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  1. "Special Guest Star Linda Hunt"
  2. That 1967 Plymouth survived 54 years only to be destroyed for this idiotic episode.
  3. It was weird, the did a decent job on the CGI for the Tu-95, but those fighter planes were a joke.
  4. Anybody else notice the almost but not quite JAG theme playing in the final scenes? Nice little callback.
  5. In 1991 I took the H&R Block tax course and there were two older gentlemen in my class. December 7th rolled around, and it being the 50th anniversary they got to talking about Pearl. Turns out they were both there during the attack, one aboard a ship and one stationed ashore.
  6. Fun episode, and it's always fun to see a WWII Grumman Goose in operation, it reminded me of Miami Vice.
  7. Lawrence Pressman also did one episode of the original Hawaii Five-O in 1973
  8. Excellent episode, but I wish they had ponied up a few bucks for the rights to the actual Toucan song. "Precious and few are the moments we toucans share..."
  9. Nitrogen makes you cough and grab your throat? FFS, the air we breathe is about 80% nitrogen. Dumbest writing yet for this series.
  10. Thought it was funny that Anthony Denison was a guest star and there was another character named Luca. Fans of '80s TV might get that reference.
  11. Never mind the fact that the ECU on that old car doesn't control the steering or the brakes, just the engine. The writers could have asked somebody.
  12. Don't they consider their future in every episode?
  13. Played by Javier Bardem? Just kidding, but it sounds like the plot of Skyfall.
  14. What I noticed also was the complete lack of the "soap opera" elements that are usually in every episode. In other words, we didn't hear anything about any of the regular characters' personal lives in this episode. My guess is this episode was meant to be a standalone and not part of any story arc, so that it could be shown at any time during the season.
  15. Not to mention the fact that a revolver doesn't eject the cartridge cases, and he would normally have opened the cylinder to eject the spent brass anyway.
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