero created this by mixing something with an acid" and felt very proud of mys
  6. I think the envelope said "Via Messenger" or something like that. I used to work in a mailroom, so I was curious too. Naturally, this doesn't answer any of your other questions, but at least we know there's still good courier service in Canada in this timeline. ;)
  7. "Inferno" was such nasty negbait. Shame on me, and Erin, for not realizing that Dante wouldn't be described as a "novelist." ;) Having confused her with Kelly Hu, I said "Martial Law" for the show Ming-Na Wen appeared in. There's a show that hasn't been brought up in a while! I did like seeing Kathryn Hahn mentioned for her role in "Parks & Rec." That's a show I wish had stayed "in the zeitgeist" a little longer. Good for Katie for earning a win that seemed less "by default." I also thought FJ was relatively easy. Quan wrote on Reddit that the name he crossed out was Li
  8. RE Anthony’s joke at the beginning, I know it was just that and not a history lesson, but it seemed he had forgotten that Lynn Swann was the second host of the 1990 show. I thought that was too bad, because he was pretty good. He left supposedly because of his commitments to ABC Sports, but whether that was because TTTT was on NBC at the time or he was just too busy, I don’t know.
  9. I thought that was a strong debut from Savannah. I've seldom seen her anywhere, so the slate was mostly blank with me. The only thing that ever left an impression before now was when Ann Curry was forced out on "Today" and Savannah replaced her. Some people decided Savannah was a real viper, never mind that it was Matt Lauer agitating for Ann to go and Savannah was just "in the right place at the right time." Pitting women against each other, what else is new? I did notice that her voice was not as resonant as some others', but I didn't really mind it. I cleared Musical Sequels, and
  10. I thought that was another panel that managed to strike a good balance between jokes and sincerely playing the guessing game. I would follow June Diane Raphael to the ends of the Earth (fortunately she hasn't asked me to do this yet, just to buy tickets to a few lousy movies) so I'm relieved she didn't grate like a few "celebrities as themselves" have for me on these shows. I was surprised the survivalist turned out to be the vegan, but I thought the bubba on the end was too "on the nose," and indeed it turned out he was the one from Central Casting. There's something to be said for pre
  11. I'm pleased Mayim had one last opportunity to remind us that she is both an actor (drink!) and a scientist (drink!). How nice that Jeopardy! was able to provide the ideal platform for these many skills to coalesce. I said yesterday that I hadn't minded the reiterations of her background, but today, oy. I said "learning aid" instead of "visual aid." I don't see how they could rule that wrong, having not tied it to a definition from a specific source. Unless I'm missing something, that was a pretty vague question. I did get everything under "Skillfull," but that's all. Kinda defeats t
  12. I agree with you, on general principles, that game shows ought to award at least a small prize to everyone, especially now that most of them cast from around the country but don't pay travel expenses. A year's supply of couscous, a wristwatch, and the home game was one thing when few players seemed to have come far and the top prizes weren't as rich as they are now either. This show in particular ought to have some room in their budget, especially as often as they get away with giving away nothing in the main game, for a consolation prize. Even "25 Words or Less," which appears to b
  13. "Gorsuch" and "de Havilland" were odd moments indeed. I can't imagine that she hadn't heard of either one, and they did seem to be written pretty clearly. She also gets a peek at them in her podium in advance. Does she find it especially difficult to read handwriting, perhaps? I can't imagine that she had heard of neither person. Perhaps they should help her in her earpiece.
  14. Geez Louise, Mayim was absolutely killing me today. Some of her asides are great, but some are so inane. I don't care whether she once got off the Underground at Charing Cross, not even a little. I don't know whether she's too comfortable or still nervous or what, but keep the focus on the content. "Set" was interesting. I recognized much of the material from the Discrete Math course I took to fulfill a gen ed requirement. I had always been weak in math but loved doing geometric proofs in high school, and thought maybe some of the logic in set theory would be similar. Gosh, it was a
  15. I really liked Mayim to start, and wasn't expecting to, but I agree her schtick has gotten a little old. I wouldn't mind a bit of high spirits, and still don't mind the occasional interjections. She hasn't mentioned her credentials too often for me, but I understand why others feel that way. But the giggling! Every other question, it seems like, sends her into mild hysterics. Many of them are pretty mundane too. It's one thing if the clue is very clever or there's a personal connection, but it's just been too much. Do one a day, Mayim, make it a good one, and then don't. "Re
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