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S16.E04: Bering Sea Pirate

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Jonathan will do anything to be on tv won't he?    

Oh my the Hillstrand Yoga.   I don't think that is the right method for Jake to deal with stress.

After the Catch had me rolling.   Wild Bill as the "Morale King"  Not bloody likely.   He is a terrible manager.   He plays favorites.   He couldn't even be decent to his own kid.   What surprised me was Harley.    Yep, he agreed to the villain edit in exchange for $$$$.   Granted the video format makes it hard for the other captains to pile on him but you don't put the guy's preacher on if he is really that irredeemably bad.   So can we see some of the good side of Harley?   

Mandy getting all the support is great.   I just hope they don't ruin her by pushing her like they do Joshy.   I would say that's not likely she comes from a good solid fishing family but Sig has allowed his fame to affect him and his family.    Hopefully she sees what happened to him and despite the money says no to all the exposure.


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Funny thought about Harley and his close relationship with his pastor. 

I googled to find out about the church.  Turns out the space where they hold services used to be a strip club.  According to one article, "Formerly Sugar’s nightclub, the building was once a strip club, a haven for prostitution and the front of a racketeering operation."

Makes me wonder if Harley went looking for something other than a church the first time he walked into the building.  


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38 minutes ago, kassa said:

Ugh - skip the middle hour on principle and wait for After the Catch to start and it's still the Josh show!

I'm surprised they're featuring Josh so much in May.  It's sweeps month. Aren't all the shows putting their best feet forward????

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Another standard ep and it was more than enough to hold my attention. 

Has any captain had worse luck at sea with breakdowns than Bill?  I loved his interactions with the engineer, who had earned obvious respect.  Bill knew there were gonna be sunk costs and that the only way to mitigate them, if at all, was to make a fix that was rife with issues.  Instead of transferring blame, he praised the man who was performing a valuable service.  

Goose Island Brewery in Chicago was a long ago fav of mine.  How could the Goose Neck gambit not work?  😉

Some of the F/V quotas seemed super low.  How were they supposed to make any money?  


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16 hours ago, AZChristian said:

I'm surprised they're featuring Josh so much in May.  It's sweeps month. Aren't all the shows putting their best feet forward????

That's why they have blocked out the 3 hours, titled it The Deadliest Catch and sandwiched Josh between the 2 shows that everyone is interested in.  I drv the 3 hours, if Josh is not in the 1st hour, I watch and then the next day, watch Mike Rowe and After the Catch.  Unfortunately, DC still gets credit for me watching that middle hour.

You would think that DC would have dropped Josh and his sorry ass line.  Please let Phil rest in peace instead of conjuring up shit.  Phil has been gone 10 years now, so there is NOTHING new.

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