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  1. There is a deleted scene on the DVD where Kensie and Deeks talk to the guy's wife in the hospital, who tells them that a prospective donor has been found, but there will be a two week wait before they know if it will work. She also tells them that she and her husband had been trying for a baby for a long time, and that you can't assume you will be able to have a baby whenever you want one. Anvil-licious, so long ago too.
  2. If Knight had joined the team without Bishop leaving, I would have expected a constant stream of chess jokes, so at least we won't get those.
  3. Jess apparently knew that John was DJ's bio father, and also apparently believed that Erin would have wanted DJ to stay with Dylan's family, and she wanted to honour Erin's wishes. So why did she go and tell Lori that she thought Frank might be DJ's bio father? It also seemed strange to me that Mare still believed that John had been having a second affair with Sandra, once she knew about his affair with Erin. I assumed that Sandra had been used as a cover story.
  4. Wouldn't a dog who has been trained to fight be too dangerous for a kid?
  5. It is actually even more dangerous to be related to Makayla than to anyone on the Intelligence Unit. In the episode where Makayla first appeared, three of her relatives were murdered. So she is a good fit to the team.
  6. The CIA expected Callen to be amazed that they could fake a death. I guess they didn't know about that time when Callen was suspended for killing the Chameleon. I thought the scene of exposition, where we were told about who the father of the supposed victim was, was terribly written and the director must have just got them all to say their lines as quickly as possible to get it done. And do people really talk about "illegitimate" children in 2021? (As the unmarried mother of several offspring, I hope not!)
  7. It seemed strange that the victim at the beginning of the episode was still wearing her necklace. The robbers had beaten her up but not bothered to take the jewellery that she was wearing? So I was very suspicious of her for a while.
  8. I would have thought that Cooper's face and voice would have been all over the media since he was so close to the shooting in the previous episode, so surely he would have been the last person they should use undercover.
  9. If Harry had bought a mask of some kind at the convention (surely there would be some for sale, and people wearing them?), would the Alien Tracker still have been able to see his real face?
  10. Do people really say someone is "videotaping" something in 2021?! (A line early in the episode, I think Upton said it.)
  11. I think Burgess had a small apartment when she and Ruzek were first together, but then when her sister and niece were staying with her, her house was big enough for the niece to have a bedroom of her own with her name on the door. So if she's still living there, she has plenty of room! I thought it was silly that the niece was never mentioned; surely Burgess had some child-caring experience looking after her while her sister was recovering from being attacked? I'm guessing that they can say the sister is helping out with Michaela whenever it's convenient for the plot.
  12. I had just said to my OH that at this point in the previous "beef with the patrol" plot, they called for backup and didn't get it, when exactly the same happened this time round. I guess we are supposed to have forgotten about that whole plot, but it wasn't very long ago.
  13. Sebastian on NCIS New Orleans seemed to get through the academy training in about 2 weeks to become a fully-fledged NCIS agent, so I wonder whether it will be the same for Deeks? (We are a few weeks behind in the UK and so this episode has only just been shown.)
  14. I guess if Emperor Georgiou could be rehabilitated, so could Osyraa. Maybe in a year or two she will be loved by the whole crew?
  15. When I watched this episode, I assumed that either the door led Georgiou to the equivalent of a holodeck, or it was all in her head, but most people on here seem to think she actually travelled back in time and to the mirror universe? If so, then the needs of the one may outweigh the needs of the many catastrophically, because she could change the timeline just enough that Mirror Lorca doesn't come through to our universe, in which case Burnham's timeline could be affected enough that she doesn't get the chance to save all life in the universe, and we know she is the only person who could do t
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