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Seriously, we don't have a Spider-Man thread?  All righty then, here we go.


A lot of people have been disappointed with the direction the comics have been taking ever since the infamous "One More Day" storyline that blanked Peter and MJ's marriage out of existence -- all because some morons thought Peter was more entertaining when he was single.  And then his love life got messed up even more with Doc Ock taking over his body in "The Superior Spiderman" storyline.  Geez, is there some unwritten rule that has ordained Peter Parker can't be happy?


Discuss this and other things about Spidey here.

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For me, it wasn't so much the marriage being written out that turned me off, it was the new reality that was created as a result that bothered me.  I didn't like the writing or characterization post-OMD, nor did I like the new stories and overall direction.  I also didn't like how Harry Osborn was suddenly alive again; I feel like that messed with a lot of the character's history and significance to the books.


Maybe if OMD/BND had just been a temporary story arc to undo some of the damage that had been done within the story over the prior couple years, I wouldn't have minded so much.  Or if it had been better written and with some resolution to the Mephisto situation.  But as it stands now, there is too much of a disconnect for me from the first forty-five years of Spider-Man to the last several.

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It's weird. I've always liked Spider-Man a lot, and if pushed, I'd probably say he's one of my favourite Marvel characters. But I've never really felt the desire to read Spider-Man comic books. At least, not since the original Venom storyline.


I think part of it is that I've always preferred team books, for the character interaction and the sense of them being 'bigger' than solo adventures (probably the result of getting into Marvel via the X-Men). But over the last few years, I think Spidey has been one of the worst examples of editorial interference and fanboyism in all of comics. Joe Quesada throwing his weight around to remove the Spider-marriage from continuity, because he wanted Spidey to be like he was when little kid Joe was reading the books? That happens far too much in this industry, if you ask me. The OMD/BND saga ensured I will probably not read a Spider-Man comic for a long time. Then, when you pile on some of the other terrible stories, like the Clone Saga, the Gwen Stacy/Norman Osborn retcon, and now the Superior Spider-Man stuff? Yeah, no thanks.


But I do still love the character, and always enjoyed it when he'd show up in books I did read.

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It's weird. I've always liked Spider-Man a lot, and if pushed, I'd probably say he's one of my favourite Marvel characters. But I've never really felt the desire to read Spider-Man comic books. At least, not since the original Venom storyline.


I've been reading Spidey on and off for years, but I haven't been really invested in him in quite some time.



Like many, I groaned through the "Clone Saga", cheered at the 1st appeareance of Venom, and groaned again when the dreaded "One More Day" storyline reared it's head...



But then I lost track of him for a long time. (Maybe it 's because I grew up? Or maybe HE grew up?)



I just got back into him with the end of "Amazing Spider Man" title and the "Dying Wish" storyline.  Though the premise seemed tired, I vowed to at least give it a try. (I'm a sucker for the 'Villain Redeemed" storyhook, which is probably why I enjoyed the first incarnation of the THunderbolts so much!!)



And then came "Superior Spider-Man", which for some reason totally blew me away. A villian who has to actually face not only his boiling rage, but his own past and the consequences of his actions, while dealing with OTHER villians (and even heroes) trying to lay claim to his brilliance now that he's "dead"? Count me in!



So much so that I was hoping they'd run with this version of Spidey for awhile.... Unfortuately that run eneded far too soon for my tastes, and now they're back to good ol' "Spidey Classic" and I seem to have lost interest in the space of 2 issues.... 



(As an aside, Interestingly, I am STILL reading Fantastic Four unwaveringly, have been since I was a kid may years ago, and they've never lost their shine for me...) 

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I confess, I haven't read Spider-Man comics in years.  I use to as a teenager but grew out of it when I started getting into women's glamour magazines.  Interestingly enough, my love for Spider-Man reawakened after watching "Spider-Man Turn off the Dark" on Broadway.  It wasn't a great musical, but it was enough to make me wonder how Peter Parker was doing these days.


I started reading the comics again right before Doc Ock kills Peter and assumes the role of Superior Spider-Man.  I was crushed!  But I still kept on buying and reading out of intense curiosity if this was indeed the end of Spider-Man.  I experienced a brief hiatus from the Spider-Man comics when I got very sick late last year and missed out on most of Superior Spider-Man's run.  So now I'm back and I am pleased with what I'm reading in "Amazing Spider-Man" so far.


I think Peter has grown up alot, and even though he is still kind of a dork, he's become a bit more self confident and even funnier than before.  I take alot of inspiration from his upbeat, positive outlook on his crazy life.  What I am sad about is that he and Mary Jane are no longer together.  From her point of view, I can understand why she wants to have a relationship with a normal guy, but still, the Peter/Mary Jane shipper in me is deeply sad.


I hope this thread continues, especially concerning the Amazing Spider-Man comics.  I would love to continue to discuss the Spider-Man comics on this forum.

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I don't know how long Dan Slott has been the head cheese in charge of Amazing, but for whatever reason, as skeptical as I've been of just about big Spider-Event that has come up during his tenure, starting with Spider-Island and especially Superior Spider-Man--every single one of them has completely worked for me.  I'm not a huge fan of retcons, but a lot of stuff that's come up in the last two or three years has made the new post-OMD reality a lot more palatable for me.


Which brings us to Spider-Verse.  When you first hear that they were planning "Crisis on Infinite Spider-Men," the idea sounds howlingly stupid.  But the execution has been the absolute PERFECT balance of batshit insane and *brilliant*.  Maybe it's because it's just a giant story that exists as fanservice, I don't really care.  It's also been helped by the fact that the addition of some of the new characters, especially Spider-Gwen, have clicked with me immediately.  The whole "Worlds will live!  Worlds will die!" should normally be DC's playground, but Spider-Verse has been a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and even its parts have been terrific.


Between this and Ms. Marvel, the MU hasn't been this much fun in a long time.

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On 7/8/2014 at 11:46 AM, Spartan Girl said:

is there some unwritten rule that has ordained Peter Parker can't be happy?

I think there is, Peter Parker is the Charlie Brown of the comic book world.

I get the feeling I'm in the minority, but I loved Superior Spider-Man.  It was, of course, inevitable, but I was actually disappointed when Parker got his body back.  I could have kept enjoying Ock as Spidey for quite a bit longer. 

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17 hours ago, rmontro said:

but I loved Superior Spider-Man

I had skipped Superior Foes Of Spider-Man when it first came out, but kept hearing good things about it. So I finally got a hold of a cheap set of the series in TPB, and so far, so good. (Just finished Vol. 1)

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