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  1. I did really enjoy the character development in this. All the girls ended up being relatable at one point or another and I loved the dive into their backstories and lives. I couldn't stand Leah for much of the series but she finally started to grow on me towards the end. Maybe it had something to do with her being the first one to start to figure things out. Shelby and Toni's little romance was sweet. Dot was super cool and I was rooting for her early on, Fatin was hilarious, and Martha ended up being one tough chick taking out a goat like that. I had a feeling something was up with Nora
  2. It was better than a lot of sci-fi space movies, I'll give it that. I really like suspenseful survival movies. But the premise was so ridiculous and there were too many plot holes to fully enjoy it. Anna Kendrick was also not believable as a doctor at all. . It would have been a better twist if he was actually a stowaway, rather than the unbelievable premise of him being trapped in a hatch in the ceiling, assuming to have been knocked out during takeoff.
  3. I too was invested and sucked into this show in the beginning and I’m annoyed we still know so little and so much has been dragged out! At least it’s one of those shows where there’s not a lot to have to remember, plot-wise for when the next season comes out. Though, I feel it wouldn’t make a huge difference if it was revealed or not because it appears we're also not meant to like or sympathize with Allie much, seeing as how quick he is to use people and endanger them like Chuy. The wife being the one they’re really after would be an interesting twist, but I have feeling that’s not the
  4. Well, this show is all over the place now. 6 episodes in and they still haven't said much of anything about what they did and why Allie is wanted. I don't mind a little suspense and mystery but come on! Westworld and so many other shows, makes it feel cheap and they know they're just stringing you along into one episode after the next adding a little intrigue to keep you watching. I know covid likely cut production early, but I do wish this had twice as many episodes. Then I wouldn't feel as rushed to get to the bottom of things. Hopefully all is revealed in the finale next week and we get a s
  5. The 'tups turned 17 a few weeks ago. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/jon-and-kate-gosselins-lay-low-approach-to-kids-b-day-snub/ Khate's days of exploiting her kids to support her D List celebrity lifestyle and dictating to the 4 under her roof are coming to a close, finally. The media frenzy around this awful family seems to have finally died off and it's unlikely we'll see any of them on TV or an interview again. Glad Khate's finally out of that huge house now that there's no reason for them to be there since the twins are in college and the 4 under her roof are going to be ad
  6. I didn't fully understand who the guy on the phone was and what connection he had with the family and who the group that kidnapped them were and if there is some connection to the cartel (which I'm sure there is, along with some plan to bargain them to the US government). I enjoy the series but every episode has definitely gotten a little wackier. It's so different from the film, other than the name 'Mosquito Coast' they could be totally different, unrelated things.
  7. I am always catching clips of this show and can't believe how fake and overacted it is. It is obviously so fake I'll admit that I don't understand the appeal. The whole airport scene, Rosanna's "date", etc. I do feel bad for Rosanna some, she seems to operate at a 13 or 14 year old level and I'm not sure she was ready for the show or knew what she was getting herself into.
  8. I don’t think much was revealed, beyond a brief allusion to Allie's having worked for the NSA. My guess is he leaked something Snowden style? In which case, probably should have thought about moving out of the US far earlier. This was a very eerie episode. I like how they always barely escape unscathed even though admittedly that's a bit of a trope. I think it's only going to get harder for the family now, though and the son having that gun and no one else knowing is setting the stage for something it seems. Can't wait for next week's.
  9. Yeah, that's a good point. I did find the episode a little slow but it makes sense seeing as they were trudging through the desert and after 2 previous action-packed episodes it only made sense to slow down a little. This show definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout though even in a slower episode. Poor Chuy! I really hope he's okay in the next episode. He's the most sympathetic character for me so far. I'm so curious as to what Allie did that they've had to change their identities and are being hunted down by the feds and he's dragging his whole family along for the ride
  10. RT is rotten. Ignore the bad critic reviews. There were plenty of those when Lost was around too. It's a good show, if you like a lot of mystery and intrigue, strong storyline and excellent acting. Has a lot of Ozark vibes. Probably isn't for everyone though. Justin Theroux is excellent. I do hope the discussion here picks up.
  11. Well I'm glad they're moving the release up. The trailer reminds me a little of the Walking Dead.
  12. True it may come naturally to her and Robert as it did Steve and she definitely shines in the spotlight but it seems obvious to me that Terri has carefully crafted their image to carry on Steve's legacy and follow in his footsteps. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that but Bindi acted like a mini adult from Steve's death, rarely ever got to just be a child with cameras on her so of course that was the world she grew up with and got used to. They are huge in the media and every little detail of their lives becomes picked apart. Call me bitter but I wouldn't wish fame on anyone.
  13. I am thoroughly enjoying the series so far. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat and there's very little "teen drama". Very strong performances all around. It will be interesting to see what direction it goes.
  14. Fingers crossed that Bindi doesn't push her daughter into the spotlight to perform for the cameras from an early age like Terri did with her and Robert. Somehow I think it's doubtful though. They are obviously passionate about conservation but there's no denying Bindi was raised to be a performer and thrust into reality tv from a very young age. I hope their child gets offered more a normal childhood.
  15. I know right, TLC is such trash. I mean, look at the Gosselins and how messed up that family is, the Duggar fiasco, etc. Now they're going full on circus. "The Learning Channel" has become the loser channel, full of freak families all too happy to exploit their kids and the morbidly obese.
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