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I'll kick off discussion, since I just watched S1 which dropped in the fall of 2019. It has been renewed for S2.

As someone who wears powerful hearing aids, and will one day need cochlear implants, I greatly appreciated the lead character's cochlear implants and how she sometimes uses them to purposely block out other people/the world. So relatable!

I found this show's ambiguity fascinating. It was especially powerful in the episode where we don't get Alma's POV, and so we see how she comes across to everyone else. If the show hadn't been renewed, I would have felt content with the sort of Life of Pi-ish end, in which you can decide for yourself which of the two narratives you prefer. The funny thing is, as a big SF and F person, I normally always go for the fantastic one (and I did in the aforementioned work), and the depiction of the manipulation of time here is one of the most fascinating I've ever seen...and yet, and yet, in this show's case I'd choose the schizophrenia narrative. Because it was done so well, and except for the one episode I mentioned, it was done from the POV of the (possible) schizophrenic in question, which is something I've not seen done before.

I'm curious to see how much the show will continue the ambiguity in S2. I feel like the fact the show is continuing will end up making the manipulation of time narrative the real one. Even though that wasn't my personal preference, as mentioned, it's brilliantly done as well and I'm happy to see more of it when S2 drops.

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I really loved this show and binged it twice. At first, I was leaning towards she was time traveling, but after the second viewing, I picked up on how she could know things she seemingly shouldn't. The only one I couldn't figure out was the kid at daycare she kept seeing drowning. I would have been fine with the ending in S1, but I am curious how S2 will develop. 

Mostly I appreciated how these characters felt like real people. It didn't feel like acting. 

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1 hour ago, calliope1975 said:

The only one I couldn't figure out was the kid at daycare she kept seeing drowning.

There wasn't an actual incident later in the season where he drowned or nearly drowned, was there? If there was, I missed it. If not, then we really don't know if she actually really saw a future or whether it was just her hallucinating. Part of it could have been transference; she herself felt a lot like she was overwhelmed, drowning. And the boy was black, so there could have been some subconscious racial bias on her part where she figured that out of the daycare group he was the one who wouldn't know how to swim, and so he was the one onto whom she transferred her own feelings of drowning.

And I agree with what you said about the acting. It's funny considering how the show was made, with the actors playing the scenes and then the animation being laid on top - but it didn't take away from the realism at all. The writing helped with that too; the characterization of everyone was so well done and the dialogue all very natural.

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