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  1. I think it's telling how few people seem to care about this.
  2. I guess she thought she’d like to keep it on?
  3. I'm happy for remaining fans, but if it were me, I would've taken this show out back and shot it a few years ago. I think ABC might drag it along to season 30, do an All-Stars run, and call it a day. But I'd love to be proven wrong by a gangbusters season. When I read the news elsewhere, I looked back to when this was appointment TV for me, and I find it difficult to succinctly encapsulate all the changes I've disliked. I think most of my wish list is unlikely, but if nothing else, I don't think it would be a bad thing if present circumstances lead to a paring-down so that every third performance isn't an overbaked production number. "Back to basics" could be a philosophy to interest me. Now, the logistics. "Let's Dance" has been running in Germany and Sweden since mid-March, neither with a studio audience. The German contestants have apparently been sequestered together, with one withdrawal due to an illness in his family and a pro missing a week due to his own illness. The Swedish show has seen three withdrawals (an 80ish singer just before the series started, a TV doctor after he placed dead last in the first week who said he wanted to do his part in the health service, and a comedian who got sick two weeks later) and skipped one week here and two weeks there due to ongoing illness. If I had to guess, ABC will wait for springtime this time. Things will, gods willing, be easier then. It's difficult to imagine they would want to try this fall. What do we all think?
  4. I'm going to miss the show this summer. It was renewed, but the scuttlebutt is that they didn't get taping done in time because of *gestures at everything*. Perhaps we'll get lucky later in the year?
  5. Deadline reports that WWTBAM? has indeed been picked up for '20-'21. Kimmel will return with more celebs playing for charity. No word yet on when exactly we should expect this.
  6. I'm also disappointed. I think this show had more to show us. I will be looking out for Haneefah Wood, who played Wilma, elsewhere. I'd be happy to see Mellor and Glascott back on "Goldbergs," although school storylines are really played out there with only Adam still there, so I'm not sure. I guess this isn't the year to hope they'll book other pilots...
  7. I've made up my mind to watch more of ABC's summer game shows, in the hopes that my +1 to the ratings may inspire more. "Millionaire" was never my favorite, but this run has been pleasant and brought back many memories of what I liked about it. The production design is pretty spot on, modernizing or freshening what we knew just enough. Jimmy can be very funny at times but he's not quite the host I want for this show. He's maybe a bit too glib? Or lacks gravitas? Neither of those are exactly the words I want, but I guess it's intangible. He strikes me as trying just a bit too hard. Different styles of humor, I guess. He came closest to what I wanted while talking out Catherine's last question. I share the general very low opinion of Phil and cringed when I saw his name. I admit I didn't mind speeding through the early questions, and while I wanted to see more of her, Pam was very gracious about being essentially ignored. (Of course, if it were me, I'd check everything with my guest, knowing the way my mind works.) But when we got to the end of the episode and they used those "_ Minutes Late," I had to cackle. I've just started to recognize how editors work, after all the years of TV I've watched, and the same trick was used on Sherry Pie in this year's "Drag Race." (For those not following, it she was disqualified after the season taped due to sexual misconduct.) If the intent had been for Phil to be "in on the joke," it could've been presented differently. But they wanted us to roll our eyes at him, and I appreciate that. It was a somewhat tough question for me, only because I started second guessing myself, wondering about an island or something. Of course this run isn't about the "gotchas" so I shouldn't have. The preponderance of Jeopardy! champs the contestants hadn't known before, and no other trivia experts other than Ike's actual friend from the trivia league I see a few of us play in, makes me wonder whether ABC is planning something new in primetime for us. It seemed very pointed otherwise. We'll see!
  8. I read at a usually-accurate source for spoilers that elimination sequences were filmed for both Crystal and Jackie. I hadn't realized that was the custom, and am not sure when the decision is made. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't look like there'll be a reprieve for the fourth place contestant, but whichever one of that pair had left, I would've been glad to see them in the final. Anyway, the three who did make it are all very worthy. Gigi has resonated the least with me throughout the season, even though her looks have impressed me. My understanding of what she was going for with her look on the night was something like "still a regular girl under all this fashion," but I would've preferred that she'd shown, not told. I felt I didn't get a real sense of her personality as the edit panned out. Everyone did very well in the musical performance, although I guess I found it a bit trite in parts. Am I a dreadful cynic? It was all a bit over-produced for me, mixed with what I'm sure was sincere sentiment. Gigi's lines seemed especially meaningful given what she's shared about her gender identity. RE Sherry, I'm glad we won't have to see her at all anymore. I found that her lyrics dovetailed pretty disturbingly with the details of her wrongdoing and was surprised they weren't cut, awkward though that would've been. I had to roll my eyes at her voiceover about keeping the memories of all these old legends alive. She portrayed Katherine Hepburn as a Parkinson's-affected husk and wore a feathered gown with none of Mae West's attitude but called it inspired by her anyway. It wouldn't make me want to learn more! Last bit: I really do wish this show could be captioned by someone who knows queer culture, or how to spend a minute or two researching something. Those references are often not rendered correctly. "May West" was this week's particular clinker, in my mind. It's relatively minor, but I wish it would be fixed.
  9. I thought that was a fitting conclusion. The past few years, I've still actively looked forward to watching, but found my interest dwindling during the episodes themselves. Even with this finale, I admit I zoned out a little, and didn't immediately understand at whose order Jorge was killed. I think they could have kept my interest better by spreading some of the twists introduced near the end of this season in particular over a longer arc. Frank's spinning out didn't feel "earned" to me, for example, because we had no time to see the effect of his newfound knowledge on his life. I'm disappointed by how unlikable Oliver became, and I was a little sorry to see them together at the funeral. He's probably the character I think changed for the worst over the course of the series. Michaela, meanwhile, remained totally herself. She lost a lot of her integrity, but retained her ability to reason through things, however cynically at times. Tegan was a wonderful introduction relatively late in the game, although my goodness, I certainly rolled my eyes at the profession of love with a life-or-death verdict hanging over her head. Talk about self-absorbed! Ah well. I appreciated the way this show approached issues of identity and brought together a great cast I can look forward to seeing in other projects. My last very long year of college was improved by the K5's adventures, as they took over after "Downton Abbey" ended as what I watched every week with dear friends who had graduated. They did not make it to the bitter end, but we'll always have the memories!
  10. I concur with everyone. That was a pleasant and easy hour, although it dragged a little for me. Everyone came to play, especially Retta. Were some of the questions a bit harder than usual, or has my brain just atrophied because of the pandemic? I was totally useless in the scrambled faces round and am not even sure if I had ever heard all the "songs sung wrong." It's a good thing Red Nose Day wasn't relying on me to play. 😉 I don't watch very much broadcast TV anymore, but NBC has really been the place to be for me since this all started. Between this and the "Parks & Rec" special, they've really made lemonade and created some interesting things for us to watch.
  11. Ah, thank you! I'm not surprised I didn't get it. I simply can't relate to that. 😉
  12. I am looking forward to seeing more of Heidi. What was the joke about paying her taxes? That went right over my head. Crystal really did do well and may be peaking at just the right time. I continue to be very much here for what she, Jackie, and Jaida are serving overall. Gigi still has gorgeous looks but is not there for me on charisma. She can grow into it. Nitpicks! For the Dahlia bit to be funny, she has to wear a look that doesn’t make me think she’d rather be literally anywhere else. I mean, that girl looked, I guess you would say, steamed. And I wonder whether we ever would’ve heard that Sherry went over 5min in the original edit? I hated that I thought her act looked good. Now I’m off to listen to “1999” again.
  13. Taping has been completed, so I think we will have to wait for a future cycle. 🙂
  14. The cast has been announced for Season 5. I think it certainly has great potential. It will also not be on Showtime, which I think is the right choice.
  15. Wow, I see that now! I know her well from "Match Game" and other Goodson-Tidman game shows of the 70s and 80s. Both of them are definitely real originals. (Off-topic, but if anyone is looking for more generally feel-good TV, Buzzr is a newish classic game show channel that also broadcasts free online. Lots of Jo Anne, Brett and Charles, Kitty Carlisle serving lewqs to rival Ru, etc. It's keeping me sane-ish!)
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