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  1. In the first recording I tried to watch, we went directly from “In 1540, this chief advisor to Henry VIII was executed” to “Who is Selena Gomez?” A woman of many talents, it would seem! Or a little glitch, but I know which one I’d rather believe. I laughed at the clue about Celine Dion covering an Eric Carmen song. I’ve heard it but would never have been able to place it, except that I was recently searching for a different song with the title “All By Myself” and was annoyed by all the results from those two artists! Perhaps there is meaning in everything. One favorite bit of trivia
  2. What an odd damp squib of a first round. Fortunately things picked up a little. I think Mayim has found cause to mention outside the interview that Jonathan is an actor at least once each episode. I think she's genuinely interested in someone from her field, but it's enough already for me. I loved the clue about lighting fires on the Sabbath. I read a fascinating article about different devices observant Jews can use to comply with the rules without being too inconvenienced. I wish I could find it! I don't know how any of them get triple rhyme time that quickly. In FJ, I wo
  3. It was maybe marginally closer to cap-er-nee-um, at least as I heard Mayim say it. But I swear I heard something between cap-er-num and cap-er-naum from several different people over multiple years. Never ever an extra vowel sound between "n" and "um"/"aum." Am I ever glad I did a little research before I mouthed off about it!
  4. I think that was the first game of the season in which all clues weren't revealed. I'm looking forward to another streak of completion starting tomorrow! I was ready to get pissy about how Mayim pronounced "Capernaum," but it would seem she was correct and every religious and lay teacher I had was wrong. Imagine that. I really liked the linear play in the first round, starting at the beginning and going down each category one by one and would be happy to see more of that. I can't recall the last time a contestant was as visibly nervous as Robinson-Gisette, but good for them fo
  5. Oh, I have no doubt it was intended good-naturedly. Nobody will stick the landing 100% of the time. I just don't like those kinds of comments no matter who makes them. I roll my eyes wondering why that person is so unimaginative.
  6. I thought she said "I feel like, why would anyone do that? But that's awesome." I would have absolutely hated that she said it, without the second sentence. I still agree with you that she didn't need to say anything, but she saved it for me. By the way, I did a reading of one of these with friends, just at home sitting around the sofas with maybe 15 or so people/. It was fun! So that's why. ;)
  7. I've seen it argued elsewhere that Matt will have known Austria was the obvious answer, and suspected that the other players would bet big, so he chose Poland thinking that his only hope was being the only one to get it right with a non-obvious answer. I don't know, that's a few orders of thinking too intricate for me. I think he just ran out of gas, but I thought it was an interesting suggestion.
  8. RE "Recent Movies," when a category is really in my wheelhouse, I like to consider whether I "agreed" with the difficulty suggested by the dollar amounts. The only one I hadn't even heard of was "Resistance" in the $2000 slot, so that scans (although I note it was at-home on-demand only, and I don't enjoy watching movies that way, so I don't bother). I might have moved "The Meg" up a few boxes, especially since it was the least recent, but otherwise I think the placements made sense. One last thing: I hated the little plug for the new "Venom" movie, which is of course a Sony affair. Ye
  9. I was disappointed to have the game spoiled for me. I watch on YouTube and, depending on my lunch schedule, sometimes catch it while the uploader is still "live." The top comment in the chat window, before I could close it and well before the game's "live" conclusion, was "shame Matt lost today!" Some people are, at best, very thoughtless. Anyway, congratulations to him. I enjoyed watching him play and hope he will make fruitful use of his newfound platform. I think we should all be grateful that he came along when he did, even those who would have preferred fewer runaways or a diffe
  10. I did too, and her hairstyle. It was a really becoming look on her. I would have said so in my own post but I didn't want it to seem like a tacky afterthought to my critique. "Well, here's what I didn't like...but her outfit was nice." But now you've put it on the table, I can second it.
  11. These were pretty good boards for me, except gemstones and state geography. I always love a mention of Lucy. I didn't know about FJ, so I said "giraffe," which I thought was cute. I didn't love Mayim's comment about the flying wedge. I want the host of J! to exude mastery of the material, even though I understand that they don't necessarily know all these things independently. I guess she thinks she's being appealingly self-effacing, maybe "relatable," when she makes those jokes or tells interviewers that she's sure she'd do badly as a contestant. I'm sure others receive it that way
  12. Thanks for that perspective! I would say I love the Cape, and know it too, although it sounds like maybe not as well as you (meant earnestly, not snarkily). I agree that “the Cape” is in common colloquial use, but locals always seemed eager to share about their particular towns. Out where I live now, people say “we’re going up to Napa for the weekend,” but those who live there would certainly introduce themselves as being from Yountville or St. Helena or what have you, not “Napa Valley, California.” On the Cape too, I would have imagined that people would want to name their own particular
  13. Today I thought it was odd that the contestant was "originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts." Cape Cod is a region, not a city, and I can't think when they've ever introduced anyone as "from Upstate New York" or "from the Bay Area" or whatever. It doesn't harm anyone, I just wondered what it was about. It's a good thing to enforce the given rules, of course, but "biathalete" was one of those real groan moments. Fortunately it wouldn't have affected the outcome either way. Similarly, not like she wouldn't have left with $1,000 for 3rd place regardless, but I was sorry Maddie wasn't abl
  14. That would've confused me too. Apparently the legal fiction that it is a peninsula was arranged in order to retain state control of waterways, since the federal government otherwise claimed they fulfilled conditions to fall to them.
  15. I was hung up on “naff,” which is double letter but obviously not vowel. I like “twee” but love “naff.” RE bias, I think she might have known it, but if the voice in her earpiece says “no,” it says “no.” Eh, maybe I’m just in an uncommonly generous mood again. ;)
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