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S01.E01: A Royal Ass-kicking

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That was, okay. I'll give it another episode or two. The space effects are pretty cheesy, although that might be what they were going for. I will it is somewhat interesting that the Republic is the bad guy and the Empire is the good guy. Usually it's the other way around. Also, I'm pretty sure the intro was filmed at the place as the Doctor Who episode "The Ghost Monument". Also, I just realized the mechanic also played Karma in "Blood Drive".

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I was so tired last night that I don't think I gave the show its due... So I'll have yo revisit the pilot... First impressions are decent show that's gonna have a hard time not being compared to killjoys... I do enjoy more aliens.. But it all felt very quippy... I'm gonna keep watching and supporting tho... This network has given me 3 black women as leads in sci-fi shows... So they get the benefit of doubt for now.. Even if that wynonna earp commercial during one of the breaks almost sent me into a Rage

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3 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

I liked Nim, maybe he has nine lives.

I think that the closing shot was meant to suggest that he survived and that creepy was planning on using him as a hostage.


this was okay.  The Killjoys comparisons are going to hurt this show because Killjoys took off like a rocket while this is like a paper airplane.

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16 hours ago, call me ishmael said:

I think that the closing shot was meant to suggest that he survived and that creepy was planning on using him as a hostage.

That's what I assumed, too.

I liked this. It was very cheesy and silly, which is kinda what I'm looking for now. And always lol.

I gave up on Killjoys pretty quickly so I can't compare the two. Maybe I should give Killjoys another shot.

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I didn't mind this given that pilots are always a bit rough.  It was a little too cheesy, so hopefully they find the right balance.  I'll also give it a few more episodes.  

I also really loved Nim and hope he'll be back.

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Are we supppsed to trust Isaac?, because I don't.

In one of the flashbacks Elida's mom's pendant is very deliberately shown lying on the floor.  This is the same pendant Isaac is now using to prove that her mother is allegedly still alive.  So ... is she?  Or did a Republic soldier pick it up when they took the royal family's spaceship and it somehow found its way into Isaac's possession, meaning ... nothing? ... meaning he's a bad guy?

Or am I overthinking a fun fluff show that doesn't actually go that deep?

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