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  1. At least she didn’t give all the roses to herself.
  2. Unfortunately most reboots aren’t really the same story. I worry that rather than get an appropriate run we would simply get the same characters with a different show.
  3. I actually wonder if they didn’t hurt themselves by never leaving their shell. Voters tend to like people who move in some way and the costumes were great. Instead they stayed with one trick and it made them less interesting over time.
  4. I was impressed when Claire insisted that the coronavirus was responsible for her deciding that there was only one guy for her.
  5. Maybe the producers wanted to make sure that they actually have a conversation before they go off in the sunset together?
  6. I have to admit that I don’t have a perfect recollection of everything Clare has done on her 50 appearances but Benoit didn’t leave her standing alone. What is this whole narrative?
  7. I'm beginning to feel that I have been unfair to Juan Pablo these past few years.
  8. Bachelor Contestants: "There is a world outside of Bachelor Nation???!!!"
  9. Tbh, I’m not sure you can go back to that. The whole joke about “right reasons” stopped making sense about the same time we stopped using quill pens. The whole show has become a self-involved world of “bachelor nation” in which pretty much everyone who comes on has ulterior motives and the point is to be on tv. Wanting to go back is like wanting to go back to when they played World Series games only during the day time because it is better for the players and we all listened on radio,
  10. Good point. And we have to remember that Clare busted TPTB plans for the season. No matter how many times they try to cash in on this being “THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVEEEEER” they had a narrative set up and she didn’t play by it. So they may have decided to change “quirky” Clare into “Lucretia Borgia Clare” for their own purposes.
  11. Now that you raise that it does make you wonder if Clare made a big deal of saying it was okay that he reached out because it’s possible that it will come out that she and Dale were in touch before the show. If she had allowed the other guy to be sent home it would look bad.
  12. I'm not sure that it is worth the energy to be honest. Most of them are filler. Eventually you will figure out the two that she may be interested in and the 3 that the producers keep around because they make good TV. The rest you won't know till you hear on one of the bachelor boards that they did something really embarrassing in real life.
  13. I kept hoping that someone besides Johnny and Cely would finish second but i guess the producers thought that they had convinced us it was actually still a comtest. Johnny “joking” that Caleb should keep the money was the most honest moment of the episode. i would say I would miss this show but since I’ve already forgotten everything that happened (which forum am I in?) i guess that wouldn’t be credible.
  14. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ “Tomorrow night on Love Island...”. Oh, wait did i miss anything when I was bored to sleep?
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