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  1. Exactly. Clay'N has even demonstrated that he won't punish the person who comes to talk with him about a "villain." They should have stopped complaining about her amongst themselves and just told him. Unless they did and the producers overruled them.
  2. I suspect that it is the editing. Clearly the producers decided that the audience had had enough of having to think about conversations or issues in the world. So they have returned to classic bachelor blandness and thrown in a lot of blonde women who look similar to make us spend all of the time trying to decide who is who. Add in a little “he is the hottest man since the Garden of Eden” and kissing is the only thing to show. Especially when you have an early villain like Cassidy.
  3. She’s not doing a good job. I’m not shocked to say.
  4. My guess is that not onlymis she coming back but that they showed so much of it because it showed Clayton making fun of himself. Self-deprecating and sincere. This year’s theme.
  5. I’m sorry, but the notion that Ryan having notes was worthy of immediate excommunication is a bit much. Aside from the comment about seeming to be interested in teaching what exactly did his notes say? He didn’t want to be cast as a villain; imagine that happening. And he should remember to listen his friend who told him that he appears arrogant 🤯. I mean who could imagine that the way people appear is affected by editing?? Or that producers create villains? How outlandish. I think they set him up to be able to act as if this is a spontaneous process that doesn’t obey genre rules.
  6. I wasn’t suggesting that there were better choices in terms of compatibility just that it was clear that he was much more into her than she was to him. At the point when someone is showing you that and you don’t feel it but keep exchanging roses I’m not sure it’s that different than the people who got the pitchforks and torches. Whether she was unsure who knows. But if she wasn’t.,.
  7. This is all true. But she did have chances to give her rose to other people. It’s one thing to just float and find people who you can stay on the show with. But if she knew (and I’m not saying that I’m sure she did) that he was really into her and she was meh about him, I’m not sure how different it was than what the demons Brendan and Chris did,
  8. It was interesting that Chelsea was not around during the coliseum showdown between Aaron and Ivan. I wasn’t sure where she was since everyone else was on the beach (do they have a library or botanical garden that we don’t know about?). But except for the fact that Ivan claimed she had asked him to talk she didn’t seem to care about what happened. Just that she didn’t look bad.
  9. I’m sorry but it is really time to retire this version of Boring In Paradise. It’s become all too repetitive and the shenanigans are out of control both by the contestants and by the producers. Are we really to take seriously that it was Ivan who was forced to leave because he talked to another contestant before she came to THE BEACH who was sent home with all of the plotting and planning that clearly takes place. And it was really lousy for McKenna (yay Ed) but what is going to happen when they bring someone in when there are only a few days left? The inbred character of this set up
  10. I think that’s likely. It makes me wonder why Nick isn’t masking,
  11. That’s a great question. Maybe he got coaching from Brendan
  12. This is what makes this so suspicious. I don’t have any problem thinking that they still had feelings for each other. But clearly they had both made it clear that they weren’t going to move to the others city and they didn’t want a long distance relationship. So either the producers convinced Kendall that Joe had reconsidered or else she thought she might be able to stuff him and keep him in the taxidermy lab. But it was just unnecessary even by the standards of BIP.
  13. Let’s never speak of this again.
  14. No. I don’t think we are free till after the following Tuesday
  15. If he does then they won’t have reverted fully to their old formula.
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