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  1. I cackled...CACKLED, I tell you...when she showed up looking like that. 🤣
  2. KATHY is an enigma wrapped in riddle...and cash! Bitch flat out stole her tag line. 😉 Seriously, I covet that room Kathy entertained them in for breakfast. That is the kind of content I watch these shit shows for!
  3. I think speech, or lack thereof, always comes with consequences. For William and the BRF, there will be lingering consequences for their refusal to speak out when their family member was subject to abhorrent racist language/imagery in the press/social media. If, going forward, they can speak out, as William has done here, and use their considerable platform to condemn racism, consistently and unequivocally, then I think they'll see less and less of an outcry when they do. But it will take time. They have a LOT of work to do before people, like myself, stop giving them the side eye when the
  4. Absolutely agree! She's always so modest and conservative in her appearance (IMO)...these earring were FUN!
  5. That's just what I was coming to say...his great-grandmother lived into triple digits, his grandfather was a month shy of triple digits, and his grandmother is well on her way there, as well. With a few notable exceptions, the Windsors stick around for the long haul.
  6. I DON'T WANT TO. It hurts my eyes. She has too much money and too much *everything else* to wear such a fug outfit. I'm not angry, I'm just very disappointed.
  7. That blazer is from Chloe and costs between $1500 and $2500, depending on where you buy it. What. The. Hell. It's hideous in a multitude of ways. That blazer and those awful mom jeans...and she still looks beautiful. She's so damn irritating. 🤣 *insert Lisa Rinna cackle here*
  8. Okay, that was very cool!
  9. Hallelujah! Will there actually be an enjoyable franchise of this show again?!?
  10. Excellent question; I wish I knew the answer! It just baffles me. I'd ask Mr. AnnMarie, but he bristles at any question I ask him and expect that he answers for everyone of the male gender. No idea why....🤔
  11. I don't know how to link tweets here (or even if you can) but my husband sent me a tweet that someone made of a Cameo they received from Lu. In it she's mentioning that the recipient teaches Special Ed and that she, LuAnn, loves Special Ed because she's "a jock at heart...I love sports". 😳 Ms. Educated doesn't know the difference between Special Ed and Physical Ed. I might overlook this as a slip of the tongue for someone else, but not her. Uppity bitch.
  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show...completely based on Jean Smart alone. I would watch Deborah bitchily read a PHONE BOOK, that's how much I've enjoyed this character. I'm thrilled we're getting a second season. I listed to Jean Smart on Fresh Air last week and learned that her husband died unexpectedly in March of this year. She had one week (I think) of Hacks left to film and, watching this finale, it made me wonder if she had to shoot the funeral scene after having just lost him. I've no idea if this is shot in any particular kind of order but, if she did, wowza. Her grief was
  13. This is my hunch, as well. I can't imagine the frustration of trying to deal with Leah as your loved one is dying...it's just too much. Leah ALONE is too much for me, there's no way I could tolerate her in the midst of my grief, and I suspect her family felt the same. That being said, does anyone know if her grandmother actually passed away? I could absolutely see this all being a big lie concocted for attention. Perhaps they said on the show, but I'm not watching because I do not find the "I Love Leah" shit-show entertaining. I love "take care of the crazy first"...I think it app
  14. I loved it! It was my first trip back to theater since "the before times" and it was FUN...campy vibes with gorgeous fashions and nostalgic music, I bought the soundtrack on the ride home! As I often tell my husband: don't overthink it, don't try to make the narrative fit into every nook and cranny of stories that came before; just enjoy the flick and have fun...and this flick was fun!
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