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  1. Umm. If she is happily with someone why is she doing this show? (Don’t worry. Rhetorical question).
  2. The guy who hates them all because they may actually end up demanding rights said something to the effect of no man “of stature” was touched. Instead it was males of the working class, immigrants, Afro-Britons etc. i know it is probably just me but the alien ship at the end reminded me of the Vorlon ships from Babylon 5. Given their manipulation I wouldn’t put it past ehm. Holy Crossovers Batman!
  3. Would it be in bad taste to suggest that the show jumped the shark with Orca?
  4. I would be interested in seeing what guidelines they are given for the background checks. Someone in authority must decide WHAT would be disqualifying and what they should look for. It would help to know if they didn’t know or if the show decided “who cares”?
  5. Tayshia wants to be locked in another resort?? Flee, Tayshia!! Escape while you can!
  6. Of course the debate between Mary Ann and Ginger still goes on till this day. Which is more than we can say about the Bachelorettes!
  7. Where did you find such an intelligent DVR? I’d like to buy one.
  8. Maybe I am wrong but I really doubt that Rachel surprised him with that line of questioning. For several years now the franchise has been getting criticized for its (lack of) contestant vetting and continuing to bring on not only people with dubious social media histories but also ones prone to bullying and the production of conflict. In particular, it has been criticized in particular for people with social media histories of racist comments. When CH tried to insist that no one in 2018 would have thought the same way he was defending the show as much as he was protecting Racheal. As someo
  9. I have to say that watching this WTA (which I really hadn't planned to do) brought home to me how much this show has lost the thread. There was CH sitting there like an aristocrat in Pompeii unaware that there was a volcano nearby. Then you saw all the things that they didn't show because they wanted Victoria or some other conflict every moment....LITERALLY. But there were also the dates that were simply disgusting and cruel. Basically the show now seems to be all about making sure that people are demeaned and turned against each other. Part of it is the hothouse nature and the young
  10. I agree. If they actually provided Slim Jim’s more of the contestants would want to leave early instead of getting stuck with the lead for another week.
  11. Do you think he is upset with Chris Harrison?
  12. Yeah. I could be wrong but he will go through an elaborate “soul searching process” and be redeemed.
  13. They didn’t let him go. They let him go on hiatus so that he might be able to dodge questions about pretending that 2018 was a few centuries ago. It’s to protect him I think.
  14. Only if that isn’t the “job title “ of a contestant on the next Bachelor
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