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S26.E14: Jamie Fox, MIichael B Jordan, Jennifer Saunders, Patrick Stewart, Michael Kiwanuka

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Together on Graham's sofa tonight: Hollywood stars Jamie Foxx and MIichael B Jordan, starring in legal drama Just Mercy; actor and comedian Jennifer Saunders, discussing new mystery thriller series The Stranger; and Sir Patrick Stewart, reprising his most famous role in Star Trek: Picard. With music from Michael Kiwanuka, performing Hero.


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This was unexpectedly emotional.

I loved that the woman in the original Star Trek looked exactly like Jennifer Saunders. It's like Daniel Radcliffe through the ages!

I liked the music for a change. It had some substance.

For whatever reason, I can never DVR this show without problems. I end up streaming it on the app the next day. Unfortunately it's still the edited version.

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2 hours ago, TexasGal said:

Usually Jamie Foxx gets on my nerves but not this time.  And the story about his dad was really touching.

I feel the same way about Jamie ,but I was so moved by both actors and the movie. You could hear a pin drop in the theater. 

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I was touched by Jamie's story and, for me, that says something because I usually turn him off as soon as he appears on my TV (fabulous actor, but the ego is more than I can take).  That being said...on a shallow note...from which toddler clothing store did he buy that jacket that was several sizes too small for him?!?!  He looked so uncomfortable.

And, in closing, I'd listen to Sir Patrick Stewart read the phone book for hours on end.  His voice is sublime and he's always such a fun guest! 

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It turns out Jamie Foxx can be an entertaining guest if he has something important and emotional to talk about instead of "I was in the club" anecdotes. Who knew?

It was a good couch overall, but the only memorably funny bit was Graham calling Jennifer Joanna Lumley by mistake and her retaliating by calling him Jonathan. Demonstrated she doesn't need a script to be quick-witted!


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