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  1. I really can't get into the teenagers storylines. I find the young people to be boring so far. But what I'm having problems wrapping my head around is Kayla agreeing to pay for her son's very manipulative girlfriend's college tuition and room and board for her. I think she'll just find another opportunity to get herself pregnant again. By the way did that girl ever finish high school or was she home schooled. Joey is not very bright. I think he's going to be used alot. I'm getting so tired of the baby drama . That kid is not yours Chloe. Give it back to Nicole. I hope Nicole lawyers up ral soon.
  2. I think Eleanor's new female bodyguard is going to be her new best friend.
  3. Cyrus daughtersThey were supposedly patterned after Duchess Fergie's 2 daughters.
  4. Poor Kliam looked like Kathryn just kicked him in the balls in that last scene where he sees her in Robert's arms. Kathryn can't seem to make up her mind between the two brothers. I think Liam should ju st dump Kathryn. He should just date the girl who is head of King Liam fan club. I don't know why but I suddenly miss King Cyrus ridiculous daughters. They were really entertaining and I need to see those funny royal bimbos.
  5. I'm rooting for Bonnie and Enzo for a happy ending. I no longer care about the Salvatore brothers. I feel like Stefan didn't care enough for Damon to try to pull him out of Cade's control. I don't know why Stefan can't just use the heavy metal ball and just smash it into the siren's head give Damon some time to escape. Stefan is like enjoying his ripperNess too much. I'm like watching to the bitter end hoping to find some satisfaction but yet feel I'm just gonna get painfully disappointed in the end.Maybe Elena will come back and kill off Damon and Stefan. It would be the most kindness for the vampire brothers.
  6. So, are they going to bring back Stefano DiMera? This Show needs a good villain. Andre DiMera is lukewarm in the villainy department. RIP Joe Mascolo. I will continue to miss his charisma, his great over the top acting and his wonderful style.
  7. Can someone, anyone explain what the fuck I saw? Damon continues to confuse me. One moment he's all sweet on the siren and next minute he sees the old Elena necklace and decides to take the siren's. ............you know what. I don't understand this Show anymore.
  8. Poor Adrienne! Running away from the hospital is not going to save you from a bad diagnosis but at least she'd be running away from all those crazy men. My heart goes out to her. I still hope she picks Lucas. BTW Bryan Datillo needs a haircut real badly. I'm surprised Chad was being so cooperative to Rafe and Shawn and give Stefano's personal correspondence to them. I wonder why he wasn't more resistant. Abby looks like she was bearly holding it together. I think Jenn should give her more of a push to see Chad. New Abby is doing fine in this role. She is so vulnerable and anxious and a bit unpredictable that I wonder if she end up doing something crazy. I'm very blah when it comes to the JJ and Gabi pairing. They do nothing for me.
  9. I'm rooting for Adrienne to pick Lucas. I believe Lucas really loves Adrienne and he would always treat her well and in return Adrienne would always love and respect Lucas in ways that none of his other wives respected him. I kind of know that those two won't be able to get married but I am really hoping against hope that they will get married. Adrienne should've kicked Justin out and continued with the wedding to Lucas. As a matter of fact Lucas and Adrienne should've kicked out the whole wedding party and just get married with just the priest. I want Lucas to be happy for once in his married life.
  10. gazebo

    S03.E06: Chimes At Midnight

    Yay, Thirsty is back! I wondered where our favorite dirty lawyer had disappeared to. He's a great unforgettable miner character. I wonder how he will help Becky get her revenge on that cheating, thieving white boy. Love that beautiful gold dress Cookie was wearing. She looked unbelievably sexy like that. I still can't get over the fact that it was Andre that masterminded that incredibly vicious hack on Empire. Very impressive! I think Andre just got more and more ambitious since Rhonda died. It's like he's out for revenge. I also don't understand why he let Nessa know that he was the one behind the hack. I don't think he should trust her but maybe it's all part of a plan.
  11. To Leftphalange: I believe Chad thought of Hope as family because Chad was married to Abigail who have ties to the Hortons. Isn't Hope a horton? (I could be wrong maybe because I haven't watch this Show for years and years like other people.) What Hope did was wrong in murdering Stefano. She pretty much deserve the sentence she got. It would be highly unrealistic for all her family and friends to just nod quietly and file out of the courtroom without expressing anger or outrage at Hope's sentencing. Everyone knows how evil Stefano DiMera was and that he probably goaded her so much she went crazy and shot him to death. What Hope did was wrong but I'm sure her friends and family don't care concerning she took out what they feel was a very evil old man.
  12. gazebo

    S14.E07: Home of the Brave

    I wasn't crazy about this episode. I don't understand why that agent kept trying to run away from Gibbs just because she had some stupid dream about him. It was just too silly. Robert Wagner looked great but terribly underused in this episode. Did they mention where Tony Jr. is?
  13. gazebo

    S08.E04: An Eternity of Misery

    I think I'm pretty much done with this Show. Damon killing Tyler is the last straw for me. Not even the siren's story is interesting enough for me to hold on. The only bright spot for me was seeing Matt Donovan again. I really believe Matt will be the one to destroy the sirens. I no longer care what happens to the rest of the characters though I still hope Steroline will get a happy ending. Thanks, folks! Goodbye!
  14. They probably all think Andre is paying off the judge. Where the hell is Chad anyway? Shouldn't he be in court to see if his father will get justice? Kate and Eduardo have a nice chemistry. Eddie seem to really appreciate Kate's intelligence and business know how. Who knows, he might really be good for her. Too bad he's been acting kind of shady and super secretive with this new business he and Dario are going into. I like how Blanca excuses herself from the table and then deliberately listens in on the conversation between Ed and Dario. That's actually the most interesting thing she's done on this Show. This pretty actress is so wasted on DOOL. Nice to see Brandon Beemer back again. Why they ever fired him from the Show I'll never know.
  15. New Abigail is not bad. She really sold me on the edge of hysteria crazy in her scene with Andre when she begged Andre to help her disappear. I'm not sure why Andre helped her but I'm sure Abigail will live to regret that. Every time Andre smiles he reminds me of the big bad wolf. I really like Peng his in this villain role. He always make my skin crawl. Jen Lilley is really acting out in her last days on DOOL. I think I shall miss Theresa when she finally leaves Salem.