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  1. Aargh. I hope that doesn’t mean we will see as much of Marcus in the future as we have seen of Corrine!
  2. The most interesting thing about these shows is something that many of us have long suspected: you can fit entire seasons into 3 hours and not miss anything important. Too bad ABC will never understand that and stop all the filler.
  3. The thing that strikes me is that she is articulate in explaining her choices. No wonder she didn’t succeed on the Bachelor.
  4. This was nonsense. Rhino lumbers around and doesn’t sing very well. And they complain Kitty didn’t dance enough. I guess i misread the show’s title.
  5. I guess i disagree with you. Dr. J may not have been their therapist but she was supposed to be their counselor and she was really out of line. I remember when that scene first was shown being shocked by it and that was before the whole thing with her getting together with John. It was remarkably unprofessional especially from a profession that trains you to keep your own emotions in check. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was Pastor Cal because he seems to think that yelling at someone to work hard is deep psychological insight but Dr. J was embarrassing there. And i guess the show feels that way too because Kevin Frazier definitely made sure she looked bad.
  6. I think that the closing shot was meant to suggest that he survived and that creepy was planning on using him as a hostage. this was okay. The Killjoys comparisons are going to hurt this show because Killjoys took off like a rocket while this is like a paper airplane.
  7. Every parent may want their child to make a wise decision but I certainly wouldn’t make a big deal about whether my son picked someone that wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. It’s his life. And having an apartment of your own, even if it is in the same area, makes a big difference i think. Someone his age should wake up with privacy amd should be able to wake up next to whoever he wants to wake up next to without his parents knowing. You can’t do that if you live with your parents unless you live in Windsor Palace.
  8. My unusually less cynical take is that she kept convincing herself (or Harrison convinced here) that he loved her enough to behave according to her standards but after 3 1/2 hours without cameras realized that he couldn't.
  9. This. If I remember correctly she even said something about how beautiful HA was and how she reminded her of herself at that age.
  10. But even that is unclear to me. Let's put aside the fact that she showed up at the Tripartite rose ceremony to save Peter from Victoria F. She did leave and we have no idea what it is that the Chris Harrison said or did to get her to show up to be barbecued by Barb. It didn't look like either Peter or Madison were really into it that night and allegedly she came back to see if they could work it out. But as far as we know it was never because Peter talked her into it. Instead I see someone caught with the bachelor whirlpool getting pulled back in. Now if she shows up on BIP that would be different. Only Colton is allowed to do that after declaring that he has standards.
  11. I’m not sure why but whenever they showed Barb i was always reminded of when Ralph Fiennes commanded “RELEASE THE KRACKEN” in “Clash of the Titans.”
  12. I'm still trying to figure out how they are going to make two nights out of this. Do we get 30 minutes of Peter looking at the role pedestal waiting for Madison? Is one of the episodes watching Peter's mother have a breakdown because he didn't bring her stories of windmills? Does Hannah F try to seduce Sean Lowe??? Am I going to be able to stay awake for it????? So many questions.
  13. Maybe as a former cast member of “disaster date” Lauren Z feels that Madi isn’t showing enough respect to manipulative 📺.
  14. Don't you think that they will use Covid 19 as an excuse and just photoshop them into dramatic overseas locations? Think of the money the producers would save.
  15. I think that “put it behind her” is code for doing what Chris Harrison wants her to do. They aren’t supposed to need time to do that.
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