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  1. Yes but Talon didn't blow them up. It's not as if the cause would be obvious. That said am I the only one who yawned at the ending. The complete stilted quality of the acting and predictability of the betrayal just seemed so drab to me. I kept hoping there would be something new and different.
  2. They could also start using the guy who does the commentary on Love Island UK. They need to dump the incredible seriousness.
  3. But does the exam check anything but how well they can say “journey”?
  4. You may be right and I certainly agree with your notion that at a certain point the shows start repeating themselves both because the producers want it and because the characters start playing roles. But the particular story line is more contingent. All of your spot on plot lines could happen without the engagement fetish. But then it would just be “another reality show.” Harrison on BIP is just a smoother version of Pastor Cal on Married at First Sight.
  5. The more I think about this season, and yes I'm aware of how depressing it is that I'm thinking about this season, the more I'm convinced that BIP's descent into 21 Day Fiancee and all the various efforts to make us think that this is about true love are related to the controversy around Corrine and Demario. At first it looked like ABC was going to have to close down the show but once they were able to salvage it they had to sell a narrative that they were socially responsible. Hence the cutting back on alcohol and the increased emphasis on marriage. Blake was a perfect object lesson for them because he seemed to think everything was cool and then could be caught out for being "wrong reasons.". The old style BIP of going to the beach hanging around and maybe continuing isn't enough to continue the fiction that the producers are doing this to help people find love. But they need that fiction after the scandal.
  6. I didn’t think that was the issue. I thought that she worried that he wouldn’t let her back because he was worried about her health and was too protective. That’s why Sherlock had the email.
  7. It is a rerun. They showed this a while ago already. It i a bit like Ari's bachelor career that way...
  8. Yes you are both right. I think that that was some very deliberately manipulative editing. Clearly that was filmed in the space between when Katie was on with CH and when Bukowski came out to join them. It explains, in part, why he was so freaked out and inarticulate during the latter section. But by showing it after the whole conversation they made it seem as if it was the endpoint and the two of them were going their separate ways at the end of the taping. Maybe they won't last but I don't trust that narrative at all. They didn't expect anyone to notice that she didn't have the ring on at that point. And I'm sorry but to me the real bratty JPJ emerged when he wouldn't even admit that he was wrong about the wedding. Saying it was "unfortunate" with the stubborn sulky face of a toddler is not a good look. He has no problem expecting DEREK to break down and confess to all the flaws of Satan but can't make a simple apology.
  9. True. But her sending him packing the next day just reinforced the whole motif. She was willing to send them to the curb with no hesitation.
  10. You are right. Sorry. No. I was just so impressed by her turning down a rose that I would like her to have other opportunities to do it again.
  11. I'm hoping they include Bri so she can refuse his rose on the first night.
  12. I don't know. I suspect that she had to take Matt's rose because she had too. I think that after being the first person to say no to a rose they should make her the bachelorette. She could do the show in a new ruthless way. "Will Bri give ANYONE a rose tonight???"
  13. But were the TSA officers trying to talk with Tayshia? That would have been the real test...
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