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  1. My grandmother had that *exact* housecoat in 1972. Damn, Erdem makes fugly clothes.
  2. You're more optimistic than me, I'll be shocked if they see in the new year together.
  3. Another Western-Michigander here and I can second the comments about MI in the autumn, it's beautiful here and a lot of folks travel here this time of year to take in the colors...although no one I know calls it peeping! πŸ˜„ Where I live, in Grand Rapids, we are just barely starting to see color changes right now, but if you head to northern lower Michigan this weekend, you're in for a beautiful view! Now, about that drinking water....😳
  4. THIS is my new favorite saying...perfect!
  5. Morag is such an ass. It's like Megan left, so Morag had to claim the spot of being an asshole. I wish Luke would just walk away.
  6. Agreed...I wear sweaters to work in July and August because it's so cold in our office even when it resembles the surface of the sun outdoors. Also, in her case, she recently had a baby and if the press can capture her in a pic that looks like she's even an ounce over starvation weight, the endless comments about her body will begin. If she wanted to "hide" behind some fabric rather than endure months of cruel comments, I wouldn't blame her a bit!
  7. We were supposed to see this in our Broadway series last year, but...you know the rest. We were able to see the film last night and, having very little info about the plot or actors, I really enjoyed it. Ben's voice is just beautiful and it captured me every time he sang. The weakest link, for me, was Jualianne Moore. Besides that her singing and her song itself were terrible (is that song really in the Broadway music???), her love and devotion for her son never ever rang true...I typically enjoy her acting but I spent most of the evening wishing she'd just snap out of it and do better.
  8. The YouTube account we watch these on is "Aussie UK Telly"....you could just search for them on YouTube and find it, as well.
  9. I literally rewound that and practiced it. It was BRILLIANT and I shall look at someone that way SOON! πŸ’€
  10. We are in the US and watch on YouTube. All of the current season's episodes were still available as of this past Sunday...which is proven by the me-shaped dent still in the couch, were I laid all day and watched it all. 😳
  11. Already binged all the Aussie seasons...what can I say, like many of us, I'm spending A LOT of time at home. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰
  12. My husband had his face buried in a game on his phone whilst I was watching this and when she said this, he looked up and said "so the same lady sharing a burger and fries with her seven kids just hopped on a flight???" He's such a good multi-tasker when it comes to snark. 😍
  13. When we can't find each other, we literally walk around our house saying "Hannah, Hannah...Sandy". πŸ˜„
  14. Franky - when his wife said he's mostly kind, but has moments when he's difficult, my husband said "he can hide it for a while, but then the mask slips". YEP - there's ugly inside of him and he can only hide it so much. She needs to move along now. Amy - what a brat! No thank you. That kind of stubborn obstinance isn't fun with a toddler, let alone a supposed adult. I was shocked by how rude she was, truthfully. Megan - I completely agree with you. She's on a major image rehab and I'm not buying it. And, shallow note, what the hell was she wearing at the pier???? Luke is so
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