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S02.E09: Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle

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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) make a startling discovery that turns their world upside down; Macy's (Madeleine Mantock) chance encounter with a SafeSpace investor (guest star Eric Balfour) takes an unexpected turn.  Rupert Evans, Jordan Donica and Poppy Drayton also star.  Michael Goi directed the episode written by Carolyn Townsend (#209). Original airdate 1/17/2020.


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Pretty solid episode.. It progressed Maggie and Mel's powers.. Also Maggie's emotional state and hwe relationship with Jordan... Ray was an ok addition and I do like the actor.. I've seen him on a bunch of shows in the states so I gotta believe if he's up in Canada filming its not for some one off epi... And him being around could lead to some good stuff..  I mean him and macy didn't interact.. But did he know of her... Does he know Maggie is his biological kid?.. He could also tell macy about her mom in a way the girls couldn't... Jordan snooping felt real to me.. He felt himself getting more interested in the mystery that is Maggie and decided I need to know more... Eric Balfour 's character is meh... Woulda preferred if they gave the role to a talented man of color.. Not because Eric did anything wrong.. Its just his casting makes it seem like the powers that be did something I've seen way too often which is.. Kinda half- ass a possible romance with a MOC and the lead actress then  pull the plug on it quickly ( because of "chemistry")  only for him to be replaced with a handsome white guy ( who I'm sure is talented and is also deserving)  now Galvin wasn't great but he could've been used better and it comes across like either TPTB have no faith in a MOC being a main Love interest so if he's not a smashing success right away they pull it... Or the plan was to do a bait and switch 

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And him being around could lead to some good stuff..  I mean him and macy didn't interact.. But did he know of her... Does he know Maggie is his biological kid?

Ray is not Maggie's biological kid. It was revealed last season that Macy's father is Maggie's biological father. However, whether or not Ray knows that is unknown. This episode did not address it, nor did Maggie bring it up. Which is strange, given the animosity she was showing towards him. That would be just the thing to throw at him to lash out - the reveal that he's not really her father. One wonders if the writers even remember.

I swear, I just don't get this show. I don't get the reason for them moving to Safe Space Seattle. Maybe they are helping fund the show? I don't get why they lost their Season 1 powers only to have them replaced with slightly different powers. I mean, if they wanted Maggie to have premonitions why didn't they just give her premonitions to begin with? And what's with this weird variation on Mel's freezing power? That's what happened to Piper's power when she turned evil in that one episode. 

I'd love to see a candid interview with Constance Burke, or Brad Kern, or anyone associated with the original series. Probably they'd talk this version up if they're making any money off it at all but the writing for it is just all over the map.

Side note, Eric Balfour has such a pointy face.

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10 hours ago, iMonrey said:

I swear, I just don't get this show. I don't get the reason for them moving to Safe Space Seattle.

I don't even understand what SafeSpace is, never mind why they are there (which I also don't understand). What is so much better about this place than having them live in a town & have the college be part of their lives?

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This episode was kind of boring.  

Maggie and Mel's dad was rather unlikeable.  Usually, someone finding out the sisters are witches is a pretty big moment, but the fact we just met him and then he found out made the reveal quite underwhelming.  

The boss of Safe Space had zero chemistry with Macy, and their scenes dragged.  

The only part which I found slightly interesting was Jordan finding out that Maggie was "dead".  Since he knows about the dangerous Parker, I think the natural conclusion is that Maggie is in the witness protection program.

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Maggie and Mels dad is a real dick. I mean, he is basically the bad guy in an Indiana Jones style adventure that finds amazing artifacts of great cultural and historical importance and instead of giving them to a museum or the people indigenous to the area, he sells them to rich people for private collections. And thats not even getting into him ditching his daughters. 

I miss the college setting. 

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