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S01.E03: Giant Asian Mantises

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Matilda wants to get white-girl-wasted! Genevieve’s low-key birthday party leaves Nicholas, Alex, and Matilda banished to the guest house. In the main house, Tellulah turns things up a notch. Nicholas is stuck being the responsible adult.

Airdate: January 23, 2020.

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I love this show.

Nice insect showcase. I was was terrified there'd be a mishap, but it seems no preying mantis were harmed. Whew!

I don't approve of Nicholas's boyfriend drinking with Mathilda, but even so I liked both her story and Genevieve's.

It's almost too sweet, but skates just on the bearable side of the line.

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I adore it, I really do.

I was also worried about those beautiful mantises, so relieved they didn't go there. Loved the girls acting high cuz they thought they were supposed to be high. Of course, Alex shouldn't have really been drinking with Matilda, but I loved their scenes.

I love that Nick is still sleeping in their dad's room, on the sofa, with the girls and the dog in the bed. And I love that Nick is so willing to be the parent tho he readily admits he has no idea what he's doing. He genuinely seems to enjoy the girls.

Genevieve reminds me of Sarah Silverman and also somehow Lacey Chabert.

This show is just so darned sweet and weird.

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I like that the girls aren't taking their grief out on Nicholas. They appreciate him stepping up. For example, with Mathilda not wanting him to know she's sad and misses her dad, and Genevieve thanking him last week when he stayed home to be there when they returned from school, even though he had that broken finger (I like that he's still got a splint on it this episode, as well). They are teenagers, but they are not insufferable brats or defiantly independent like most TV teens. Wanting N to confiscate the booze, and going to him rather than trying to handle "the overdose" alone, and asking him to supervise an experiment with drunkenness-- I like that. It shows a really good mix of "they are all still kids!" and "they are kind of making an effort to be adults!"-- which is perfect for that age and also for the situation they are in.

I also like how the girls have negotiated some boundaries with each other, so that they don't interact at school, and they allow each other to have separate parties and friends-- not because they hate each other (they don't), but because that's healthy.

The whole "How do I know what an asshole looks like if I've never seen my own? Did I see someone else's?" conversation was hilarious to me.

Nicholas sleeping in the house with the sisters and the dog, while his boyfriend sleeps alone in the garage is hilarious, as well. But sweet, in a funny way.

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On 1/24/2020 at 2:18 AM, possibilities said:


I don't approve of Nicholas's boyfriend drinking with Mathilda, 

I actually appreciated that.   As someone who started drinking as a teenager I was very fortunate to have older friends and cousins that made sure I stayed in control and was safe,  I can't imagine what would've happened to me if sixteen year old me just started black out drinking.   She's 17 and surely going to drink in college and is already on the spectrum,  so better to know what it's actually like before she gets wasted at her first college party and ends up dead or raped.

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I understand about wanting to be supervised on a first experience with alcohol. Him also drinking and forcing himself to puke was going too far for me. But I have never had any interest in alcohol, so maybe I just don't get the appeal of having anyone puking in solidarity.

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On 2/4/2020 at 2:16 PM, LisaM said:

I got about halfway through this episode and had to bail. I like the sisters but I cannot stand Nicholas. 

I agree. I want to ffwd through his scenes, but he's in pretty much all of them, and the show is so short already. There's no point really. 

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