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S06.E11: Bad Moon Rising

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Somehow I have a really hard time taking anything that Sebastian does seriously.  That pornstache does make him look like one tho.  In other news, King is still having those crappy visions except instead of a mysterious blonde, ist some guy. 🙄

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Ok episode, but do we really need Pride seeing more ghosts (or whatever the hell they are)?  

And I've read that a new agent will be starting soon (a young Black guy) - does that mean somebody else will be leaving the cast?  Are they setting up Sebastian leaving?   This show has had more cast changes in 3 years than any other show I can think of! 

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1 hour ago, 12catcrazy said:

Are they setting up Sebastian leaving? 

Could be since he applied to REACT. Found this on REACT:

"REACT was designed to respond to high-risk operations that involve the service of arrest and search warrants, undercover agent and source protection/rescue, buy/bust and undercover operations, rural operations, high-risk surveillance and high-risk protective assignments, etc.  As part of this program, REACT incorporates the skills of highly-trained precision marksmen, the utilization of Hostage/Crisis Negotiators and precision weapons systems, protective service operations, quick reaction or response to natural disasters and public safety concerns.  REACT will support autonomous and joint agency investigations and operations wherein exclusive tactical proficiencies and specialized equipment are required.  This support includes collaboration with affected military commands."

Perhaps, it might be him leaving for a new assignment ↑ or could be another NCIS spinoff:



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21 hours ago, Tony Dickson said:

Nitrogen makes you cough and grab your throat?  FFS, the air we breathe is about 80% nitrogen.  Dumbest writing yet for this series.

I assumed it was something like nitrogen dioxide and the writers just didn't know the difference.

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