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  1. If he does then they won’t have reverted fully to their old formula.
  2. I thought that this was pretty disappointing. August, of course, was great. But everything else didn’t really have much energy. So Megan decides to dump Luke while he is recovering and while August is still missing: completely in character! All the characters get some closure except for Phil: guess i can see that but what was the point? The House is able to change things whenever it wants to and knows all but doesn’t notice when Susan is burning the chain: makes sense! Zooey’s issue two weeks ago was that she is always trying to find men to fix. But no, she was a y
  3. It’s a really disturbing look. Let’s face it, even if it is a game he ignores the fact that there are always people who get sent home at a rose ceremony. She carried him through her rose ceremony. If she hadn’t bought what he was selling she had other people around. Maybe his turtlenecks are so appealing that she would have picked him even if he was honest. But I wouldn’t bet the next rose ceremony on it. The only way what he said could be accurate is if she was so repulsive that men would rather go home than accept a rose from her.
  4. Ah but you are forgetting the crucial thing in bachelor world: you must be “vunnerable.” Of course, Kendall and Joe could still have “feelings” for each other. But they COULD’NT MAKE IT WORK! 😭😭. By coming back, she could get hurt again. 🤯 But Pieps and Brendan came in figuring they wouldn’t play the game and would manipulate people for followers. So they weren’t “vunnerable” and took advantage of the fact that Natasha was. Chris and Alana wanted the followers but were simply inept about it do they didn’t get screen time. This show doesn’t need love so much as it needs vuln
  5. I agree that this one was pretty good. Although i thought that the A plot had a lot of issues. As people had noticed the idea that you could sidestep the curse by rushing the wedding (i guess all the previous brides died while sleeping?) was a bit lame. Not to mention that the whole thing depended on the men marrying the first women who they fell in love with (this isn’t reality tv guys). But then in the end it wasn’t clear whether they broke the curse because they outwitted it or because the father’s spirit fought it off because he was protecting his daughter. And Aunt Ruby had known abo
  6. OMG. They can’t really be running it for that long can they?? Maybe they are keeping all these people on the island till they are old enough for the new senior bachelor?
  7. Yes. But next week DWTS preempts Monday again.
  8. Am i the only person thinking that the fact that they are only showing one episode of these people this week is the first sign in decades that ABC cares about its viewers?
  9. One of the things that i find interesting about these two (Alana and Chris are just less competent) is that they organize their lives so that they can be within the bachelor bubble and make money off of their “fame” within the bubble yet forget that that means they are constantly being observed. i realize that this is true of some actually famous people who resent being famous. But they tend to be famous for doing something—even if it for being in movies or tv where publicity is a constant thing. But these people are really “barely famous” for being part of a television space whic
  10. Maybe they will let him fall a lot in practice so he can know how it feels.
  11. Byron certainly killed that plot line. But your point about Lyta is a good one. Not only was she REALLY Team Vorlon but she ended up being abused by notKosh. Her getting all caught up with Byron makes a ton of sense.
  12. I thought this one was much better although the only reason for the roadie cliffhanger was to get a separate plot line for Susan. But i enjoyed the sweet sixteen plot line especially August being high and Zoe figuring it out before everyone else. The two Lukes was a bit heavy handed though.
  13. Yeah but it wasn’t much. This one was played too much for solemn significance. Even that could have been done in a more humorous way since he was such a sleaze.
  14. Now that I’ve made myself finish this, I’d say it’s my least favorite episode. I’ll pass on the inability to count to 6 and the unnecessary cliffhanger. It was just so ponderous. Most of the other episodes had humor. This one was like an entire episode of Luke’s mood when he is thinking about his mother. If it was the first episode i watched i doubt that there would be a second.
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